Flashlight on ‘Levitating’, by TJG

blogpost 3/14/2021

Flashlight #2: A short personal impression of a newly released track. Just Feels.

‘Levitating’, a Dua Lipa cover, by The Jupiter Gallery.

If you love the Dua Lipa song – and honestly, who doesn’t? – you will have to give this cover a go for sure. The combination of the original track, from an album that just oozes disco, and the creativity and groove of TJG, will definitely ‘Take You for a Ride’.

Released today, 3/14/2021, on…. Is ‘Levitating’, a Dua Lipa cover, by The Jupiter Gallery. I quote: ‘Sunday may be the day of rest, but here at the TJG headquarters, we want to keep you dancing 24/7…..we will be releasing our cover of the fantastic Dua Lipa’s single ‘Levitating’ to keep your bodies grooving. A little something to tide you over until our debut EP drops on the 26th‘. Source: TJG Facebook

You know I have been following TJG since I discovered them last November and decided they needed their own Spotlight, which followed shortly after. Since then I have become, I daresay, friends with A-Siege, their producer and spokesman. He truly is one of the kindest people you would ever hope to meet in your life and of which you could never have enough of. It’s such a bonus to make new friends along the way!

BUT, I am here today to extend my praise to the whole team, since I know how hard they have been working the last couple of months to get new songs completed. I am starting – just a little – to understand the amount of work that has to be done before ever coming to the point of actually releasing a song. I absolutely think if anyone deserves a ‘mini-spotlight’, it just has to be TJG. Sorry-not-sorry 😉

I sure hope you have been listening to their previous released songs, they are still favs of mine and are listed in the archive of my Feel Better playlist, linked to my blog. These songs are timeless and groovy, which is only confirmed by the fact, TJG has been featured  (twice) on The Jukebox Music Club as well as on Funky Panda.

Listening to TJG and in particular, Georgette’s amazing voice, because hey, that’s what first caught my ear… I’m amazed. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, not that I was afraid they would disappoint in any way, but covering such a song… That takes a lot of guts! But I’m telling you, TJG Owns This. And by that I mean: they took the song, twisted and turned it upside-down, inside-out, Et Voila!

Again, A-Ma-Zing vocals, smooth, juicy basslines, tickling synths, disco claps, strong melody lines… Am I forgetting something? Talkbox! I for sure thought that must be Sebastian, ‘feeling so electric, dance my ass off‘, well Hot D***. But Boy was I wrong! The man with the talkbox is actually A-Siege! I’m leaving this with you, because, I think my opinion is clear: ‘Ima Fly Away With Them Tonight!’.

On top of this, I’m positively hyped for the release of their new EP, ‘How To Lose Love In America’, the 26th of this month. You can’t miss it, it’s all over their social media. It’s going to be the first of several Epic Album Releases this year, by multiple favs of mine. 2021 might not have shaken off last year’s troubles yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Awesome Things, coming our way, music wise. Be on the lookout, TJG will levitate you for sure.

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Haven’t listened to The Jupiter Gallery before? Here you go

Just Enjoy 💜💜💜






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