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Special Feature 7/11/2020 (Updated 8/27/2020)
Marc Leclercq

Marc, better known as Marc Leclercq, is a Disco/Funk Electronica producer from the Dominican Republic. With remixes like ‘Beautiful Love’, overcoming 100,000 views. His productions cross a wide range of electronic music styles: house, electro, progressive, indie-dance, future, chill and electro-pop, with a constantly evolving sound. Source: About Marc Leclercq Spotify.

My kind of Music, with Marc Leclercq.

LATE TO THE PARTY  – any party… (me, not Marc)

I started my YouTube playlist about 10 years ago. I wasn’t really into any technology (unlike my hubby who is like an IT Dinosaur 😉 ). But after my family practically had to force me to start using a smart phone, creating my own playlist was an epiphany. Yeah, there was that…  ** insert multiple eye rolling emojis **

Gradually, my list became longer and nowadays I really try to keep that list kind of up to date, so as not to make it a mile long. After some struggles – story of my life 😉 I finally made friends with Spotify – sort of… still I like SoundCloud and YouTube better. I know, I am weird. And uhm, click the pics.

You can actually listen to my playlist here:

Why Not Just Dance – YouTube

I just left my (IT) job when a couple of months later, Covid came along. By that time I was already ‘used’ to be at home, sort of. But now I was forced to prolong that. I prayed, because being at home for so long wasn’t really my thing anymore and I felt like I needed guidance to know what my next step should be.

While talking to hubby and friends about what would come next for me, I discussed my life long  dream; You see, I love words, even though I sometimes just can’t – just can’t words. You know the feeling. But writing, yeah I could totally see myself doing that. Well, it took me some years, but here we are.

Choices – Marc Leclercq – Spotify

During this whole staying-at-home period, I dove deeper into music. I am not a musician – but you can read more about that in my blog ‘My Kind of Music (1)‘ – neither am I an expert on the topic. Furthermore, there have been so many music genres, I only have half an idea of what is going on.

BUT, I do know what I like. The ‘new’ genres that kind of found their origin in the music I grew up with are united under Nu-Disco see Wikipedia (if they are correct), which includes Funk and Disco, my kind of music.

I had already subscribed to The Jukebox Music Channel  (YouTube – in short TJMC – Highly recommended, by me) and soon became aware of my favorite artists. After subscribing to the actual artists channels, I started to follow them (I do try not to stalk…. It’s a thin line) on Instagram, SoundCloud etc. Enthusiastically commenting their music. So. Much. Gold.

One Dance Remix

On 7/10/2020, Marc’s latest remix was dropped on TJMC, a collab with Akara, TJMC’s CEO/Founder.

Marc Leclercq on YouTube

Follow Marc Leclercq on YouTube!

Of course I had an idea of what I wanted with my blog. But life is full of surprises! By the time you are reading this, music has taken its own place on my blog – see the Spotlight section in the upper menu. I also gave them a permanent spot on my homepage. Marc was the first and he has a special place in my heart. While writing my blogs, a lot of memories came back to me, especially about the music that had been such a great part of my life.

You Rock My World – Marc Leclercq Remix – SoundCloud

My playlist was thoroughly revived and that’s where my musical friends come in on my blog. In my previous blog and on my homepage, you can find music from this weeks favorite as well as the new Spotlight guest. I will update this every week. I believed it a courtesy to actually ask permission for using their music. They happily gave it, which is really awesome.


Marc Leclercq on Spotify

In my last blog I already mentioned Marc Leclercq. I was particularly moved by the way he was not afraid to show his struggle while creating. And I can very much relate to that.

After some texting I asked Marc, if there were any interviews available for me to share. I had been searching the internet for any interview with one of those guys, but came up short…When he said he hadn’t been interviewed yet, I asked if he would mind me asking some questions about his work, which I could share with you guys. I will say to you what I told Marc, I am not a journalist, just a music lover who also loves to write. Steve and I also believe in blessing (each-) other(s). It is a joy that cannot be bought.

I think it’s awesome Marc was willing to give his time and the enthusiasm along with it. He comes across as a real down to earth person, who weaves his life’s experience through his music. When he mentioned it ‘a great honor’ to be interviewed by me, I wanted to hug him, so Marc, BIG Hug!

Rose Gold (my fav) – Marc Leclercq – Spotify

Thank you Marc! I wish you all the luck and blessings along your musical path. I will for sure keep following you in the future and update any new release on my Spotlight page.

Can you explain in short what it is exactly you do?

Hello, my name is Marc. Better known as Marc Leclercq I am 26, and I was born in the Dominican Republic, an incredible island of the Caribbean. I try to express a part of me and my tastes through music and share it with the world’.

When did you realize this is what you wanted ?

When I was going through my adolescence I was going through difficult times and my only escape was music, always at home I listened to a lot of music. I have always been involved in many activities related to art and creation. I think the ability to create things makes you feel alive. and that’s how I feel every time I make music, I knew from that moment that this is what makes me happy’.

I saw one of your hashtags #happinessisachoice, I totally agree, is there a story behind that one?

‘It has to do a little with my simple choices, life itself is about decisions, lately I am finding myself and reflecting on my happiness. Something that is a little difficult to find or do’.

I Imagine the competition is pretty fierce, although I can see lots of you guys also work together, so how do you even meet and collab?

‘Good music is recognized and at the end of the day I think that is what matters to all of us who belong to this genre. We like music and we focus less on the business and more from the heart. Social media can bring many good and wonderful people together if used in a good way’.

What is your main goal to achieve with your music?

‘That more people can enjoy what I do, I wish I could finish an album and go on tour. Thanks for everything, a hug. – Marc’.

Find even more tracks from Marc on SoundCloud – click below pic 🙂

Marc Leclercq – Playlist





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