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Granny Smith

(or how I feel, now I’m Nana)

Well I guess it wasn’t a real surprise there wasn’t any article published last Thursday. After the pretty emotional piece on my Mom – which I feel was unintentionally perfectly timed and got some very nice response! – it was time for a Little Bundle of Joy to come into our lives.

In case you’ve missed it, a little over a week ago today, we became grandparents. All the time people asked me: ‘So, how does it feel to become a grandma?’  As if I should know how that feels like?? One week later, I’ll give it a shot. Now before y’all go like ‘Aaaaaw where are the pics??’… There will be No Pics from our grandson here. I totally respect the parents wishes and if there’s any sharing to be done, it’s going to be their choice and their doing. Lost interest yet? 😆 yeah I’m still the same…

Did you wonder about my social media post and what the heck I was talking about? If you haven’t been following the Spotlight series, you might have missed the clue somewhat, so lemme elaborate a bit.

Posted 5/12/2021

When I started my Facebook account, the first and for a long time, only social I used, I thought long and hard about my username. Well, that didn’t really help, since I couldn’t come up with anything funny or original and finally settled for – as you all know by now – wien_sap. Yeah, yeah, kinda lame, except for the fact I was and am sure, there is no one else with the same name and it IS my name after all.

I already told you, if it wasn’t for my blog, I probably wouldn’t even have made an Instagram- let alone Twitter- account. I was all for social media distancing, since I never was one to be very social to begin with in real life. Anyways, when I had to – again – think about a username, I felt it best to just stick with the same, since it would make life a lot easier for me and for people to recognize me by. Little did I know, wien_sap would become something special after all, when one of ‘my’ Spotlight artists – Spotlight on Wizard of Loneliness – mentioned something I at first thought to be a joke…

Now you Dutch peeps got to understand and try to imagine, how my name is pronounced in English…yeah. I think I mentioned this before, but ‘Vinegar’, was by far the most hilarious 🤐 So now try to imagine how wien_sap is pronounced. I’ve even tweeted at one point how the Dutch IE sounds exactly like the English EE, just to try and explain what my name should sound like. Uhuh. There are definitely a couple who were getting it right from the start, but that’s mostly due to their own Asian/mixed, background, which makes pronouncing foreign names infinitely easier for obvious reasons. Anyway, I’m digressing, but just listen to this little piece of the interview with Wizard and it might all become more clear….

From: Spotlight on Wizard of Loneliness

A quick Google check showed me that winesap apples do indeed exist and yeah, I thought that was really funny and the rest – 🍎➡️🍏 – you should be able to figure out. Because, having to actually explain it, kills the joke, but I did feel some explaining might be in order for some of you. You see, I had been thinking about how to announce me becoming Nana – yes that’s the chosen name – on my socials, because I was only going to do this once and it had to be good, well, at least a bit funny. Just shot that to pieces didn’t I?

When people were asking me how I felt about becoming a grandmother, I had to really be careful not to simply shrug and say something cold like: ‘I don’t know, I don’t really think about that’. Of course it was exactly how I reacted 😂 I guess I just always expected myself to react just like my Mom did. As mentioned, she adored her grandchildren, but there was no fooling her. So all the time I just basically kept my cool and said to myself: ‘I’ll cross that bridge when I get there’. No hysterics for me, I already said I might seem like a coldhearted bitch, but hey.

We were never the kind of parents to put any pressure on our kids about ‘when they were going to make us grandparents’. Please. We did, of course, joke about it now and then and I do remember a specific moment – we were sitting in a large restaurant, which was basically empty and there came this young family, including a cute baby, sitting right next to us. As on cue, the baby started crying and did not stop during our lunch – when our son said to me: Mom, whenever I am talking about wanting a kid, please remind me of this exact day and moment!  Aah well. Mind you, our son is very fond of kids and apparently, they love him too. He was once called a baby magnet whahah.

Our daughter always knew she wanted to be a Mom and she even did an internship in a daycare, where she had to take care of babies and little kids. The experience gained there is certainly a big help now. We’re really proud of how she’s doing! I remember when our son was born I basically had 2 left hands and was lucky I had Steve – who had loads of experience with his nieces and nephews – as well as maternity care for the first week.

I really had no idea how I would react the moment our grandchild would be born and that’s another thing I kept saying, because it was the simple truth. As ‘cool’ as I might have been throughout our daughters pregnancy, I had no clue as how I would feel when the big moment arrived. Well, let me assure you, I’m Not That Cold. I did shed a couple of tears when I saw that first picture of our newborn grandson and actually, I expected a lot more when I would finally hold him in my arms, but no, that didn’t happen. (Yet?)

So how Do I Feel being Granny Smith? First and foremost, we’re grateful both daughter and grandson made it through the pregnancy well and are healthy and happy. Hardly anything beats that. Looking at him on one hand feels like he’s always been with us and on the other hand, it is still a bit of a dream. He is absolutely amazing of course, sleeps A Lot, hardly cries, has funny baby smiles – who says babies don’t smile – and eats as any worthy family member should do. It’s very easy to love him 💖 – or should I say, it’s impossible NOT to love him – and that’s really how I feel: I simply Love him. He’s a part of me/us and that makes the bond one of irrevocable and everlasting love. This should say it all, it surely includes everything for me.

If possible, Steve is even more in love with our grandson than I am and it’s so funny to feel like we’re going back in time, because of course, having a baby in our arms again after so long, brings back sweet memories. We consider it a big blessing, we are able to see the start of – our – next generation and whether or not more will follow, nobody can take this experience away from us anymore. This baby is a little treasure and we will do everything in our power to keep him safe and happy. The real Granny Smith might be quite the sourpuss, but this Nana is sweet on her grandson!

Source: Common English Bible – Requested by a Proud Mom

Wishing y’all a very Cuddly Weekend, I’m sure I’ll be doing some!

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