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Welcome to my blog

One thing I realized pretty quickly after starting my blog, is that it’s forever a Work In Progress… there’s always something to update or upgrade, after all I am still learning 🙂 So, in a way, this is a ‘new’ page, even though it’s old information. If the headline wasn’t clear enough: here you’ll find all articles from 2020.


The Enemy that’s Me

(or how I cheat myself because losing is not an option) Continue reading>>>

My Kind of Music (1)

(or how Jazz Rock colored my life – am I the only crazy person playing the same track for days?) Continue reading>>>

Mix and (-game-set-) Match

(or how creating my own style feels like winning every time – because life’s too short to wear boring clothes) Continue reading>>>

Creativity Flows

(Or how much fun it is to see creativity return in the next generation) Continue reading>>>

Make that Move

(Or how not only my love for dancing keeps me going) Continue reading>>>

1000 Layer Therapy

(or how I Crush my Stress) Continue reading>>>

Choose to let Loose

(or how I am dealing with my Disney-Dripping-Let-It-Go Moments) Continue reading>>>

Alpha testing, (1-)2

(or how Steve crushes his stress) Continue reading>>>

Alpha Testing, 1(-2)

(or why testing is considered desirable) Continue reading>>>

Extroverted Introvert

(or how I am basically two sides of one coin) Continue reading>>>

Age is but a Number

(or how I draw from my Fountain of Youth) Continue reading>>>

Miss Understood

(or how I act when ignorance is not bliss) Continue reading>>>

A sight for Sore Eyes

(or how I gave ‘contactless limit’ the first ever meaning) Continue reading>>>

What Dreams are Made Of

(or how I keep a clear vision, despite my bad eyesight) Continue reading>>>

If the Shoe Fits

(or how my boots are made for walking – pun intended) Continue reading>>>

Hasta la Vista, Baby

(or how it feels when coming home) Continue reading>>>

Putting in a Good Word

(or how I string my letters) Continue reading>>>

Trick-and-Treat Yo’self

(or how this little Indonesian trick is good to me) Continue reading>>>

Knitting Frenzy

(or how I definitely don’t thread lightly) Continue reading>>>

Everything is Exactly as it’s Supposed to Be

(or how freedom feels to me) Continue reading>>>

Have Kids they Said

(or how I loved and valued growing up together) Continue reading>>>

You’ve got Mail

(or how I am looking forward to your reply) Continue reading>>>

Love’s the Word

(or how LOVE could be) Continue reading>>>

A Christmas Unlike any Other

(or how things have changed) Continue reading >>>

I Approve This Message

(or how I believe this to be a High Achievement) Continue reading>>>

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