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Special Feature 7/16/2020 (Updated 8/23/2020)
A-P Connection

A-P Connection is a French Musician / Producer duo group. Mostly influenced by the funk/disco of the 70/80’s. The 2 members, Pierre Bonnet and Antoine Perez were both born in Reims, in France. They both were passionated by funk music. In 2012 they started to play music together. They launch in 2016 their own label called “Peace Of Sound” in collaboration with Lucien Auden. (Source: SoundCloud / Facebook)

My kind of Music, with A-P Connection.


As mentioned, I found a lot of really great music on the The Jukebox Music Club ( TJMC). A-P Connection is one of those bands I really love. The first track from these guys I added to my playlist was “Weak” , a really nice, funky tune with a summery feel. Just click the pics 😉

Weak – A-P Connection (Spotify)

January this year, their new album ‘Beyond’ was released and I quote ; ‘Beyond is a blend of : Funk, Soul and Dance music’. And they were right. All the good stuff I like is in there. The vocals are amazing, each and everyone of them. The second I added, was ‘Just the way it goes’, featured by Jason Gallo-Gaffner, who has his own Spotlight 🙂

Just The Way It Goes – extended mix – A-P Connection – Feat. Jason Gallo-Gaffner (Spotify)

The sound of A-P Connection is bringing me back to my youth. That groovy bass (just slap it silly will you) and funky guitar are for sure dance floor worthy. For me this is exactly the kind of music I would go out to listen and dance to, if I would get the chance. Like this one: (and No, I did not choose the thumbnail lol)

Want U – A-P Connection – feat. Alex Lewis – one of my favs (Spotify)

I was telling you in my blog ‘My Kind of Music (1)‘, about my hubby, who has been playing bass since he was a young one. You can imagine, he is hard to please when it comes to the bass part in any track, let alone when it comes to ‘our’ music. For Steve, if you say you’re a funk bass player…well…he has a standard if you know what I mean (and you know what I mean If you ever heard Marcus Miller play…)

Stay On My Mind – A-P Connection – Feat. Alex Lewis (Spotify)

After all these years growing up with that specific music genre and being married to my own funky bass player, I guess I developed my own standard too. But I can say, that he might be even more crazy about A-P Connection, than I am….so it’s all good 🙂 His absolute fave;

Find Me (On The Dancefloor) – A-P Connection – Feat.Matthew Clanton (Spotify)

You see @Pierre and Antoine, I grew up with The Reddings and The Awakening was played every day….. Let me know if you know and play this one, I would love to hear it!!! – no pressure at all 😉

The Awakening – The Reddings (YouTube)

Anyway, my stalking skills are obviously seriously lacking, because when messaging with the guys, I did not even know their names, which, as I found out a little later, are right there on their Facebook page as well as in their SoundCloud description. Sorry guys! I guess up until last week it really was just your music I was interested in… ** insert multiple guilty emojis **

To the Left Antoine and to the right Pierre – Source:

Nevertheless, here we are. After my special feature about Marc Leclercq, I was eager for more and I was so happy, the guys from A-P Connection made it so easy to get here! I tried again, to find some more info on the internet, but could not find any interviews. I was simply thrilled, when after mentioning this to Pierre, he immediately offered to answer any question, so I could use this here. BIG Thank you, Pierre et Antoine, vous etes vraiment formidables!! I will add you to my Spotlight page, where I will update any new release.

Career Mix – A-P Connection (SoundCloud – All their tracks available in one place!)

Here are my BFF’s = Best French Friends 😉 Below you can read the interview, which I really hope you enjoy! (I have not adjusted anything, to keep the charm of their story!)

How and when did you guys got started?

We started to play music in 2012. I have been growing in a music environment. My father has been a lover of soul and Funk music. Then you understand were my influences are coming from !

I meet Antoine at school, we became best friend and very soon we were both passionated by Funk music. The bass was my instrument (left handed 😎) and Antoine was going to the guitar.

We have been practicing non stop in a improvised studio in the basement of my parent’s house. Our free time beside study was only music music music !!! Very fast we did some covers, Chic , Jamiroquai. Later we started to create our own songs ..

A-P connection was born’.

I am correct, you are just two guys, or are there more members?

‘Yes, we are two. Creating the tracks. Playing most of the instruments. But Having also guest playing horns, strings, keyboards. We are enjoying collaboration with different singers’.

Your music is really funky, which is my kind of music, since I grew up with Jazz Rock and Funk. Who have been your biggest influences?

‘We have a lot different influences, seventies, eighties sounds. From Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gang, Chic, Cameo, Stevie Wonder, Deodato, George Duke, Funkadelic, etc.. To more unknown disco/funk band like Black White and Co, Second Image, Faze-O…

Nineties sound more oriented Acid-Jazz , as Jamiroquai, Incognito, Brand New Heavies… We also like recent groovy stuff like Daft Punk, Dogg Master, Darius…

I love the collabs with some great singers, one of them, Jason Gaffner, will also be mentioned in my blog. How do you guys find each other and do they write their own lyrics, or how does that even work?

‘We are looking for talented singers that have the profile to perform on each specific songs. Most of the time we are finding each other on Facebook and through the music we are sharing. Featured singers are free to write their own lyrics. We want them bringing their personal touch and style’.

When and where will we be able to see you perform live?

‘We are currently working on our third album which will contain 13 new songs. Right now, everything is going fast for us. Time wise we can’t foreseen any live performance in the coming times’.

I want to give a BIG thank you to A-P Connection, for taking the time for this!. I think it is awesome, when people who’ve never met before, can be so willing and enthusiastic about working together! I wish you guys all the luck and blessings and I will keep an eye out to update here with any news about you!

Find more info about A-P Connection here;

@apconnection_officiel on Instagram

And to end on a Funky Note;

Revolucien and A-P Connection – All Night (SoundCloud)

Find A-P Connection on SoundCloud! All their music in one place – click below pic 🙂

A-P Connection on SoundCloud

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