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Special Feature 10/31/2020
Wizard of Loneliness

Meet Wizard of Loneliness: straight from New Jersey. The brainchild of man-child and nostalgia freak…..Classically trained on the French horn at the behest of his parents, the young Wizard embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead him to the ever lucrative business of beat making. Infusing the style of golden age hip-hop with the sounds of vaporwave, jazz and soul, Wizard of Loneliness works at a frenzied pace of output and seeks a tandem balance of relaxation and excitement for all lovers of beats, rhythms and off-beat humor…Source: About Wizard of Loneliness, Spotify.

My kind of Music, with Wizard of Loneliness.


Cheesy Intro Music

Having stepped in the magical world of vaporwave, I could not escape the one and only Wizard Reigning the Realm. I was slowly orbiting towards the place where he’s residing and getting more and more submerged in the atmosphere where fantasy seems to simply overwhelm reality. His people are in awe of his magic and when I asked around who to interview next, Discoholic was quick to mention his name. Click below pics 😉

Gimme a Second

When I asked the Wizard if he was up for this trick, he replied with a question of his own: ‘You didn’t interview me yet right?‘ Although I can well imagine people coming back for more, I assured him this was not the case. After some back and forth – how I love the verbal sparring – we came to an agreement, so here we go.

Watch Me Work My Magic

Listening to his music was like diving into a bottomless sea…there was no way I was going to emerge any time soon. The amount of music the Wizard has produced is close to HUGE already – close to 700 songs – and I can only wonder about the speed at which he creates new songs. I’ve counted 34 uploads to SoundCloud for the last three months only! Scrolling down, trying to start at the beginning, was a chore in itself.

11pm Activities

Scrolling down his Spotify list was a bit easier, still I found out the Wizard released 11 albums in 2017, 5 albums in 2018, 4 albums in 2019 and 3 this year – which has not yet ended – and that’s only on Spotify! Though he is the Wizard of Loneliness, he is definitely not the Wizard of Weariness…


The same goes for the speed at which the Wizard is dealing with social media. With over 46K Tweets in about 9 years, I think it safe to say the Wizard has a Way With Words too. Though you have to read between the lines sometimes, his sense of humor is hard to miss. When I told him: ‘otoh…if you’ve done so many (interviews) you can’t remember you prob don’t need it’, his response was: ‘I’ll take that hand but raise you one interview’.

Afternoon Grammar

Of course his sense of humor is clearly showing in the skits like he’s been doing with Discoholic, for the vaporspace channel surf (mentioned in Spotlight on Vaporspace StL). I think we can all agree that those are HILARIOUS and I already said that I would totally watch a whole movie. If ever the Wizard would align the stars and make that happen, how different this world would be.

The Beautiful World

Not that I would know much about it, but it’s always nice to see true magic being practiced by someone who at least Looks Like He Knows What He’s Doing. Appearances do count for something. I got the best advise ever when starting my previous job: ‘Fake it till you Make it’ and you wouldn’t believe how good that worked out for me 😂

The Boss Really Likes Your PowerPoint

My first impression while listening to the Wizard’s music, was that I either stepped inside a game or in some fantasy land. A lot of his songs are telling a story and I hate to repeat myself, but since gaming is not really my thing, I was happy to hear Mario’s name mentioned several times… That one I do recognize lol. And just when I realized that most of his music is very easy on the ears and thus pretty relaxing, I stumbled on this one and was LMAO.

Music For Old Folks

The Wizard’s instrumentals almost put me in a dreamlike state, hence the mention of entering Fantasyland. Some melodies just scream ‘Forest and Fairies’ to me, which is not a bad thing at all, on the contrary. Speaking about ‘a tandem balance of relaxation and excitement’, I think he has found the perfect spell to cast on his audience.


Of course there’s variety in the Wizard’s music, he’s got more tricks up his sleeve, serving us with hip-hop & rap, indie, vaporwave, vaporhop, pop, electronic and so on. As I said, the list is seemingly endless, which is why I recommend you have a listen yourself, this article is not nearly long enough. To be honest, I reckon a list this long would keep you busy for a couple of days, just make sure to start on time.

Early Morning Hunt

To give you an example, I found the album Seasons (2019), definitely a bit darker than the ones before that. It’s already visible in the titles of the songs, but also in the music itself. Somehow, the songs have a heavier feel and that could just me be me, getting tired of listening, no but seriously…I think it’s pretty cool if you have the ability to create something new every time, especially when the rate at which your going is about the speed of abracadabra.


Now before I forget, I want to mention his latest release, uploaded to SoundCloud the 29th of October. The title got me curious, so I just asked the Wizard what it means. Well most of you probably already know, but for those like me who don’t, here’s the answer: ‘Cyber city OEDO 808 is an anime I love. The song isn’t taken from that at all but I just really like the anime’. Even Wizards have their preferences, if only to make them look more human.

OEDO 808

I know that all this is just the tip of the iceberg or maybe in this case, a Lone Star in the Milky Way, but I do hope you all will find the Wizard of Loneliness and start listening to his music. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, there’s a treasure’s worth of musical magic waiting for you and you don’t need a wand to unlock it either.


Now it’s time to let the Wizard weave his spell, but before we go ahead I want to give a Big Thank You to the Wizard of Loneliness! Getting into your music was a journey indeed and I wish you all the blessings and Stardust to fulfill your destiny. I will add you and update anything new on the Spotlight page, where some of your loneliness will hopefully dissolve.


The Interview

He wouldn’t be called a Wizard, if he didn’t have a special surprise for us. So instead of reading through the interview, we can all Listen to him, going through the Q&A’s! Have Fun!

Interview with Wizard of Loneliness

Again, big thank you Wizard of Loneliness, hope everyone is thoroughly enchanted by now. Please find Wizard of Loneliness on SpotifySoundCloudBandcampFacebookTwitter Instagram

Wishing y’all a good time, enter the Wizard’s realm and let him woo you ❤

Journey’s End





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