Flashlight on Riah 💕

Blogpost 10/28/2021

Flashlight #4: A short personal impression of my HelloWien pfp. Just Feels.

Flashlight on Riah 💕

Well now…no music this time, but a ‘little’ piece of art, because, why not? I have been doing some Spotlights on art, so this is only a natural consequence thereof. And I just couldn’t let this opportunity pass without shining a little light on the artist, yes indeed, Riah 💕

Riah sent me three sketches and asked me to decide on the expressions and features. They were all fantastic, but I chose this one, because of the cheeky wink. It was also great to hear she had fun herself while designing, which always shows in the end!

Sometimes you meet people under the strangest circumstances and meeting Riah definitely fits that category. Now I’m not going to fully disclose what happened, because that’s just a bit on the personal side for both of us, but I can tell you it was a surprise for both of us and ended up with me commissioning Riah for something special. Riah loves to draw pony’s and, having raised a girl myself who was – and still is – quite in love with ‘My Little Pony’, this would be pure nostalgia for me.

I had been thinking for some time about commissioning someone, but I just couldn’t decide on what exactly. You got to understand, in my twitter community, there are multiple very talented artists, who spend their free time drawing, painting and/or otherwise designing/creating – digital – art. I’ve long been admiring the funny, colorful and very unique profile pictures of a lot of peeps and so after giving it some serious thought, I finally decided to request something similar for myself, BUT in Halloween style. Meeting Riah was simply written in the stars.

Not long after the sketches were done, Riah showed me the general lineart and asked me if I wished for anything to be changed. Well, No! haha I loved where this was going!!

Today I received the final drawing and it is such a perfect piece I want to share it here and show my appreciation for Riah’s work. I basically only gave her my favorite color – now what would that be?? –  and a rough idea of what I thought could be a fun picture. She followed through with style and anticipated my vision entirely correct. I mean, I’m just guessing it would have been easier if I’d given her a more detailed idea, but I was curious of how she would pick it up and I’d seen some of her work, so I trusted it to be good. And I was right.

Safe to say, I’m very, very happy with how it worked out! The colors, the expressions…the fun is jumping from my screen and it’s everything I could have imagined it would be. And More. Apparently Riah knows me better than I thought, seeing how she added some really cool details in the drawing, which makes it so much more personal to me. See if you notice them 😉


Find Riah on Twitter, though her commissions might not be open, it could be fun to just follow her, see where she gets her inspiration from and watch what she creates. She won my heart with her bubbly personality way before I received the drawing, so: Big Thank You Riah! I will treasure this one forever and hope in turn, I made you smile today!

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