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Special Feature 8/20/2020

Meet SoundKid ( ‘I like making toes tap and heads bop’ ): an electronic music producer, remixer and songwriter from the Midwest. Leading up to his first official remix for Norwegian producer EDES, he initially gained traction on SoundCloud remixing tracks by pop and EDM heavyweights such as Seeb, Zedd, Ariana grande, Louis the Child, Shawn mendes and more. Source: About SoundKid – Spotify.

My kind of Music, with SoundKid.


Today’s Spotlight is the start of my very own Trilogy, which started right after EDES‘ Spotlight was published – EDES, I blame you 😂 – this was so well viewed even in the first couple of hours alone. So what I actually need to say is ; Thank you EDES! As for all you artists, Marc Leclercq, A-P Connection, Jason Gaffner / Limón Limón, La Felix and Funk LeBlanc, I really hope that your Spotlight is giving you some useful publicity and gain you all some fans! I will keep on presenting you guys to my audience – most likely till they get fed up with me, if they are not already…

Loop – SoundKid RemixSoundCloud

And let me also say: Thank you So, So Much, to everybody who keeps coming back to read my blogs! I really appreciate all your kind words, although… I also really could use some more feedback… I keep asking people for it, explaining that everybody up til now has just been too freakin nice… So if you think there are any points I should be looking into, don’t hesitate to tell me – free yourself from that burden and don’t hesitate to get down and ugly 😉

Liberated – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

Anyways, SoundKid! I am starting to repeat myself, because, if you were paying attention, his name was already mentioned in my last Spotlight about EDES. I know, it’s all so sneaky… But I’ve been already telling you, how one artist leads to another, so…

Keep It Simple – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

Well try to pay attention to the following… One of my slightly older playlists contained….’You Better Not’ (Louis The Child) -‘Free To Go’ (Seeb & Highasakite)  and  ‘Loop’ (Paperwhite – SoundKid remix).

He is the one who remixed ‘Back To You’ by EDES, you could say they are music buddy’s, which is great! Like I mentioned before, these guys find each other pretty easily online and the next thing you know, a new collab is born.

Back To You EDES – SoundKid Remix – Spotify

As much as I do love EDES’ version of the track, this remix is… dunno… 🔥🔥🔥… SoundKid is just starting out on Spotify, but keep looking out for him, more will follow!

By the way, if you are interested in how these guys go about creating their remixes, you really have to look them up on Instagram, they have several short video’s where their creative process is showcased. Really fun to watch, even for me, who in all fairness has no clue, so this definitely helps.

I always have a real adrenaline rush right after publishing – so I don’t even want to know how I will be feeling at the end of this week, with 3 Spotlights in a row! (Fortunately my hubby Steve already offered to dive a little deeper into his Game-Testing business and wrote a prequel 😉 – So all you gamer’s out there have a look!) BUT, last week I did not really cool down one bit either.

Several things happened – if you want all the details, you just have to read all three hehe – and I decided to just go for it and adjust my publishing schedule at least for the Spotlight features, hence my Trilogy – 3 Spotlights in a row – 3 days of publishing – COLD. SWEAT. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint, I love it! Cold sweat can hang itself.

Moving On – PW Music & SoundKid – Spotify

Long story short – always an issue for me – we found each other on Instagram. I liked his IG story and of course had to ‘comment’ on that and then we started talking. His first reaction was, and let me quote (hope you don’t mind SoundKid, let me revel a bit, thank you very nice 😉 : ‘Just discovered your blog today!! So cool to see some of my fellow artist friends on there, love what you’re doing 😄’

Yeah, there was no turning back after that was there hahah. No seriously, we chatted a bit and it was very easily decided, that he was to be next in my Spotlight, so here we are.

Catch A Body – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

If you’ve read my article ‘My kind of Music’, you know that I grew up with jazz-rock / fusion – if you haven’t read it yet…I’m not angry, just disappointed… 😉 , this is basically what caused me to start the Spotlight section. At home we listened to bands nobody in my neighborhood knew about. The Rippingtons, Marcus Miller, The Reddings, Spyro Gyra and many more. This is why I now love a band like Dirty Loops.

Look em up if you want to know what I am talking about. Their covers of Justin Biebers ‘Baby’, Britney Spears’ ‘Circus’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ are EPIC. And I recently found out Lenno did a remix of their latest track…🔥🔥🔥. BUT, since Dirty Loops won’t appear here, nor in any other reality where I am writing a blog…

If I Can’t Have You – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

Anyways, our ‘home catalog’ also included some awesome guitarists as Earl Klugh, Lee Ritenour, Tuck (-and Patty) and later Tommy Emmanuel.

I went through all SoundKids IG posts – yes all of them and I was very lucky there were only 62 – and I was Blown Away by his guitar playing…But.Really. And after I found out who has been one of his biggest influences on the guitar, I totally got it. You can read about it below ⬇️

Playing piano / keyboard is no real hardship either for SoundKid as you can all witness if you just click on one of the pics. If you wish to listen to his complete list of tracks, available on SoundCloud, you’d better not pass on the opportunity here!

Better Not – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

I am truly amazed by his talent and am very happy to have met him. And what a nice person he is! He was just so excited for his buddy EDES, as if it were about himself. I really love how these guys look out for each other. Well, today It Is about SoundKid and I am excited to introduce him to you!

After receiving his answers, he again surprised me: his responses are totally next level, genuine, from the heart and without any drama. (tho I do love a bit of drama).

No Drama – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

Before we get to the interview, A BIG Thank You to SoundKid! People should definitely look you up, because it’s basically impossible to not be impressed by your talent. I had so much fun putting this together – seems to only get better with every new Spotlight – and I wish you all the blessings, fun and inspiration on your way to musical heaven! I will keep an eye out for all your new work and add you to my Spotlight page, where I will update any new release. (In fact, SoundKid just posted this week he will drop a new remix, so I’ll leave him some space…right here 😉 )

As promised: Palm Springs – SoundKid Remix – dropped 8/21/2020

Now, grab a drink, some popcorn and let SoundKid take over to blow you away!

Let’s start with the obvious; Can you please introduce yourself and tell us who you are, when and how did you start, which instruments you play, do you have a favorite and do you sing?

‘Sure thing! Hi everybody, I’m SoundKid, a guitarist and electronic music producer from the Midwest United States. I’m originally from the Chicago area, and now based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I started playing music back in second grade, where I started playing classical violin and played consistently for the next 10 years until the end of high school.

In my second year of high school, however, I taught myself guitar and have been playing it ever since — almost 9 years now at this point. I was super inspired by the guitar playing of artists like Joe Robinson, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, and other acoustic fingerpicking-style guitarists, and just learned by ear and YouTube.  

Producing is actually my newest of musical endeavors. Four years ago when I was still in college, I was inspired to teach myself music production after discovering the music of electronic artists like Daft Punk, GRiZ, Kygo, Oliver Nelson, Galimatias, and others. It’s been my passion ever since!

I don’t do much singing, but I did sing in choir in high school and can carry a tune if needed!’

Was music always ‘in the stars’ for you? If so, what is motivating you?

‘I’ve loved music since I can remember! First song I ever remember hearing is MMMBop by Hanson — still love that tune! I also remember as a kid when my grandpa used to sit down at our piano and play all these amazing old piano tunes from the 50’s and 60’s that had all these rich chords and melodies, and he taught me the melody parts so I could play along. That introduced me to music early on in a really fun and engaging way.

Also, there was always music playing around my house, and I was lucky to have supportive parents that encouraged music. So when I randomly asked in second grade if I could take violin lessons, my parents agreed, and it set me on a musical path I’ve loved being on ever since! 

However, if someone had told me even 6 years ago, that I would be producing electronic music and remixing tracks someday, I would’ve laughed in their face! Prior to a few years ago, I only ever listened to rock, classical, and instrumental guitar music — obviously a big difference from the music I make now.

It wasn’t until later in college that I heard the music of artists like Kygo, Oliver Nelson, and other tropical house and nu-disco artists that really inspired me to pursue that style. They brought a musicality to the electronic format that I hadn’t ever heard before, and opened my eyes to the possibilities it held.’ 

What was your first project / remix and how did that happen?

‘My first official remix was for the debut single of EDES, a really talented nu-disco/pop producer from Norway, which came out earlier this year. However, I had been releasing remixes on SoundCloud for well over two years prior to that, just to keep building my repertoire and experience and trying to get better with every release.

EDES and I randomly connected on social media purely by coincidence, but we both realized we shared a lot of similar interests music-wise and decided to collaborate with that remix. He’s got some great tunes and I recommend everyone listen to his stuff!’ 

How about originals? Do you also write your own music / lyrics?

I recently just released my first original collaboration track with PW Music, a really awesome artist/producer from Sweden. In terms of pure SoundKid originals, I am currently working on several, and hope to release a few in the months to come (stay tuned!)’. 

I went through your Instagram posts, yes all of them, luckily you don’t have like 3000 of them..I was totally blown away with your guitar playing! Is there any chance we will be hearing more guitar play in your next tracks? I did notice you mention something about an acoustic remix?(did I miss that already?)

‘Thank you so much! Guitar has been my main instrument for several years now, and I credit artists like Joe Robinson, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, and others a lot for how I approach guitar and music in general (also I encourage everyone to check their music out too!).

I have been doing a lot of experimenting in terms of how to combine my guitar style and my music production. However, in my particular genres of tropical house and nu-disco, guitar usually always plays a more supporting role, so it’s definitely been a creative challenge to make a well-balanced track that doesn’t feel like the guitar is completely overpowering. 

I do have several guitar-based tracks in the works that I hope to release soon, so be on the look-out for those! 

As for my acoustic remixes, those are my attempts to re-imagine my favorite electronic songs in a more stripped down format. Every great song, no matter how elaborate the production, can always be condensed down to the basic elements: the melody and the chords. And that’s what fingerstyle guitar is all about — playing those simultaneously, all on one guitar. It’s great fun, but also a fun challenge to arrange!’

You’re also pretty awesome on piano / keyboards, that is most certainly very noticeable in your music, can you tell a little about the influences that made you develop this style? I mean, Tropical House? I know, I’m getting old…

‘Thank you! I’ve always been drawn to happy-sounding songs that possess rich harmonies, which in most cases, stem from the chords, and how the chords move in the track. What opened my eyes up to electronic music, actually, was how I discovered a lot of nu-disco and tropical house artists using chords and chordal variations in really interesting ways.

Kygo, for example, uses a lot of happy, major-key chord progressions that all have such movement to them, in large part due to their syncopated rhythms, which gives them and his music in general, a bouncy, happy-go-lucky feel.

Additionally, artists like Oliver Nelson and Chromeo use complex and harmonically rich chord extensions that give their progressions a really smooth, rich vibe. 

Being a fan of classical/jazz music, I find it so inspiring to see those kinds of elements in a more pop/dance format. That’s why their music, in that sense, has been my biggest inspiration for my approach to the piano/keyboard elements in my tracks! In all the tracks I make, I strive for that balance of pop/dance sensibility with a harmonic richness that the music nerd side of me can stand behind. Put those together, and they make for a happy and joyful vibe!’ 

(I love it – ‘music nerd’ heck yeah 🙋🏼‍♀️)

2020 has been tough for most people, you seem to possess a very positive personality, can you tell us how you turned this covid frown upside-down and made the best of it?

‘No doubt about it, this has been a really hard year for many people. I’ve had my share of challenges with it too. However, even then, I believe that nothing will be accomplished by continuing to dwell on bad things — although it’s easy to when times get this tough.

This world is and always will be uncertain — which is why it can’t ever grant us happiness or peace-of-mind on its own. It’s up to us, every day, to be a source of positivity, change, and hope for others, if not ourselves — and surround ourselves with good people that lift us up. And in the darkest moments, we have an opportunity to be a light for others.

That’s what I hope to do with my music, to provide a source of positivity, fun, and joy for those that need it the most. I guess that’s why I gravitate towards happy sounds! 

It’s great to have an outlet like music to escape to and process everything. Sitting down to play some guitar or produce a track is very cathartic, and I encourage everyone to have or develop a hobby, whether biking or painting or gardening or whatever. Hobbies never fail to bring a lot of joy, and give us something to look forward to and grow with as a hobby/discipline. It’s never too late to try something new!’

(Yep, totally agree with all the above, basically why I started my Primary blog ❤️)

What’s in store for the near future, anything exciting coming up you wish to share? Any awesome collabs you dream about?

‘Yes! I have so much more music in the works, both remixes and original collabs, that I’m so excited for and hope to be released soon. I have so many dream collabs, obviously I’d say it would be dope to collab with people like Oliver Nelson or Kygo, but there are also countless other artists I’m a fan of that I’d love to collab with as well!’

Thank you again SoundKid, I think after this very open and informative interview, we should release the audience. So people, thanks for reading and uhm…

Free To Go – SoundKid Remix – SoundCloud

If after all this, you still want more, find SoundKids playlist below, OK. Bye!

SoundKid Selects – Spotify





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