Flashlight on ‘Movie Love’, by Discoholic

Blogpost 6/25/2021

Flashlight #3: A short personal impression of a newly released track. Just Feels.

‘Movie Love’, by Discoholic.

The 3rd Flashlight so far – due to planned Spotlights and time – is about the long awaited new single ‘Movie Love’, by Discoholic, released today, 6/25/2021. I mean, HOW could I not?

A Flashlight is mostly a spur of the moment decision – unbelievable as it may sound in this case – and meant to be a surprise for the concerned artist/band. If you’re actually reading this, I’ve found mercy in the eyes of the discogods, because I would take it down, if the surprise isn’t eventually met with approval. Where’s the fun in that? Also: Fangirl Alert! Just sayin.

‘Movie Love’ is the first released track from the expected album ‘Discoholics Anonymous’. I consider myself kind of lucky, since I’ve only discovered Discoholic late last summer, so for me the wait hasn’t been all that long. Lie! Waiting has been interminable and I was very close to counting the hours to today’s release. I’m not exaggerating, when I say I was awake before midnight, ready to do some serious streaming damage. You tell me if it worked, since ‘Movie Love’ has been on repeat since. Don’t worry I have a very understanding family. Since ‘Liftoff’ became my No.1 track ever, I’ll admit my expectations were just about sky-high.  I know, not fair, but hey, they obviously managed. In my opinion they’ve outdone themselves marvelously.

A couple of hours after publishing, this very cool Lyric Video was released, I just had to add it here. Movie Love – Discoholic, Caleb Cabiness, Kikay

Perfectly and professionally announced beforehand, the first surprise hit me: It’s not ‘just’ one track we’re getting served, but a three course meal, which is giving me the full experience that is called ‘Movie Love’. Starting with the first version, including a clever, nostalgic intro, setting the stage where it all happens, the movie theater. After the two lovers declare their love, I just fall into the song heart first. I really, really love the vocals, featured by Caleb Cabiness and Kikay, they make for a perfectly attuned movie couple, literally singing their hearts out. The lyrics are sweet, catchy – chorus! – and even a bit funny: “Your love has made me blind, you’re like a Spotlight, all you do is shine (this doesn’t feel quite right)“.

Together with the Radio Edit version, it’s immediately clear the song contains some beautiful transitions and other delicious musical highs. There are more layers in ‘Movie Love’ than in my thousand-layer cake and I am still discovering while listening, trying to get it all in. That guitar is Super Funky and the bassline is so smooth. When I reach the middle, it is finally confirmed for me: the opening tune from Disco’s Twitch streams! It’s so groovy  – head bobbing – and flawlessly flowing into the next transition. GAH.

This last version is very much needed if only to not get distracted by the amazing vocals. Instrumentation is totally crazy, GOOD. Those guitar riffs! – The Backbone for the groove, the keys are wonderful, it’s what I love most in ‘Liftoff’ as well! – the strings are added perfectly…percussion, bells, all together  making me feel I’m drinking a full bodied red wine – slowly, till the last drop. ‘Movie Love’ is PURE FREAKING JOY to me. I mentioned in Spotlight on Discoholic, I quote: ‘Their choice of music is impeccable and should keep you going for a while’. Well they DID and with this new recipe, they’ll keep us nurtured well enough till the new album releases. Happy Summer y’all!

Wishing you a very Movie Love Weekend, just one thing: “I Need You To Not Forget My Cue” ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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