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Special Feature 8/21/2020

Meet Tollef (‘Dance music needs more guitar!’) Tollef is an aspiring Norwegian producer with love for funky guitar licks and tight kick drums. Highly influenced by producers in several different genres like Lenno, Oliver and Audien, he aims to merge funk and progressive house by implementing guitar licks instead of mainstream synth leads. Source: About Tollef  – Spotify.

My kind of Music, with Tollef.

Take DEEP BREATHS and we can keep on dancing ALL NIGHT.

All Night – Tollef Remix

Part two of my Spotlight Trilogy, is all about another Norwegian musical treat. For those who haven’t read part one – Spotlight on SoundKid – shame on you… Just kidding (not really). I found Soundkid via EDES and while playing SoundKids music on SoundCloud, I stumbled on a couple of his reposts. I could not believe what I was hearing really, I wasn’t even recovered yet from his talents.

I actually told EDES, that I might need to move to Norway now…the Land of the Midnight Sun – google translate, don’t blame me – this track… I normally have a pretty hard time appreciating a song if I cannot follow the lyrics, but the music is so catchy and yess, love the guitar play!

Midnattssolens Land – Tollef Remix – Spotify

Still working on Soundkids article and listening to all his tracks, I was getting really hyped.

Now I am not very good at multi-tasking, you would think after raising a couple of kids, this would be as easy as breathing…Just.No. When mentioning my lack of multi-tasking skills to people, I always get the same answer: But you’re a woman! Women are the best at multitasking…ugh…of course my answer would always be: well, maybe I am not a Real Woman then. Anyways…

Trying to juggle through my preparation for SoundKids Spotlight, I also went after Tollef, I told you guys, I really try not to stalk, but hey…thin line… I started following Tollef on Instagram and went through his posts too – good thing after the 62 posts by Soundkid, Tollef did not had as many, yet.

I always create my own playlists for every artist on SoundCloud and this time I was alternating between the music of the two guys. You know, I sometimes really feel like I’ve struck gold with my blog haha. My whole idea was to finally be able to write and have fun with it, well, mission totally accomplished. But I’m only just getting started so,

Deep Breaths – Tollef Remix – SoundCloud

Tollef’s list is not long (again-yet), but what is there got me almost screaming and doing a little happy dance, it also leaves everybody without an excuse to not take a little time and listen to his music. He certainly finds a way to insert his amazing guitar play in his remixes. I agree that the instrument is often not as present as it could be, but like SoundKid mentioned, it’s kind of inherent to these genres. So I can really appreciate what Tollef is creating. (If you read ‘My kind of Music‘, you would know where all this is coming from – sparking the Spotlight section 😉 )

And then this happened; The Friday morning after publishing EDES’ Spotlight I woke up really early. I am always an early riser, but this was crazy even for me. Like I said before, first thing in the morning, my music is turned on and I was really, really happy with two tracks in particular.

While playing the two – on repeat – and waking up properly, I opened my Instagram and at one point noticed Tollef’s story popping up. After clicking on it I was watching three guys, heads bobbing, big smiles, intently watching something (a screen?) with the caption: ‘What Just Happened’  while I could hear this playing in the background:

Feels So Magical -debut single – Tollef – Spotify

If that wasn’t a sign 😂😂😂 Anyways, story of my life, I could not keep quiet and had to comment. It’s the easiest way to get in contact with someone, unless they block you of course, that would totally ruin everything. To avoid that from happening lol, I tried to be cool about things – I can already see my kids faces and their looks..Really Mom?

I also stayed in contact with EDES, because his article was doing really well from the start so we chatted a little and I told him about Soundkids Spotlight – which he already knew – aaannnnd, that I was really interested in Tollef’s music too. I sounded like some mad woman trying to explain to EDES in as little words possible (why would I even try that, never worked for me before) about the above… I made no sense at all.

However, EDES had some fun facts to share too, because he and Tollef just found out, after being in contact for some time already, they are actually neighbors – hi-la-rious. They just had a coffee together, apparently also chatting about the Spotlight features (if I only could’ve been the fly on their cookies) he also mentioned that Tollef had been working on a remix of his ‘Got My Own’ which would be released TODAY. We agreed to also update Spotlight on EDES but here it is:

Got My Own – EDES – Tollef Remix
Tollef to the left and to the right EDES, having a coffee – Source;

Now at that point I had not flat out asked Tollef yet, I only told him that I really loved his music. I did post a question in my story about anybody wanting to warm up in my Spotlight? You see, EDES article lead to more followers (and curious people) for me (and again Thank you EDES) and I was wondering if anyone would take the bait…of course nobody did. Or did they… To be continued…

Long story short (whahaha) I am not the patient kind so in the afternoon I went ahead and literally said to Tollef: ‘So let’s cut to the chase, you gonna be next after SoundKid in my Spotlight?’ and yeah yeah, I gave him the chance to say no, by adding: ‘Unless you really don’t want to of course..’

But here we are!! Me happy! Tollef You Rock! I still have no idea what actually happened in your IG story, so I will get back to you on that, but after SoundKids’ reposts, it was the last step to bringing me to you. I have to mention my absolute favorite one more time; your Afrojack remix, just…🔥🔥🔥

As Steve and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last Monday, I just posted our pic with a small part of the lyrics which I thought was really appropriate lol. Btw, to provide me more time to work on the Spotlights this week, Steve dove a little deeper into his game-testing business on my primary blog, by actually writing a prequel lol – look him up you geeks. Yes my guy is pretty awesome too.

Mine – Tollef Remix – SoundCloud

Of course Tollef and I chatted a bit more and I think he’s a really nice guy, well they all are. That’s how I found out he is sharing his birthday with Marc Leclercq, and I hope they have been celebrating big time! I do hope you all will look him up and support him, his music is definitely worth listening too, well dancing would be even better, just sayin.

So, before we go to the interview, a BIG Thank You Tollef! I believe in your awesome talents to bring your music to great heights. It was absolutely fun talking to you (and no, you’re not getting rid of me that easy), I will keep on following you to update here. Your answers show your focus and eagerness to achieve any goals you’ve set out for yourself. Wishing you all the blessings and fun, while following your dreams! You will also be mentioned on the Spotlight page, where I will update any new release.

And here I almost forgot… Listen to the below WAVEPOOL mix, by Doktor Plekter, where Tollef is included – #6, also available on SoundCloud, but especially fun on YouTube 😉

A cheese-slicer…Really Tollef??

Let’s start with the obvious; Can you please introduce yourself and tell us who you are, (and for instance-) when and  how did you start, which instruments you play, do you have a favorite and do you sing?

‘Yes! My name is Adrian Tollefsrød and I go by the name Tollef (based on my surname). I am from Norway and I am currently residing in Oslo. For music in general, it all began with me starting to play the guitar at the age of six or seven. In regard to electronic music, I think I downloaded FL Studio in high school. Back then, it was all about trying to make melodies and messing around in the software. It stopped for a while after high school, at least in terms of releases and remixes on SoundCloud.

However, right before the corona virus hit us, I made the Afrojack remix. It gathered a lot more attention and plays than I have ever gotten before, which motivated me to continue. My main instrument is the guitar, but I can maneuver a bass and play some simple (but effective) beats on the drums. I do not sing, though, but if I do I alter my voice beyond recognition’. 

Your slogan on different platforms is: ‘Dance music needs more guitar!’ please elaborate 😊

‘That’s my main goal. I listen to a lot of bands, and I love the organic sounds and live instruments of that type of music. However, I also really love the punchyness and energetic vibes of electronic music. That’s why I want to merge them together. And since I play the guitar, it seems like a good slogan to use!’

Your first official remix was done for Swedish Gold- winning artist Josef Sedraia (source Spotify), can you tell about how that came to pass?

‘I was contacted by Josef, who asked me to do a remix for his song. I did, and it was released. He has released a lot (and I mean A LOT) of other remixes for this song as well, but I don’t care much about that. The most fun part for me was to get my first remix on Spotify!’

We can find your music on SoundCloud and more recent also on Spotify. Where its also stated that you plan to release official remixes and singles during the fall of 2020, anything you can share about that?

‘Well, I have some songs up my sleeve which I plan to release this fall. Some of them through labels, and some on my own. In terms of remixes, my EDES – Got My Own remix drops August 21. There might be some more coming as well, so stay tuned for that!’ 

So uhm, I found out from EDES, you and him are practically neighbors, only discovering this very recently ..I love to hear about that one…please do tell.

‘That is correct. We have been chatting for a while now, and just recently discovered that we live a couple of blocks from each other. I met him last week for a cup of coffee and some music talk. He is a really nice guy! We were playing with the thought of some kind of collaboration, so we will see how that goes!’

Did corona interfere with your plans so far and what did you do to counteract?

‘It interfered with all of my other plans so that I could focus on making music. In fact, it has been rather beneficial (as I assume it has been for most other bedroom producers as well)’. 

Your debut was ‘Feels so Magical’ (and yes it indeed is magical), please tell us a bit about how you got to that point.

‘After Josef Sedraias remix was released, I wanted to release another track on Spotify. In order to do that, I had to own all the rights, so my bootleg remixes on SoundCloud were out of the question. I made the instrumental with some demo vocals snatched from the internet, and was really in doubt of how to solve the vocal problem. Eventually, I decided to sing on it myself. I did go for a Daft Punk-ish style, though, so you can’t really hear that it’s me. But it was a fun experience to make some rather awful vocals fit into a track. Perhaps I’ll do it again sometime. We’ll see!’ 

So about my favorite: You blew me away with the Afrojack remix! Can we agree to a brainstorming session so he gets to hear your remix?

‘Thank you so much! It’s difficult to get the attention from big artists like Afrojack nowadays, but if you have some ideas I am definitely up for it!’

Thank you again Tollef! I am seriously considering if there’s anything I can do to help with that last one… For now, almost weekend, one more Spotlight to go and if you want to know what Tollef’s listening to, click the pic 😉

Tollef’s Favorites – Spotify





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