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Special Feature 3/6/2021

Meet Shiruetto: a music producer from Argentina. In his music we can find a variety of funky styles mixed with electronics, we will also find melancholic and nostalgic sounds in his vaporwave style. He started in music in 2017 and is still active until now. “A journey through time experiencing good things”. Source: About Shiruetto, Spotify.

My Kind of Music, with Shiruetto.


Today I’m taking you to a place we haven’t yet explored here, we’re off to Argentina! I just want to say: Are You Ready??

The first encounter I had with Shiruetto’s music, was little over a month ago, when one of his songs appeared in my ‘Discover Weekly’ list. I had seen his name pass a couple of times on social media, but until then hadn’t really taken the time to listen to his music. One of the reasons I am happy to do my ‘Feel Better‘ weekly playlist – inspired by Discoholic, sorry-not-sorry – is the fact I actually Have To find new, interesting music. And there’s So Much of it! Anyways, my first Shiruetto song was somehow very fitting and I knew right away, ‘I Wanted It’.

Keeping my blogs playlist updated provides me with many interesting artists, whom I might never have found before. And some of those artists become new targets for my Spotlights 😂 of course I started to listen to everything Shiruetto has to offer and I was not disappointed, quite the opposite really. Most of you know this, but I’m a sucker for up-tempo music… Can’t help it. To be honest, that is one thing that makes it so, dare I say, challenging, for me to listen to most vaporwave music. (Don’t worry, I’m getting there!) However, Shiruetto’s music makes me happy, most of it being pretty upbeat and taking me back in time.

What didn’t take me long, was asking Shiruetto if he was interested in being part of my blog and shine a little Spotlight on you all. Well, we weren’t here if he wasn’t. Going through his Instagram and Facebook posts, does not provide much inside info concerning Shiruetto himself, aside from his announcements regarding newly released music. Hmm, pretty mysterious dude. So I feel it’s basically up to me to get you just as hyped as I am – if you’re not already. So, You and Me, we’re gonna have a little talk first…

Going through Shiruetto’s music, the first thing that strikes me, is the amount of music he already released in only a couple of years. On Spotify only, I count 20 singles and 5 albums, making a total of 58 tracks, if I counted correctly 😅 On SoundCloud there’s even more funky goodness, with a total of 71 tracks. That’s just a little too much to go through in this one small article, but I will sure try, aiming to get you out of your chairs and dancing by the end. If not, you and I aren’t talking anymore. Shiruetto’s latest single release is saying it all, his music is made to:

Shiruetto’s first album, ‘AESTHETIC‘, (released 8/23/2019), has a definite vaporwave sound but did surprise me along the way. It starts, as to be expected, with a couple of slowed down tracks. However, it’s seems like there’s a little buildup  – or should I say, speedup – which makes the album interesting to listen to, flowing into a more Future Funk sound. To be honest, it’s how I like vaporwave best for now, though I still can’t say I’m very well versed in the genre. Baby Steps you know. ‘AESTHETIC’, has a bit of both and I think for a first album, Shiruetto created a pretty good starting point.

Though I keep saying, labels are mostly a guiding line in my opinion, after Shiruetto’s first album, most of his music could be considered Future Funk and I will admit, that’s still more in my little corner of Funky Stuff. The second album ‘Liberty‘, (released 16/3/2020), is certainly full of that exact stuff, filled with samples that should not need any introduction as well as some that might be slightly less recognizable – well, to me at least 🤐 But I do love the way those really cool older songs seem to get a new life and are still cherished by the younger generations. I really do love this whole album, but to pick one, it has to be with Sola the Lover singing. I loved his voice on ‘Finesse’, by DUCAT and I love it here.

Pop Culture‘, (released 6/25/2020), takes us on a House / Electronic tour and it’s nice to see how Shiruetto expresses himself and let different kinds of genres flow into each other, creating his own sound. I do love me some House touch here and there, to not get overwhelmed by my ever present Disco Fever. I think this album is a very nice addition to my Shiruetto & Colorful Expressions playlist, which you can find below. The album ends with a relaxed tune, that works wonderfully while writing. You can laugh, but to me it’s paramount to find music, which inspires me to not just write, but to do it amazingly well! I could easily have one song on repeat for days while writing and I have proof to go with that!

The next album, ‘Back in Time‘, (released 11/20/2020), does exactly what the title promises. Future Funk, or the even more accurate Vaporfunk, yeah I like that. The album is filled with songs that should make you move and samples that any of us consider epic. I have a couple of tracks mentioned on this page, but the one that immediately caught my eye, because of the title – am I the only one who picks songs to listen to by their title? – seemed to also contain one of those mentioned epic samples. What’s even funnier, by now everybody knows, I’m not a real lady 😳, or, if I have to label myself, I’m more a cigarillo lady…

Shiruetto’s most recent album (EP), was ‘Last Decade‘, released 1/30/2021. I don’t know how else to say it, but somehow this album sounds more serious and maybe a bit more mature? Don’t shoot me, it’s just what I experience while listening to it and it’s not by definition a bad thing at all. And maybe I’m not that far off: while writing this I found Shiruetto’s own comment on Instagram, when announcing the album and it’s first track, ‘Last Decade, I quote: ‘This song is part of a new EP which is going to bring a new style‘. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting pretty good at this whaha. But seriously, the EP has a very rich sound and goes down like a good wine. I love the heavy sounds and the nicely chopped vocals. Let there be no confusion, Shiruetto is Growing!

There is so much gold to find in Shiruetto’s discography and I really encourage you to find the full extent of it on SoundCloud. Out of all his released singles, there are of course a couple of favs, though it’s very hard to choose. I already mentioned ‘If You Want It’, which has btw, the most streams on Spotify, closing in on 100K. For me, unsurprisingly, next in line would be another song which brings back those ‘good old’ 80’s feel. I know, I know, even Spotify accused me at the end of 2020 I am stuck in the past. But really, see me care… Memory lane during this lovely pandemic, makes for a very safe stroll.

All in all, Shiruetto’s music has every ingredient, for a groovy night. Or day. That might actually be more applicable these days. I am amazed by the quality he creates as well as the quantity. Having been working on all the Spotlights, made me realize more and more, the amount of work it takes to actually come to the point one releases a new track. Though I’m pretty sure, I still don’t know the half of it. As it is, there are  – though very cautious – plans, for me to have a look behind the scenes of music producing, with one of the previous Spotlights. Fingers crossed it will be possible at one point soon. Until then, I’ll just imagine myself visiting…

Nearing the end of my  – possibly fangirly – description of Shiruetto’s music, let me also share one that actually has been described by Shiruetto himself on Facebook, I quote: ‘This flip is special to have the rhythm of the new jack swing one of my favorite genres enjoy it!!‘ it’s another track from the album ‘Back in Time’ and it though the title could make for a sad song, sometimes breaking your heart doesn’t have to sound that depressing at all. You can still dance right??

Well I’m not taking this much further, since it would only mean I will repeat myself and I’m dying to introduce Shiruetto to you all. Let me finish up by saying: if you’re not the dancing type – But HOW – his music will at least turn your frown upside down and leave you smiling. Since everybody is experiencing some challenge or another currently, this might just be what you need right now and if Google Translate is any good, this song would confirm the above. Look it up, make the effort will ya 🙄

It’s time for me to say: BIG Thank You to Shiruetto! I LOVE your music and I have to say, it’s not every day I find an artist, whose complete catalog of music is so appealing to me! I am very glad to have discovered it and very appreciative of your willingness to participate here. I will add you to my Spotlight page, where you will stay indefinitely and I will do my best to update any new release in the future. Turning this over to you and me, ima say

The Interview

Let’s start with the obvious: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us, who is Shiruetto? Does your name have a special meaning? When and how did you get started in the music scene and how would you describe your music?

‘Hello, my name is Hugo, I am 20 years old and I am the one behind Shiruetto. The name comes from the word “silhouette” at first I planned to leave it that way but to take the vibes of futurefunk and vaporwave I decided to use the Japanese transcription of the word.

I started in the music scene 4 years ago under another name and doing mainly EDM but 2 years ago listening to music on SoundCloud I discovered Saint Pepsi, Sui Uzi and I loved it, I quickly began to investigate the genre and I was entering it. In my first steps I started doing vaporwave and little by little it evolved to what I do today’.

Your bio says; “A journey through time experiencing good things”. Is there an period in time that has your special attention as in regards to inspiration and if so, why is that? Who are / were, your biggest influences?

‘If I had to choose a time period it would be the decades of the 80s and 90s. I always liked the music of those years since from a very young age I listened to it thanks to my mother.

One of my biggest influences were Saint Pepsi and Sui Uzi since they were the first artists I met related to this style of music but on a musical and artistic level my biggest influences are Flume, Justice, Daft Punk and Virtual Riot’.

Looking back to when you started, would you say there has been a change in how you look at, or create, your music? How has it developed in your eyes?

‘Taking this perspective, I would say that there was a change. At the beginning my songs were simpler and the production process was very short, I could make several songs in a single day, but as time went by I put more effort into each song. Currently I am looking for a rougher and more aggressive sound in my songs’.

Can you tell us a bit how your creative process works? Do you follow certain steps, or would you rather ‘go with the flow?’

‘If we talk about that, I usually get carried away, usually I always try to capture the main idea but sometimes I get carried away by my imagination and I end up doing things very different from the main idea’.

Would you say Vaporwave is definitely your genre, or would you consider trying out other genres too? (or have you tried them in the past) What does Vaporwave mean to you? Do you create your own art as well for the covers?

‘At first it was like that but as time went by I decided to try other genres experimenting with House, Nu-Disco, Electro. Vaporwave was a before and after as I was able to join a great community and meet great people. If I create my covers it could be said that it is a reflection of my tastes or preferences’.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far and if so, why is that? Is there a project that has been a highlight for you in some way, or, maybe one that earned you special attention from your fans?

‘The greatest achievement that I have achieved so far was being invited to an online festival and being able to participate together with well-known artists, the ones who will consider me filled me with joy and emotion’.

Please tell us a bit about your dreams for the (near) future, regarding your music: what do you hope your music will achieve? Is there a dream collab / project, maybe, you would like to see come true?

‘I just hope people like it. I would love to be able to do a song with Ev.Exi because I love the style and aesthetics of it’.

Is there anything else you would like to add / share, with your fans / the readers? (maybe something I did not ask about?)

‘The truth is that I can only thank you for the support you have given me and also thank you for inviting me, thank you’.

Again, big thanks to Shiruetto! And to you, my readers, please go listen to Shiruetto, if you haven’t already! If you need a smile on your face and crave a little dance… Go For It!

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Wishing y’all a very Future Funk Week, turn the heat up and see you again soon





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