A Very Spaghetti Birthday

Won’t be having that hair for much longer

A Very Spaghetti Birthday.

(or how I’d cook my fav birthday-spaghetti-on-a-budget)

🍝 Let me just start by saying, if you’re Italian, I will probably offend you with this recipe, so you might want to consider skipping this one, just giving you a heads-up. The recipe was my Mom’s and to this day, I have no idea how she came up with the little extra’s added to the dish. I won’t even Google it, because I just want to keep the dream alive that this was her culinary imagination at work.

Seasoning: mixed pasta seasoning, chili powder, black pepper, 1 beef stock cube, salt (if there’s none in the mix yet)
I used mozzarella/cheddar grated cheese, most common here, but if you have a choice pick the one you love most!

🍝 I already told you she basically learned herself how to cook and it wasn’t just rice, she provided us with a very varied menu throughout the week. Somehow though, every dish – even the Dutch ones – got their own little (Indonesian?) twist. I guess we just can’t do without some extra spices and seasoning, to flavor-up the general tastes. So sue us. It must have been where her inspiration for this dish was coming from though.

My cutting skills are just *chefs kiss*. Me no care however, no matter how many times I tried, unless I want to keep my fingers, this is how we’ll be eating
You got this!

🍝 Now it’s been a while since I shared a recipe – think this will be the third – and since it’s been uncommonly hot out here and my brain simply refuses to form coherent sentences, let alone make a story out of it, I thought this would be a nice opportunity to do so. To be fair, it got triggered by my friend Daniel, on the other side of the globe, since he really wants to learn to start cooking himself, but needed some advice. Me and my big mouth were at the ready to offer help, so I paved the way for today’s meal myself.

Why use another pan to boil the egg. Also: not everyone agrees on using a bit of oil to avoid sticky pasta, you decide.
Just a little stir fry, easy peasy

🍝 I can tell you it was quite fun to put together, however, I’m not able to make a proper video yet – my phone cam is amazing but I mean, cooking, sound etc, it wouldn’t be pretty and I didn’t wish to scare anybody, especially because we’re talking food here. And though the dish can be ready within 30 minutes, I had to take time to make some nice pictures and add steps to make it as simple as possible. I was sweating my ass off, so let’s hope it has the desired effect: Spaghetti for dummies so to say, if you’ll excuse my bluntness. I’m sure there are about a 100 ways – if not more – to prepare pasta, but this one has been my fav ever since I was a little girl.

See that little green thing in there? There was an olive in that chopped tomatoes can… yeah got scared then
Sorry for these very steaming pics…might wanna clean your glasses now

🍝 On my birthday it was MY dinner request that would be cooked and as far as I remember, this recipe was always winning. My birthday – which is getting pretty close tbh – is in August, when summer can still be blazing hot in The Netherlands. It’s also always during school holidays, so it happened more than once, I was staying over with my grandmother while having my birthday and yes, even she would make me this spaghetti dish when that time came.

This pic will show how good of a reader you are. Tip: find the typo. Yeah well, whatever
See the sticky-icky-icky part you really want to avoid. Half/hard boiled eggs, whatever you fancy, I like both

🍝 My Mom was a great cook, but also a very economical one, well she had to with enough mouths to feed. I can’t remember she ever used freshly made pasta for this, I do know later in life, she would use that in other pasta dishes. So this recipe is not only easy, it should also be quite cheap, depending on where you live and what you can get regarding the ingredients. Still, I’m guessing, it should be easy to make the dish for 2 persons – and we’re very good at eating! – for about 5 euro if you’re happy with the basic recipe and maybe about 8 euro, if you include the extra’s – which will serve more than one dinner!

At this point the sauce was basically done. There’s always the option to add more water, if you feel it’s getting too thick. Secret ingredient (in A Lot dishes tbh), add a couple of tablespoons of tomato ketchup, really, not kidding
Saving some of the water the pasta was cooked in is a very good alternative to use to prevent sticking afterwards too!!

🍝 That’s when you’re buying the cheapest brands. If you’re not satisfied unless you use other, fresh products, be my guest, the taste might be better, but tbh, it’s kind of wasted on me, since I already enjoy it the way it is and we had to economize for years in our own little family. So I’m used to it and not only that, I would always go for that exact same taste, my Mom produced. Nostalgia tastes great! But yeah, like I said, you might be offended by the recipe. Then again, I only recently was talking about taking offense: Don’t Go There lol, just adjust anything to your own taste. For me, it’s literally, Spaghetti á la Mama and we all love it, hope you’ll enjoy it too!

That’s a lot of meat though…after 2 days there was still some left. Not bad for 5 euro
Weird but tasty, Living on the Edge

Source: Common English Bible

Wishing y’all a very COOL weekend & who knows, maybe one day, I’ll share my White Sangria recipe. Or not

One thought on “A Very Spaghetti Birthday

  1. Yep, I love this Spaghetti recipe, it brings back memories of my mother in Law.
    I’ve been working in Fancy restaurants and Hotels, I even got an Italian Friend who was cook.
    And he will make this like the Italians does with fresh things and Sun ripe tomatoes and so on.
    But this dish, was actually what I eat the first time from my mother in Law and loved it so much.
    I always forget the sliced Eggs, because this was the signature of my mother in LAW.
    Thanks Mom, until we meet again ❤ ❤ ❤

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