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Special Feature 8/13/2020 (Updated** 9/3/2020)

EDES is a nu disco/happy house artist and producer from Norway, who loves getting people to dance to the tones of warm analog synths and groovy rhythms. Recognized by happy vibes, upbeat disco sensations and lush soundscapes, his tracks fit both for a sunny day by the pool, or for a night on the dance-floor. Source: About EDES Spotify

My kind of Music, with EDES.


So if you have been paying a bit of attention, the next artist here was already mentioned – in disguise – EDES – remember this one;

Source: @lafelix music Instagram – New release 7/31/2020

His latest track was released the day after my Spotlight on La Felix and was also remixed by him. Okay I agree, it’s a sneaky one…

**Talking about paying attention… this girl needs to rectify something really bad hahaha. Apparently I have totally missed EDES’ Top Scoring Track, ‘Underdogs’, with over 630.000 streams! I have no excuse for that, I can only say, it has been in my playlist from the start, but somehow slipped my attention completely… I know… shame on me 😭 So for all you fans out there, here goes:

Underdogs – EDES Remix

The remix you’ll find in the interview below and uhm… just click on the pics 😉 aaannnnd don’t forget, my Homepage gets updated every week too.

The Original

Got My Own – EDES

Talking about updates, today (8/21/2020) – just one week after publication – this new remix of Got My Own just dropped!

Got My Own – EDES – Tollef Remix – See Spotlight on Tollef and read about their little anecdote

It’s just so much fun, how one thing leads to another, or rather one artist leads to another, which brought me to EDES. After my feature on La Felix, I was a little stuck about who to ask for my next Spotlight.

However, when the next day this remix was dropped, I looked up the original. I dove into his music and that’s when it hit me: although I did not recognize his name, I did recognize the titles of a couple of tracks in my playlist, especially this one…I mean, come on… with a title like that… 🙂

Shut U Up – EDES

But also:

Back To You – EDES

However, it took me a couple of days to decide what to do. In the meantime, I also really wanted to do the feature about Funk LeBlanc, for – if you’ve read it – obvious reasons. So while starting to work on that, I also started to look into EDES , his music and any available information.

This is when I found;

Where some general questions were already answered, including the information that he had ‘been lucky to have gotten some really nice blog coverage…’

Which made me realize, if It would come to an interview, I had to be at least a bit original about questioning him… up my game.

I contacted EDES on Instagram and asked if he would mind to be the next feature in my Spotlight. Again it struck me, how very approachable these people are. His reply was so friendly and enthusiastic, it got me excited all over again, even while still working on that weeks articles.

We got to ‘e-meet’ as he so appropriately named it and had a very pleasant conversation. Really felt like we had known each other for some time already.

I told him, La Felix’s remix basically lead me to him and that I later found out I recognized a couple of tracks, but not his name. After admitting I am not very good with names, he reassured me by saying this was rather normal and that he had some awesome tracks in his playlist with no idea who they were from. ** insert relieved emoji here **

On his Instagram Bio you will read; ‘Music that make you want to smile and move 😊’ 

And it’s true, well it is for me. A title like ‘Shut u Up’ is enough to make me smile – well played EDES 😉 The track itself is light and fun, with lyrics that just gets you grinning whether you want to or not.

‘Back to You’ has a more serious feel, due to the lyrics, but is still giving enough chill vibes. I love the SoundKid Remix as well:

Back To You – EDES (SoundKid Remix)

EDES’ ‘Mad Mad World’ Remix (Bonnie Mckee) is totally awesome and the lyrics are kind of applicable too unfortunately, but as far as I can tell only available on SoundCloud. Here you can find more of EDES’ (earlier) work also.

EDES on SoundCloud

EDES initially made a name for himself as a prolific remixer, emerging on the scene in late 2018 as he placed 2nd in a remix competition for US artist VERITÉ’. Source: About EDES Spotify.

Saint – EDES Remix (Definitely a Winner!)

When listening to EDES’ playlists on Spotify, I definitely had a smile on my face. Sam Padrul’s ‘Shine’ is epic, just as Tuxedo’s ‘Do It’ and many more artists we seem to admire in unison. Well I guess you just have to look him up now 😉 Love your playlists EDES!!

Before we get to the interview, I want to give a BIG Thank You to EDES! It was really great e-meeting you and I love the way you took the time and answered the questions so extensively. It makes the interview so much more fun to read. I wish you all the fun and blessings on your musical road and I will keep following you and update any new release on my Spotlight page.

Please find EDES on Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud – if you need to brighten up your day.

Could you please introduce yourself a little, like how and when did you start / who is EDES / which instruments do you play and do you also sing?

 ‘Of course! My name is Andreas Edesberg and I go by the name of EDES. I started playing guitar at 8, and I think I wrote my first song by 14! Fast forward 10+ years and I was done with my rock phase and ready to jump into the electronic space. I have been making nu-disco from about three years ago, and released my first single as EDES early 2020. I play most band instruments okay, like guitar, piano, bass and drums, but guitar and singing are my main instruments. As EDES I sing on the tracks where I think my voice fits and bring in other vocalists where I think that is better for the song’. 

What makes you decide to create a remix, I am thinking; is it because you think the track is missing something and you just hear the additional parts in your head or how does that work for you?

‘Well, I’m not thinking what is missing, I am mostly thinking if I would be able to flip it into something happy and groovy. So I am mostly looking for a good vocal track and if there are any other elements that could fit my genre that is a bonus. So the original track could be almost any genre, it’s almost easier if it isn’t too similar to nu-disco/funk’.

How does it feel to be ‘on the other end’ of a remix, now that La Felix worked on your latest track ‘Got My Own’ ? And how did this happen?

‘Yeah it’s really cool! It’s a very exciting feeling to hear someone else’s interpretation of something you have worked so hard on. And I must say it was extra cool to have someone I have listened to for years like La Felix to remix me. We just started talking on Instagram DMs after I asked him for advice on a few things on the music business side. We got a good connection and eventually he asked if I wanted him to remix Got My Own, which of course got me very excited 🙂 ‘

The Result

Got My Own – La Felix Remix

I love your originals, what was your first one and how did you get to that point?

‘As I mentioned, I have been writing music all my life, but it has been quite different for me to start writing “on the computer” after spending so long with a guitar in my hands or in front of the piano. Starting out with nu-disco, I made a couple tracks that weren’t that good first, and then got cracking on remixes. Come to think of it, all of the three tracks I have released so far started out as remixes! Then I wrote my own melody on top instead of using any tracks from the originals. I think Back To You was the first original of the three, and Got My Own following it. So I’m really excited to be releasing some of my newer tracks soon!’

What would your advice be to (other) newly starting / struggling, people in this business, like is there anything you would have done differently when looking back?

‘I think I probably would have uploaded even more remixes on SoundCloud to be honest. You hear a lot of talk about SoundCloud being dead, but it truly is a great way to test out the quality of your work, and also for people to have more music to go to when you start out. Reach out to channels on there and YouTube and pitch your tracks. But it’s also very important to try to learn the business side of things and take responsibility for your own career – learn stuff like advertising, how to approach people, how to plan a release, etc. And then just do your best, and learn as you go 🙂 ‘

I mentioned a couple of times the way you independent artists seem to have created your own support system – supporting each other. Am I correct and can you tell something about the importance for you?

‘Well if you are talking about collabs with other artists those are definitely important, but for me it feels the most important just to feel like you are part of a community of people trying to do similar things. I have gotten to know some really great producers across the world just the last year alone, and I’m so happy to be part of the community. I am of the impression that a genuine interest in others well-being and success will only lead to good things 🙂 ‘

I could not agree more!

What would be your dream collaboration for the future? (you can name more than one 😉 )

‘Oh that’s a difficult one. For producers, I think it would be awesome to work with some of the Nordic guys in my genre, like Oliver Nelson, Skogsrå (where did that guy go??), Lenno, and Lemaitre. I’ll go even more local for vocalists, and go for the awesome Norwegian power-trio of Astrid S, Sigrid or Aurora. Gotta represent those awesome Nordic and Norwegian artists and producers!’ 

Is there anything you would wish to tell your fans?

‘Well it would be to just stay tuned for more music from this end, I have a bunch more tracks that I am super excited to share, and some cool collabs as well 🙂 As weird as 2020 is, I’m just trying to push on, and make and release as much music as possible 🙂 ‘

Again, BIG thank you to EDES! I really hope I got people excited to look you up and listen to your work, because in the end, the above are ‘Just Words’ 😉

Just Words – EDES Remix





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