You’ve got Mail


You’ve got Mail

(or how I am looking forward to your reply)

It’s going to be a little different today. Consider this the email update you never received… I’m back to talking about music for one, but WAIT. Before you tune out, it’s not only about that. I am planning to do a crossover. For those who haven’t been following me on social media, let me start at the beginning.

These past 5 months have been more than amazing blog-wise, but I always aim to go ahead and learn and develop myself further. You might have noticed the little music video’s I made from songs of the artists. It’s just a start, but I was so proud to have learned the very basics of editing 😂 every step is still a personal victory for this newb.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Having stepped into a realm where not only Music, but also Gaming and Anime are big, you can only imagine how applicable the above is to me. Fortunately I am surrounded – even if virtually – by my family, who are into all that. Recently, Visual Artists are added also. You can read about what they do in Spotlight on Vaporspace StL and Spotlight on Sleeppattern and I have a couple more to come in the future. basically I am open to any kind of art, hence the name of the blog.

The different time zones are another challenge. trying to follow what is going on at the other side of the world, when they live stream, is much fun but can be hard on the needed sleep. In my case, since having done night shift, my sleep pattern never turned back to normal… so there’s that.

I’ve also posted a picture of the statistics so far, as in regards to the countries from where people have been reading. DON’T WORRY, I cannot actually see WHO is reading. Just wanted that to be clear, in case anybody was wondering. That would go against any GDPR rule I suppose.

Statistics until 11/19/2020: 39 countries have been reading so far! The darker the color, the more readers.

About my social media: I’ve already told you I am way more active there now than I’ve ever been before I started my blog, it was pretty easy to figure out I needed a bigger platform to ‘advertise’, if I wanted the blog to get more exposure. Since I only ever created a Facebook account and wasn’t that active at all, my first step was to create an Instagram account. And let me tell you, I never thought I would actually do that.

I also created a Colorful Expressions Facebook group, but to be honest, I’m still not quite sure what to do with that one, since I am already using my personal account. If anything will come from that, you will for sure hear about it.

The next step was to create a Twitter account… In my mind I just could hear my kids laugh haha, I was laughing along with them, since again… I never thought I would go there. I got caught up in Instagram straight away, seeing the possibilities to display my blog. I can almost say, I like it even better than Facebook, but they both have their benefits. If I haven’t found you yet on Instagram or Twitter, look me up and I will for sure follow you back  😉


Twitter was a bit of a challenge and while I am telling all this, all you people must be like, ‘What is She Talking About’. Whahah, just remember: NEWB. If you’re on Twitter, look me up! I’m in a pretty fun group. However, today’s not really about me- although I guess it still is – but more like a letter to you with some requests. Yes, today is about you!

Last week I started to ‘invite’ people to submit one of their all time favorite songs. My goal is to make sort of a X-Mas Special and instead of writing ‘My kind of Music’, I am going to turn it around and write a ‘Your kind of Music’. Well, asking for just one is obviously impossible, especially for the artists. Where I was hoping to make it a real challenge, people started to submit 2, 3 or even more songs. (So if you’ve only submitted just 1, because I asked, feel free to add 1 or 2 more).

‘But Why’, you might ask. Well, I just very recently marked my (just!?!) 5 months of blogging and I am really, truly, grateful about how things are going. I had this idea of doing something different and special, in honor of every one who helped me getting this far this fast. Consider it a BIG Thank You!


It’s funny that I only noticed a couple a days later, the same day marked our five years of being In Ireland too. All too often I realize, that if I hadn’t come here, started a job that was sensibly speaking, out of my league, I would not have been where I am now with my blog.

I went from here…

(My colleagues made an effort to celebrate my big 5-0 at the time)

…to here: right after publishing my first articles

So basically this means EVERY reader (using a lot of caps today), family members and friends included of course. But also every artist that participated. Now I know that not every body will be able / wanting to be a part of this, but I am giving you the chance to!

Since the start of my blog, I have tried every available form, for my readers to either ask me questions, give feedback and / or receive updates whenever I publish. Unfortunately as far as I know, none of them actually worked. This also goes for when people wish to use the ‘follow’ button…you can click it (and please do), but most likely you won’t receive any updates… Ugh. Which is why – if you’ve noticed – I started to end every article with my own little ‘form’, ending with my

Y’all know the drill

Being one myself not too eager to respond to any kind of online request, I get that not many people make use of it. BUT, today I am asking you to! You see, I am very happy to tell you I already received quite some submissions, not only from family and friends, but also from artists. But there is room for MORE. And because my intention is to Thank You all, it would be so nice if more readers participate.

Some people were worried about the fact that their taste in music differs so much from mine, well let me just say this: of course I do have an obvious preference for some genres, but that doesn’t mean I never listened / listen, to totally different ones. To me it’s like trying new food… I might not like it the first time, but maybe after a couple of tries my taste buds are getting not only used to it, they actually might start to like it.

Bring it On

Since I started to interact with all the artists, I have been listening to more music than ever before – well, except maybe for when I was a teen lol. Do you actually think I like every song immediately? That would be impossible and I am not one to lie about it either. ( Not trying to be rude about it either). When, not too long ago, one of them released a new song and started to ask what everybody thought about it I was just being honest. Still I would give it a couple of tries, before discarding it completely.

Besides all that, it would make a very interesting article, when everyone just goes ahead and sends in their kind of music, why not? I’m going to mention you (if you give permission to do so) and you will be among several of the artists I have interviewed.  So if you’re wanting to send me something, you can either just DM me on social media, or use the below email address, I would really appreciate it 😁

The Request

Send me 1-3 of your all time favorite songs before the 1st of December!

Explain WHY these are so special to you – you can use as many words as you want, or as little, it’s up to you

Let me know if I can use your first or full name & the country you’re from or whether you like to stay anonymous (less fun, but hey…)

DM me or send it to

I am planning to publish the article somewhere in week 51 (between the 13th – the 19th of December), the closing date to send in your submission is the 1st of December, since I might need extra time to write this one lol.

Not interested in sending music, but still wanting to be part of the X-Mas Special?

So far the music part. If you’re not planning to send any music, there’s something else I would like to ask of you, well 2 things to be honest. First of all, using the same email address, let me know which subject you would like me to write about, starting next year. Maybe you would like to hear more about one of the subjects I have already talked about, but it could very well be something totally different.

If you know me personally, there might be something you’ve always wondered about which I haven’t covered yet. Almost anything goes, up to a certain point. This gives all you people who don’t really care about the music, kind of the same chance to be a ‘physical’ part of my blog. Just dare to be specific and maybe add a couple of questions / suggestions, I’m all for it. Just be aware that I am the one who decides how much I will disclose 😉 And if you’re really sassy, you submit to both requests…

That Day Will Come

Depending on the amount of emails I will receive ( and to be honest, if I get even one I will be pleasantly surprised haha) I will go about it the same way: I will list you and the subject you’ve requested on the same page as the one mentioned above. I will also mention the date as to which that article will be published, assuming everything will go as planned.

As for the second: while you’re at it, I would really appreciate if you would add some feedback. I have mentioned it before, but although everyone is very nice about this all, I really wouldn’t mind hearing some opinions! It will only help me to grow.

So, not much entertainment today I suppose, but you can help me to make an awesome, entertaining piece for X-Mas, if you like. So below I will again mention the request and please, Help a Girl Out Will Ya!

The Request

Send me the subject(s) you would like me to write about

Maybe add some suggestions or questions to specify

While you’re at it, add some Feedback?!

Let me know if I can use your first or full name & the country you’re from or whether you like to stay anonymous (less fun, but hey…)

DM me or send it to

I will add the list with the publishing dates on the X-Mas Special page, so you know when to expect ‘your’ article. If anything unexpected should happen, I will contact you. Any Feedback will also be mentioned. If you all go crazy, you could plan the whole of 2021 for me 😂

Wishing you an awesome weekend, do some thinking about it and let me know ❤

Source: Common English Bible





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