Why Colorful Expressions?

Isn’t it weird how we tend to accept things better when we are able to understand it? Our mind setting the terms for what we believe, is it not? Or maybe I am the only one who sees it that way….

But I discovered (and have witnessed this around me), when confronted with a situation that is unfamiliar, my mind needs understanding to come to some acceptance. If I am lucky and my brain is coming to some kind of satisfying conclusion, my acceptance is easily followed. It is like I need an ‘excuse’ to make the situation acceptable. Kind of ridiculous really. And what about the people around me? So many different people with different backgrounds and (sign of the times?) baggage.…this could all make accepting other people hard, when understanding is lacking.

And all the while, this should not even bother me, acceptance is one of the greatest things I myself received in life, despite my shortcomings, yes, despite of my sometimes horrible character traits…. So, it should be easy to return the favor, without questions, should it not? Love is not real without acceptance and acceptance is not real if there are conditions to be met first….  

No matter where we came from, what we look like, how we dress, how we choose to live our life, no matter our beliefs.  We should respect each other. No matter how we like to express ourselves.

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