Spotlight on PURE PURE


Meet PURE PURE: According to his SoundCloud, Instagram and Twitter bio, he is into F u t u r e h o u s e m u s i c, and his Bandcamp bio mentions he is a ’14/yo French house Producer an DJ’. So yeah, that should make things clear now shouldn’t it? Yeah, no, but that’s why he is my guest today! He only started to make music about a year ago, so although his discography is not extensive (YET!), I’ll go through what tracks are available, to give y’all an idea and hopefully encourage you to keep an eye out for more of this young talent. We’re off to the USA once more, here we go!

My Kind of Music, with PURE PURE


PURE PURE and I first ‘met’ at the end of August this year, when he responded to my Instagram story, in which I shared some music from one of his friends. One of the first questions he asked me was: ‘Do you produce at all?‘ Ahaha, nope. But it was a very good convo opener and we soon were talking not only about music, but also about a lot of other stuff we were interested in. He very quickly dropped the question though, if I wanted to listen to a new collab he was working on, requested by another producer. Of course I was interested and it got the ball rolling as in, it was a small step from there on to listen to his music.

PURE PURE warned me about, I quote: ‘Everything I have out now is very much shit’. Well Alright then. He further mentioned, the music he was currently working on was much better. PURE PURE’s music is found on SoundCloud mostly and if you look closely, the earliest uploads are from only about 6 months ago. However, I had the opportunity to listen to a couple of tracks he did release about a year ago, when he actually started. I did not really agree with him on those tracks being that bad and so we talked a bit about why he felt that way. His reply, I quote: ‘I didn’t really do much mixing/ mastering to it at all and didn’t add like effects or give it a decent structure’.

Anyways, he removed those tracks from SoundCloud and added the ones you can now find there, but there is still one saved on Bandcamp, called ‘Mute City’. Next to that, PURE PURE can also be found on Spotify, but more about that later. Since some time had passed since our fist conversation until moment I actually starting working on this Spotlight, I was kind of surprised to find a different discography. So, back to his SoundCloud releases, the first two are mixes, where PURE PURE makes you feel he’s DJ-ing on your personal house party. When I asked him about this he replied, I quote: ‘So basically playing at your party was kinda like what I would play if I were to be at a party, I played some future funk but also some rap stuff from DRAM and a few other guys, some people don’t know this but I’m a huge fan of hip hop and I love to dj it’. Now you know.

Now I think the mixes both rock and would definitely be a welcome guest to my parties. The music varies as PURE PURE mentions, but all in all it’s a groovy mix that will go down well with most people. I mean, I can’t really imagine people not getting down to these beats for real. Having talked to PURE PURE quite a bit, the mixes pretty much feel like ‘what you see is what you get’, meaning: the guy is not shy about his music as well as other things going on in his life and that openness makes him so approachable, just like his music sounds. Still with me here?

Not much later, PURE PURE mentioned he was working on an EP, of which he was already quite proud – and why wouldn’t he be – if all goes as planned, to be released this December. When he asked if I wanted to have a sneak peek and listen to the unfinished EP, I did. All I will say to you, is what I told him: I love where it’s going and it’s giving off a lot of energy. He then asked if I wanted to do the Spotlight after the release, thinking it would be a great promo for the new album. Well, yes, we basically already agreed to do the interview during our first talk.

However, as time passed, PURE PURE had a look at my blog and how the Spotlights work, got more and more enthusiastic about it and he asked me if we could not do the interview NOW. That was about 2 months ago lol. Unfortunately, I already had a couple of articles planned – as always – and on top of that, wanted a little time-out. But finally, we’re here today. I love the way PURE PURE was so eager to do this, that he twice requested me to, I quote: ‘Just send the questions now, while I have time’, while it was the middle of the night on my side of the globe haha. No matter, this party is started now, so let’s get it on.

In the meanwhile, we had been talking about everything and anything: how PURE PURE loves animals, how music has always been a part of his life also due to his parents love for it. How much his parents mean to him and support him – I told him I was very happy to hear his parents are actually invested in his music, not something I hear all too often unfortunately. How he kind of hates school and would rather spend all his time making music, saying, I quote: ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since like 2nd grade, all my teachers were all confused when I said I wanted to dj lol’. And also, how we both had our experiences with racism. A very diverse conversation indeed!

At the same time, PURE PURE joined in on a compilation album being released on Spotify. Under the Neon Japan Records label, he added his track: ‘Yongen Yaja Nights’, claiming, I quote: ‘Yongen Yaja Nights is easily my favorite song I put on, nothing compared to my EP though’. Well, if PURE PURE is comparing the two and says the upcoming EP is, what…better? different? that’s saying something don’t you think? Still we talked more about other stuff too, like going to concerts and how his taste in music changed through time. Well, he might be young, but he knows what he wants and likes and the drive is certainly there, I quote: ‘I be watching tutorials all day when I get free time from like school.’

The next track by the way, has reached 3K+ listens and that’s quite a feat for a song that’s only been out there for about a month. Again, PURE PURE has only just started and the songs he uploaded have been well received. He hopes to be in a band in the future, playing the bass. Well, I’d say, Go For It, with this great attitude, you’ll probably achieve anything you set your mind on! PURE PURE is already well known in the community and has a lot of music producing friends, one of which is Fvert, who was a previous Spotlight if y’all remember. Music goes beyond borders and online collaborations are being cultivated everywhere. When PURE PURE mentioned to me there might be a collab coming with Fvert, I just told him to Do It.

PURE PURE’s next track is also close to reaching 3K listens and if that doesn’t make you wonder what kind of magic he is brewing, you probably don’t want to be convinced at all. As I said earlier, PURE PURE is pretty open about what’s going on in his life, if you’d follow him on social media, you can see for yourself. He repeatedly confessed his astonishment about how well his music is liked and it’s always a good sign to me, when artists aren’t afraid to show their gratitude towards their audience. Again, being approachable as an artist has this incredible attraction to me, making me feel I can not only connect through their music, but also feel and understand a little where they’re coming from.

‘1998 called, wants its hair back’. The intro to PURE PURE’s next track. From dance, to hip hop, to french house and now future funk. Again I wonder how it is possible for anybody to find time to make music – and sometimes A Lot of it – while also juggling school and/or work. And yes, I am my own worst critic, so I totally understand what PURE PURE was saying about his first released – now removed – tracks. My point: having that little free time, producing something is possible, but producing something that is truly cool and you can look back yourself at feeling proud? Ooff, good stuff.

Talking about PURE PURE’s school, he told me about how much he is into history and also that he was looking into an exchange program, because he would love to come to Ireland, or even better, Australia. See, this guy is not afraid to live and not only through his music! When he messaged me some time later, he is going to Greece/Europe, for the next spring break in 2022, his enthusiasm was palpable in every way. Easy to talk to, easy to laugh with, easy music to listen to, PURE PURE has a great future ahead of him I’m sure.

We’re already at the last released track by PURE PURE. I hope all the above has encouraged you to follow this young talent and eagerly see how he will develop. Just recently I saw a tweet where it was stated, how cool it can be when you already knew that one artist when they were still ‘small’, after they’ve grown ‘big’. This was so up my ally and it’s one of the reasons why these Spotlights give me so much joy. I wish all artists here a bright and successful future, but even if they don’t make it ‘big’, having the opportunity to meet them – even if not in real life – and most of all, discovering and enjoying their music, is a big win to me.

PURE PURE is the next on the growing Spotlight artist list and I’m thankful he wanted to be here. So, before we go listen to the man himself, I want to say, BIG Thank You PURE PURE! I know you’ve been very busy with school and all, so I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I’m also very much looking forward to how your EP will sound  – and if there has been a lot of changes made, since my early listen. I will add you to the Spotlight page, where you will stay indefinitely, together with all the previous Spotlights. Now Go!

The Interview

1️⃣ Let’s start with the obvious: can you please introduce yourself and tell us: who is PURE PURE, when and how did you start making music? Does your name has a special meaning? Do you play any instruments yourself and/or do you sing?

‘Hi! I’m pure pure, I make French house and other sub genres in my free time! I got into DJ-ing originally but stopped after a few months after I wanted to create my own music, not just play others haha.

Big thanks to neko milkshake, he assisted me the most in making music and taught me how to work the daw. My name has a few meanings, in my favorite anime “K-On” one of the rejected band names was pure pure, and in my favorite city pop song “stay pure” my omega tribe also inspired, it has one more meaning but I won’t share it on here, feel free to DM me on Instagram if you want to know the 3rd and biggest reason lol.’

2️⃣ Where do you get your inspiration from? Who were/are the biggest influences on your music? How would you describe your music? Have you ever considered/tried other genres or do you feel this is it?

‘I mostly get my inspirations from playing video games and watching movies, like really old shitty movies. My favorite games to play include legend of Zelda and Pokémon and my favorite movie is lost in translation as it always inspires me to make music.

Music wise, I’m a huge fan of Daft Punk, Cassius, phantoms revenge, QB9, Neko milkshake, and Mr Oizo. But non French house artists I love the Clash, Temporex, Sex Pistols, the cure, Phoenix, yung lean, men at work, and bladee. I’ve always wanted to be in a punk band on bass as I play it, my best friend plays guitar so we will start playing together soon and hopefully get some gigs’.

3️⃣ You’re pretty young still and after releasing a track on Bandcamp and some more on SoundCloud, you only recently released a song on Spotify, part of the album NJR Vol. 1, under the label Neon Japan Records. How did that make you feel? Can you give us a bit of background info about how the song came together and how it ended up on the album?

‘Releasing on NJR was awesome! Huge thanks to Crimson Ray for inviting me and everyone on their being super supportive, it was insane seeing my song as most viewed on SoundCloud, it was my first song to get 1000 views!

It was originally going to be apart of kinda a “love” themed project but it was scrapped when I got rejected haha, It was the only song on the project that was somewhat good so I decided to use it in the compilation when the owner Shanpu told me that their was going to be a compilation for the anniversary.’

4️⃣ What do you think is the hardest part of producing music? Do you have a nice support system (family, friends etc) to motivate you and keep you going? What do you find the most fun part of producing music and why is that?

‘The hardest part for me is finding inspiration, sometimes I just don’t want to make music but those times will eventually pass. I have many awesome friends and my parents and family are supportive of everything I do.

I think my favorite part of producing are seeing the response to my tracks, comments will genuinely make me smile like I almost cried when I got my first comment’.

5️⃣ How do you combine making music with school? How much time per week do you spend on it approximately? Do you aspire to become a full time producer as soon as you get the chance?

‘I’m pretty shitty when it comes to balancing music with school but I’d like to believe I’m getting better, I do my work during the day and do my music during the night as I feel that’s when I’m most Productive.

During the prime of making city loops I’d say I spent 9-10 hours a week on the daw. If I ever get the chance to do music full time, I will jump on it immediately. Personally I hate school and I don’t wanna go into college (sorry mom and dad if you’re reading this) but music full time seems much better than living a normal life and working a boring office job lol’.

6️⃣ One of the first things you told me, was that you think the stuff you’ve put out until now is ‘pretty much shit’, but your ‘unreleased stuff is all ok’. Why do you feel that way, how did you grow from then to now? (what’s the difference in your opinion?)

‘I felt this way because frankly, all the music I had out at the time was super shit but I’m super proud of City Loops EP which is my best work yet, I tried many different production techniques and I feel it went very well for my first EP. I grew a lot by watching just tutorials on YouTube and asking friends for help’.

7️⃣ You told me about a couple of interesting collabs that might be happening. Is there anything you can share about that? If not, what would be your dream collab or project for the future and why? What can we expect from PURE PURE in the – near – future?

‘I have many collabs on the way! I will be featured on Maitro’s upcoming album dragon ball wave 4 along with a few compilations and collaborations with my friends!

I have a tonnn of dream collabs, mostly just the OG French house people like Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Trankilou, St Germain, and Archigram.

For future projects I’m planning on releasing a second EP around Spring time then begin working on my album which will hopefully contain 20 ish tracks, I can’t say much about it other than the fact it will kind of tell a story’.

8️⃣ Is there anything else you would like to add/share with the readers? Anything I did not ask about maybe?

‘Not that I can think of! Just go stream my new EP And tell me what you think of it🙏.’

Again, big thanks to PURE PURE! It was fun working on this and I’m very much looking forward to more from you! Wishing you all the best and hope we stay in contact. And you my readers, please give his music a chance! You can do so here:

Follow PURE PURE on: SoundCloud Bandcamp Instagram Twitter

Wishing y’all a very Festive Weekend and while you’re at it, let PURE PURE play

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