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Special Feature 11/25/2020

Meet Ducat: He is a multi-genre music producer and DJ from The Netherlands. Inspired by hiphop beats and vaporwave, DUCAT began his journey a couple of years ago by messing around with a computer and a sampler. Combining his love for house music while mixing in aesthetic 80s sounds with modern beats it’s only natural he ended up making electronic music within the realm of vaportrap and future funk. Source: About DUCAT, Spotify.

My kind of Music, with DUCAT.

Caught in a Vaportrap that has me GROOVIN’.


I don’t even know how to begin, since the artist I’m about to describe has been a complete and utter surprise to me. Having had the opportunity to write about artists from around the globe, I am freakin proud to present to you the first fellow Dutchie!! Click the pics 😉


On my blog-journey, I had to get more active on social media and to completely shock my kids, that also meant Twitter. Music wise, there’s so much more for me to discover and my guest of today is one of them. I started following him not long after the Spotlight on Vaporspace StL was published, since he kept popping up in my feed. And when I saw he is from The Netherlands, well… His fate was sealed as far as Colorful Expressions is concerned.


Just kidding, my kids aren’t shocked by me that easily, they have years of experience to count for. They might raise an eyebrow though, but hey…boring and I don’t go in the same sentence…ever. The same goes for the music here today. Listening to DUCAT’s music is like a real treasure hunt to me. Every time I thought I couldn’t possibly hear a song that would outdo the previous one, I was proven wrong.


Getting a bit more acquainted with Vaporwave, I am only scratching the surface for now to be honest. So when I read DUCAT’s bio, talking about Vaportrap… Uhm right. As far as I understand, one of the aspects is the re-utilization of old samples – as in samples from the 90s pop culture for instance – BUT, instead of trying to describe to you what it sounds like, let me give you at least one track he labeled as such. I can afford that much, just a little over 400 euro’s lol.


Hmm, somehow that just doesn’t cut it does it? So let’s have a quick look at one of his EP’s, Unlocked, which he also labeled Vaportrap. Sounding a bit more experimental (to me at least) and a bit darker perhaps, but comfortable. I can hear some resemblance to Wizard of Loneliness‘ music. It feels more like a story or dream being narrated, totally open for interpretation. Music to drift away on and relax… It just proves to me that any label also depends on the one who’s listening…


There’s a lot of musical influences going around in Vaporwave, as far as I can observe. Which makes it an interesting genre for real, with one obvious reoccurring theme and that’s nostalgia. It’s the exact thing that got me buzzin, when I listened to DUCAT’s album ‘Groovez‘. The song that hit me right in the gut was without a doubt ‘Stars’. When I recognized the sample he used it blew my mind! And there are more –  re-utilization indeed. If you grew up with the same music I did, I guarantee you’ll love this album too.

STARS – DUCAT (ft. M A R Iマリくん)

Yeah that definitely made me an instant fan right there. Pretty sure there are more artists sampled on that album I should know by name, since I recognize some of the sax samples. But me and names…and talking about a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. Another one that brought back memories was ‘Neon Highway’, more proof the 80s and 90s music contained some really great stuff. After some dusting their sound is made to last into future decades.


Well I could go on about that album alone, since it is my favorite and so much so, I ordered the vinyl – and yes that’s the actual picture under the intro – which you can too, right here at Bandcamp 😉. But DUCAT has more to offer and I don’t want to sound too biased here lol. At least he caught my attention and I wasn’t disappointed. Released in the same year (2018) was his album Flashback. The sound kind of in line with Groovez, so to me very enjoyable. Every time I discover music that gets to me like this I am so happy. Hearing those oldskool tunes reinvented and upgraded…


While I couldn’t seem to find people in my past with the same taste in music, it’s like I am now being thrown into a world where my kind of music seems the standard. Maybe there is a parallel universe after all. It’s astonishing to me, that artists who are so much younger than I am, seem to relate so well to the same music in a way. And whether they’re aware about that or not: The Groove, the Funk, the Beat, it’s all there. With DUCAT’s own refreshing look on things, the results are so amazing, it’s unreal.


Last year DUCAT released 3 albums and a couple of singles on Spotify alone. There’s more to find on SoundCloud and below you will find all other links leading to his music and social media. One of those albums is ‘New Retro‘ and that title really just describes what I’ve been trying to say in all my above comments. One of the tracks on this album that’s not only delicious because of the title is ‘Chocolate Chip!’ Crispy and heavy at the same time. Take one and the only remedy is REPEAT.


Summer Vibes Deluxe is another album from last year and the song titles say it all. The overall feel you’ll be getting while listening is: you’re attending one funky summer party where DUCAT is showing off his DJ skills. Not Bad At All. Talking about his DJ skills… He recently uploaded one of his sets to Vimeo and since I think it’s one of the best things to see an artist perform live, of course I watched it. Should you be having any doubts still about his music, here you go…

Seeing an artist enjoying themselves while ‘at work’, is the best proof for me, that they are at the right place and doing what they’re supposed to do. Most definitely helps to get equally as hyped about their music. The positive attitude DUCAT displays on social media sure gives a good vibe. He comes across as pretty straightforward, proud to share his music (and rightly so) and grateful when he gets complimented. And oh yeah, he seems to love chicken nuggets 😉


Truth is, I could go on about DUCAT’s music but basically you’ve already figured out I Love It. The only thing I hope is that some of my enthusiasm will cling to you just enough to go and find out for yourself. One little article from me is never enough to cover his talent. It’s been fun though to have the first Dutch guest and I’m only hoping for more. Our country might be small, but we shine and I know that we have a lot of really amazing DJ’s / producers represented in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s, just sayin…


So it’s time to let DUCAT have his say, but first: Big Thank You DUCAT! I Really appreciate it that you’ve taken the time to answer the questions and wanting to be my guest. Wishing you all the blessings and creativity on your path and can’t wait to hear more from you. I will add you to the Spotlight page, where I will update any new stuff you will share in the future. And let’s not forget your latest release (11/15/2020)!!!

UniBe@t – ayy (⌐■_■) [DUCAT REMIX]

The Interview

Let’s start with the obvious: Can you please introduce yourself; who is DUCAT (does the name have any special meaning?) and how long have you been making music?

‘DUCAT is my pseudonym as an artist that actually started as an experimental “side project” next to the project I previously played music and produced under.

Being a music lover and producer, I have been working for a number of years already. The DUCAT moniker gave me the space to actually make music outside of the “box” of my previous EDM project and to be creative with different genres.

For example, I started as DUCAT with, among other things, releasing hip-hop beats and vaporwave, and I gradually introduced more genres / influences such as house, nu disco and future funk to my tracks. (It is no longer a side project and DUCAT has become my biggest focus point).’

How did you end up in the music world, who are your examples?

‘I come from The Netherlands where many great DJ acts and artists come from. And actually I was inspired by seeing events on TV at a young age, to become a DJ (instead of, for example, a firefighter or superhero).

Listening to music was one of my favorite pastimes from an early age. When in time the idea of ​​becoming a DJ came to mind, I soon realized that almost every great DJ is also an artist and therefore makes their own music. That’s when I started to search the internet how to make electronic music and started producing step by step.’

One of the influences that immediately appealed to me was the hint to old school fusion / jazz rock (I grew up with), but there are some clear differences in your albums. Where do you get your inspiration from?

‘I often get my inspiration from different types of music. As a music lover I listen to different genres every day and I think that is precisely what gives me my eclectic sound. Per album or EP I always try to create a kind of cohesion in sound, but with diverse enough material to keep it interesting from start to finish.’

Vaportrap and Future Funk: how would you describe your music yourself? And do you have the feeling that you have ‘found your way’ or would you like to venture into other genres as well?

‘At the moment Vaportrap and Future Funk are prominent, in terms of style / sound in my productions. While some tracks do not actually fall under this genre, but come close to it, due to the sound and feel. (like nu disco or synthwave.) I actually try to think outside the box myself .. as long as the production process remains fun and the result sounds good, I am more than happy.’

FINESSE – DUCAT & Sola The Lover

What have been highlights for you so far and why? What are your plans for the coming year, what can your fans expect?

‘My highlight this year was actually receiving my first international festival booking (which has unfortunately been postponed by COVID) and playing a full Future Funk set at the ‘Melkweg’ in Amsterdam earlier in January.

I am also busy with a new album that takes a lot of time and I have boosted my production level a lot.

I hope that as soon as normal life continues and the festivals and clubs open again, I will be able to play more often.’

A frequently recurring name in your music is Maitro, what makes your collaboration special? And what would your dream collab be for the future?

‘Maitro and I have known each other for a number of years through music and live fairly close to each other. By being on the same page often in terms of taste and having the opportunity to seek each other out to work on tracks together, we have made a lot of music over the years.

My ultimate dream collaborations at the moment I think are, in the future funk scene with VANTAGE and in the vape stage with NxxxxxS. Because I think their productions are very strong, which I can learn a thing or two from.’

Earlier this year you indicated on social media that Covid hit you quite a bit, but that you were coming back on top. How did this affect you and your musical creative process?

‘I hate to see how it has made such an impact all over the world. For me, it has had a major impact on my daily life and mental well-being. I had to stand still for a long time and put everything aside. It’s only just recently that I feel a bit more confident.

Because of this, my new album, which was actually planned for 2020, has been delayed and will not be released until the next year. I hope we can get together again in 2021 to party and dance. (With the new album from the speakers of course).’

Is there anything else you would like to add / share, with the readers / your fans?

‘Follow me on socials and streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc because the new album I’m working on is going to be the best project so far and you definitely don’t want to miss it!’

Again, big thanks to DUCAT, hope you all got the idea now and please find him on SpotifySoundCloudBandcampYouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebook

Wishing y’all good times and since most of us are either still in lockdown, or going back, you have NO excuse to not listen to DUCAT’s music! Peace & ❤






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