Change is the Spice of Life


Change is the Spice of Life

(or how I like my life seasoned)

Everybody accustomed to 2021 already? As always when in need of using the date, a new year takes a little time to get used to. Even more dreaded are the New Year’s Resolutions. Right. 😂

May 2021 Be All We Ever Dreamed Of

As much as I always try to avoid promising myself things that might be beyond my capacity, somewhere, deep down, there’s always something or another that will nag a little. I mean, a new year is as good a time as any, to start fresh. And I’m guessing most of people might have discovered things about themselves last year that were surprising. Some in a good way – I certainly hope so -some maybe a little less flattering. I’m so sorry, doesn’t count for you of course.

You all know how much I like good food and yes a little spicy too. I Can’t People, who think food is merely a necessity for our bodies to survive. I knew someone who loved his spaghetti sauce, BUT without onions, garlic and mushrooms, not too much pepper and way too much salt. Sorry, WHATT. Here’s Some Ketchup. (not sure if he actually liked tomatoes)

Don’t go Crazy Now

Anyways, most people don’t like to have the same food every day. Although I am used to cook more than needed about every day (it’s just how we do it) – and we never mind leftovers (most Indonesian food tastes even better the next day), after 2 days of the same, yeah… I know we are pretty spoiled in the western world as it is. And I think it is highly recommendable to teach our kids to not take things like food for granted. It’s also very good to remind myself at the time we just arrived here and had to survive the first month on ramen – and not the nice ones, but the 12 cent ones 🤐

But there it is: I get bored with it. Funny thing: I like playing safe at the core and end up being bored. Once the goal is achieved – the challenge conquered, the fun wears off and it’s time for something ‘new’. Well, not immediately… Because I was just starting to get comfortable and I need to regroup and prepare to start the cycle again, with a new challenge. Oh wait, first I have to make up my mind about what this new challenge would be.


Assuming we all use spices to season our food, would be a trifle too enthusiastic – remember the Spagetthi Sauce! I wouldn’t go as far as to claim, that whoever doesn’t like to spice up their food, would treat their life the same way, but it still feels off to me. I Can’t Bland Food. Just. No. Properly seasoned food and Yes Please, properly seasoned life. There are times life just gets a little too spicy though haha. And sometimes even without my own doing.

When thinking about the amount of spices we have stored in our kitchen cupboards, I get this weird smile on my face, since we have A Lot. I was thinking about counting them, but nah… Let’s just say the thing is loaded. Took us some time to find everything but there’s no room left as we speak, so we have to stop buying now lol. Our life is a bit like that. We need the right mix for our every day life as well as for our future. And experimenting is all the more fun. Well, it doesn’t always come out exactly the way I want it, but hey, I try living on the edge sometimes 😉

Some Like it Hot

Thinking back at my working days, a lot of them were basically the same, as is with most jobs. I would do anything to make the day a little more interesting, challenging myself (Seasoning!) and of course lovely colleagues ( More Seasoning!) would help with that. But going through the motions is just how it is. Going through ‘pandemic life’ has its own repetitions, some even more boring, since we lost a lot of our former rhythm. Some may have found a new (hopefully better) one, some are just getting lost in their new circumstances, but I suspect most are somewhere in between.

Dealing with all the changes we are going through since the pandemic started and which are still in effect, is like a seasoning itself. If I had to summarize the last year and a half, it would sound like this; I went from a non-existing social life, to a pleasurable one and now back to feeling like a hermit at times. Ah don’t get me wrong here. I am not at all unhappy being at home and having my barely won social life taken away from me. As a matter of fact, sometimes I wonder if this time just doesn’t suit me just a little too well and if I will ever emerge from it again.

It’s Widely Known

Without my blog I would’ve definitely gone mental by now, but it does at times reminds me of all the stories I used to hear about writers, who would lock themselves up, just to write and not be disturbed lol. You know what I mean. So, in a way I am making the most of the biggest change since I came to live here, which is exactly what I said when I started this. Seasoning my life with every new contact, every new development / achievement, every article I write.  Hoping of course, to season yours too a little, along the way.

I mean, I’ve got the door to the world right here in my laptop and though that might not be a novelty for most, it has been for me. And though I have no idea what this new year will bring and options seem limited because of COVID, we try to keep an open mind. We already know everything is possible no matter what the circumstances. A lot of people look at our way of life as an uncertain one. Some of them think we are indecisive… I get where it’s coming from, I really do. Then again, most of them don’t really get where We are coming from lol.

We’re From The Other Side

My first New Year’s Resolution, is to stop deleting social media posts. 🙄 yep. As I mentioned before, even in writing, I tend to act before thinking, which results in posting sassy stuff, that in retrospect might just be a little too much. That delete button is highly appreciated by me, always. It might sound like a petty resolution, but it’s the thought behind it that counts for me. One might wonder if I will ever really learn to think before I act. Just so you know how fortunate you are if I ever did, in my interactions with you.

If You Can’t Read This, it’s Deleted

The second: I need to start moving. I had this pretty neat (OK… Pretty OK…) training schedule, which went Out The Door after I started to write. (HERMIT) Now this is basically something half of the entire population shares with me, so there’s no real originality there, but not any less necessary. I actually start to feel old when waking up lol. It might help writing it down here. Other than that, I expect change to sweep me off my feet at the most inconvenient moments in life, as it always seem to do. Well there is that ONE thing coming up.. THAT will definitely Spice Up My Life.

Source: Common English Bible

Have a lovely weekend, & stay away from the really hot stuff!





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