Creativity Flows


Creativity Flows

(Or how much fun it is to see creativity return in the next generation)

Keeping the Spotlight On

I have to say, doing the extra feature on Marc Leclercq was real fun to do. By now you will know, that I am a music lover. If you followed my blogs – it’s not that much yet –  I considered to add an extra section to which I can give my attention to My Kind of Music. And I have decided to do just that. This will soon appear in the upper menu under… ‘Spotlight’  😉

Here I hope to keep up with my favorite artists, a list that is most likely to grow still, by sharing their music and hopefully some more interviews. The article about Marc has been greatly viewed and that makes me really happy. I hope some of you have looked him up and listened to his music! Again I would like to say, I think it’s a courtesy to actually ask permission for using their music, which I always aim to do before sharing anything here.

I will also do my best to keep my Homepage updated, so you can see what’s new on my latest blog in relation to the topics and the choice of music for that week. I aim to publish my ‘regular’ blog every Thursday (which you might have noticed) and the music features either at the same time, or at the latest at the end of that same week. The next Spotlight will be on A-P Connection. I will also ‘introduce’ Jason Gaffner, hoping to be able to do a separate feature on him later. So keep an eye out for the ‘Spotlight ‘ section.

Today’s story is not only mine to share, let me introduce (on her birthday!): our daughter Loïs

Loïs Aquila Sapthu

Creativity runs in the family and she started to develop hers at a very young age. As a toddler, we could give her a tissue and she would be occupied ripping the thing to pieces for at least half an hour. I used to keep tape, tissues and a pair of children’s scissors in my handbag, wherever we went, so as to be able to keep her busy. It was always so much fun watching her, keeping herself occupied, which seemed to also be very entertaining for the people around us.

Loïs also shares our love for music and of course she has her own preferences. However, our general idea is: if we can’t dance to it, it’s not for us. And this is our song!

Artist: Vanillaz

Well let me introduce you to Lola too… she’s a real cuddler and loves to reside on your lap.

Lola does not care much for my knitting

To this day, Loïs can be totally emerged in her project of the moment. It’s nice to see she can express herself in so many creative ways. So today my story is not totally my own to tell, but a shared one with our youngest, here we go!

Hey, my name is Loïs, (I’m the oldest daughter😂)

Our family has always been very creative. As long as I can remember, I was drawing and doing crafts. Making paper flowers, and knitting (like mom & Nan) I later on started out with felt. Making my own favorite characters, also tiny plush animals. Then I went on to clay, making tiny charms, of all my favorite things. My puppy Lola inspired me, I wanted to have her on my bracelet. So my first charm is a tiny Lola charm. We have matching collar and bracelet.

Lola charm

matchy matchy

I recently finished my fiance’s bonnet. We both love cars, and go to a lot of drift events together. So making our personal bonnet, was very awesome to do. Here are some of my creations, hope you like it. Thank you mom, for making me a little part of your blog’.

Bonnet Artwork by Loïsfor more of her creations, just scroll down 🙂

You can visit Loïs’ Etsy Shop here: LilaAquila

We share the same thing when creating something on a personal level.

Sometimes we get inspired to create something special, for a specific person. For me this could be a poem or personal text, combined with a painting (again, have been neglecting the painting part lately – maybe it’s another phase…),  or personalized cards (not just for Christmas or birthdays) or a knitted piece – I created some nice scarfs through the years.

The inspiration flows from our faith and believe, that we are able to bless other people on a very personal level, by creating something specifically made for them. We believe it is God’s Spirit Who inspires us, which might simply be to encourage, or to comfort someone, when going through a difficult time. Because we all know, that words alone are not always sufficient. A handcrafted token can say it all.

Source: Common English Bible

However, we will only gift the item, once we are really and truly satisfied with the outcome. With all things handcrafted, we might have this brilliant idea in our head, but we still have to create it and wait for the actual outcome.

Most of the times, we manage to get the wanted result. This, I can tell you, feels really rewarding.

But sometimes, even when the idea seems fairly simple, the result just won’t be to our satisfaction and we have to try again and  again. And once in a while…it might actually not come out as we wished… That always kind of hurts, but we are human and not perfect and then we just have to let go and wait for another opportunity.

Below you can find a selection of Loïs’ creations, hope you’ll enjoy!

1000 layer cake
Showing the actual size

Some more creativity from Loïs

(Updated 9/1/2020)

Loïs Aquila Sapthu

Hey, here’s a little bit more about me. 

There’s a lot of things I like to do, I have a lot of hobbies. Started with drawing arts and crafts then singing. (Can’t even remember the first time I started singing.) Later on in my life I even did several performances, which was really fun to do even though it was nerve wracking. 

I can definitely say my hobbies were a gift from God. And he kept me going. Especially during the harder parts in my life. Just like my mom, I can definitely dance and sing the pain away. Or you know, cry even harder on some songs. Because tears are just sweat leaving the eyes. And you know Hakuna Matata (it means no worries)

Based on Psalms 68:19 Art by Loïs

Music has always been there for me, from Gospel to Jazz even to Drum & Bass and back to Pop. (And much more). Last year mom and I went to see Ariana Grande. That was amazing to me. My first concert I’ve ever been to. Given to me as a gift by my now fiancee. 

We clicked right away, our main love we share is cars. I’ve always loved cars. But it wasn’t till I met him, that we’re actually building one together. Which is such a joy, to the both of us. And he’s a great teacher. 

Our little pup Lola, is a crazy one. A proper fire cracker, she keeps us on our toes. Other than that she makes us laugh all the time. 

Felt Art by Loïs
Felt Art by Loïs

Making stuff as a hobby and doing what I love, I can only hope it reflects in my work/gifts for people. I’m also very blessed, to be able to actually sell some of my work. But like mom said, we can only give (or even sell) it if we are completely happy about how it turned out.

And the piece I made I’m the most happy with, is my stork with the shooting star.

Felt Art by Loïs

Thank you all for reading my story,  and have a lovely day.

Thank you mom for making me again part of your stories. I’m so proud and happy for you. That you finally get to write. 💜

Visit her Etsy Shop 😉 LilaAquila





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