Spotlight on Fvert

Special Feature 10/23/2021

Meet Fvert: A Future Funk music producer from Spain, who welcomes us to the ‘New Future Funk Era’, stating he ‘Just makes Future Funk’ and he ‘Hopes you like it’. He’s a member of Nightfall Collective as well as of Neon Japan Records and he loves UniBe@t. That is about all we’re going to get from his social media bio’s, but alright, here’s Fvert on Spotify.

My Kind of Music, with Fvert


Whoaa, today we’re going to Madrid, Spain, my fav country of all time! All you who have been following the blog know how much I love it there. The weather, the food, the people, it’s like coming home to us, every time.  But enough of that, today’s guest is a very young and very talented Future Funk music producer and I’m excited to tell a little bit about him and to share his music. Well a part of it, because he’s been pretty busy already and has released his music on several platforms. So let me start off with the first track he released on SoundCloud, about a year ago and so very sweet.

I don’t even want to think about how young Fvert was when he started producing music, I’ll leave it up to him to reveal that later, or not. But it’s obvious right from the start, there’s definitely talent there. Fvert released his first EP not much after that first track on SoundCloud, the album ‘Music Heaven’, where you can find his ‘early’ work lol. Man but this sounds almost ridiculous, but it just proves how young my previous Spotlights must have been when they started producing music as well. Most of them are in their twenties now – still pretty young – but are well experienced and know the drill. The same will happen with Fvert, since his enthusiasm and joy clearly shows through his music. No need to fake anything, this shit’s real.

Running into one of the most cheeky mixes of that One really cool hit EVERYONE knows.. Really made me smile. If there’s one thing that will always appeal to me, it’s the fun aspect. If it’s not clear the creator had fun putting it together, how would that even reflect positively on others? Well, Fvert got it. Listening to his music, I can only say, has been a real joy. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Future Funk basically came to me as sort of a side dish with all of the jazzy/groovy/funky stuff I was already listening to whole of my life. Don’t get me wrong, but the genre feels like a natural evolvement of all that. And yes, reviving great memories for sure. I’m a sucker for it, I know.

Nice transitions, funky beats, loads of recognizable samples (and loads I’m still figuring out 😂), crispy chops and sunny vibes all over. What more can a girl ask for? It does feel a bit like music heaven tbh. Since I’m the upbeat type of girl, Fvert’s discography is certainly speaking to my soul, music made to dance and feel happy. And how did I even find him you may ask? I think we saw each other pass on social media while trying to help out a friend in need. And – yes I sound like a broken record – we may or may not have seen each other during Discoholic’s streams.. So sue me. I already mentioned that musical rabbit hole and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, just going with the flow ya know. Because yes, Fvert’s music falls into the right category…

Anyways, we became online friends after he responded to one of my IG stories and I started to share his music. Yeah that would do the trick hehe. But seriously, my first real introduction with Future Funk was when I discovered FIBRE, and I’m still grateful for that. Having him as this year’s first Spotlight was so worth the wait and I know, he’s one of Fvert’s music heroes, because he told me this himself. When I asked him if he was interested in doing a little interview and gave him the link to check out my site one of his first reactions was, I quote: ‘The page looks so great. And also big artists there…I saw FIBRE’. Yep. Y’all know how big of a fangirl I am and I can’t stress enough, how much some artists mean to me. Their music always lifts my mood, flavoring my day.

When I’d noticed Montaime started following me on SoundCloud – so unbelieveably cute! – and shared my thanks, Fvert responded with, I quote: ‘Lol, that would be a dream for me’. Well dreams do come true sometimes you know! I’m confident Fvert fits in with the heroes list perfectly, it certainly is one name y’all should be on the lookout for. If it wasn’t for all those cool artists, this site would pretty much suck, so it works both ways and if you want to support Fvert in buying some of his music, Bandcamp is the place to be. The first release there is the album ‘Fvert Year (2020) vol​. 1’, containing 18 tracks, which you may recognize from SoundCloud. So this is your chance to shine a little light and appreciation on his work, he deserves it.

One of my best friends is living in Spain – near Madrid in fact – and she kept me posted about how things were going during the pandemic. Fortunately she made the best of it and gave it all a turn for the better. Fvert obviously did the same, producing singles with titles like ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Wear a mask plz’. It hasn’t been an easy time, but seeing young people actually using their talent to help make others more aware of the situation is totally awesome. At the same time, Fvert shows his sense of humor, when he releases a single on Bandcamp, which you can buy for the amazing price of just €420 – for those of you who don’t know, the clue is in the amount, yeah you can Google that – and adds the comment, I quote: ‘If you buy this you are dumb’. Whoopsies.

Never take yourself too seriously. That’s what I keep telling myself, because somehow, that never seems to end well. Following Fvert online, there’s no doubt he frequently laughs at himself. Honestly, from what I’ve seen so far, you can’t survive in the music business without a healthy dose of irony, aimed at yourself. Maybe it helps starting out that young, though I also know, teen years can be the most vulnerable. Being able to laugh at yourself will get you a long way in brushing off the haters. I may not be a producer, but believe you me, I know what I’m talking about. Some of my best memories are from me laughing at myself before other kids could and dissing them at the same time, because they thought they were being funny. Sorry-not-sorry 😉

Going forward, Fvert released a whole new album called ‘Burning Jealousy’, the 25th of September this year. ‘Flashbacks’ is the closing track of that album and it delivers some very groovy Future Funk. The album title as well as all the song titles clearly speak for themselves: we all can relate to unrequited love and what kind of emotions it sparks. Jealousy, burning or not, is mostly topping the list. Young or not, those feelings can be all too real – I hated when people wouldn’t take me serious going through something similar when I was younger myself. Age doesn’t matter, the only thing that could change, is how we deal with it. The album is a collab with Cherry Condos, with whom he already released one track on SoundCloud earlier, called ‘My Love’.

You can be assured to find the songs added to my weekly SGM playlist since they’re all very well fitting. Now I can’t tell you much about Cherry Condos, but I did ask Fvert to tell us a bit about this collab, so we’ll have to wait and see what he’s got to say about it. However, the album feels like a perfect get-together and the end result is a juicy piece of music for us to dig into. Having followed the discussion online about the Wikipedia Future Funk page and how things are not quite correctly named, I’ll just leave it with the same thing I said before: Future Funk? It’s Past Funk for me, making me feel the music again (and again).

What is most important to me, is where Future Funk is coming from and what is basically contains, the latter topping MY list. The use of samples of songs by artists from the 70’s till the 90’s and then specifically from my fav genres like Funk/Jazz/Disco, makes the genre very approachable and an overall joy to listen to. I keep repeating myself, but it’s just so much fun to hear the appreciation for a music era that could have gone and passed without a second thought, but is now thoroughly being revived. I’ll keep my ears and eyes open, for whatever else is said about it, but in a way, and don’t get me wrong, it really doesn’t matter all that much to me. I get it might be important to those who actually produce it, but music should only tell me one thing: Does it Get to Me?

As a listener, music needs to reach my heart and soul. If it doesn’t go beyond my ears, it’s not for me. Which is fine, because there’s more than enough for everyone to enjoy. But as a Funk girl at heart, it’s exactly That, that will resonate and cling to me. However, if there’s one thing the Spotlights have taught me, it is to stay open to new musical experiences. And yes, I said STAY open, because Funk was definitely not the only thing I listened to when growing up. With an oldest brother who loved to dive into the more alternative music culture, I followed suit. Anyone who has read My Kind of Music 1 and 2, will be aware of that. So yes, I always try to stay openminded, though there are some genres that are definitely not my cuppa tea. Not Fvert’s music though. There’s no question whether it found my heart or not.

Fvert was fortunately pretty eager to go along with an interview, as a matter of fact, after I sent him the email with my questions, he replied, I quote: ‘I’ll answer them in a bit, will take some time on thinking about the answers haha’. After I reassured him he could take all the time he needed, he still came back later that day, saying, I quote: ‘Is it okay if I don’t send you the answers today and I do the thing tomorrow?’ Aaw, I do love it when artists are into it that much, but I told him to Pleaase take his time 🙂. This is exactly one of the reasons why I love my Spotlight artists so much though, most of them have been so cool about the whole thing, never been interviewed before and so much fun to work with. It’s why they’ve found a place in my heart, forever.

We’re reaching the end of my usual little ramblings and I’m hoping you have taken some time already to listen to some of Fvert’s music. I can’t stop thinking about where Fvert will be, say like 10 years from now. The talent he’s shown so far is already up there, so it’s going to be fun watching him grow not only in age but also – hopefully lol – in wisdom and creativity. As always, you can find all the links to his music profiles below, if you’ve missed them earlier and please, give his music a try on whichever platform you prefer. I’m just saying, my joy could be yours and it’s the reason why I’m sharing his music today.

This leaves me with only these last words: BIG Thank You Fvert! So far you’re the youngest interviewee on the blog – though there might just be coming someone soon who’s a bit younger still – and it’s been my pleasure to have you as my guest today! Your music is fun and funky and I’m looking forward to more from you in the future! We’ll keep in touch and I will add you to my Spotlight page as soon as possible, where you will stay indefinitely. For now, I’m going to end with the only track left from your new album, which should lift us all to another dimension.

The Interview

Let’s start with the obvious: can you please introduce yourself and tell us, who is Fvert? Where does the name come from, does it have a special meaning? Do you play any instruments yourself and/or do you, sing?

‘Fvert is just a Spanish guy who likes Future Funk LMAO. The funny thing is that Fvert doesn’t really have a meaning hahaha, the name just came up because I was chatting with a friend and I just spammed my keyboard, and Fvert came as a result, you can also see that the letters are so close to each other, I just thought it was a cool nickname and grabbed it hahaha. I played the guitar for 3 years when I was like 6, I’m not a really good musician haha, but I’m retaking it, really wanna learn’.

When and how did you start making music? How would you describe your music? Have you ever considered/tried, other genres? Where do you get your inspiration from? Who do you look up to in the music scene, how have they influenced you?

‘Hmm, everything started when my dad played a psytrance set on a travel we were doing, I liked it and started listening to electronic music, this was in 2016. I got stuck in genres like trap ( I was a big trap nation fan) and Future bass, even when I got my first computer 2 years later I tried to produce something, but I didn’t got anything good and left that over there.

Then in 2019 I discovered Future Funk, I quickly got the hang of it and liked it so much, then in March the virus got us all into a quarantine. I had so much free time and I started learning how to produce it. I was always trying to make songs with a desired style, but one day I was listening to new music on Artzie (since I was a bit new to the genre) and I found “Konnichiwa” by Unibe@t, that song is the reason why I’m here now. It made me realize that there was actually something else to do instead of just adding drums to an 80’s Japanese song, that is when I started making Fvert’s music style. I’ll describe my beats as something innovative and fresh to listen to, I always try to blend new sounds into the samples I use to make my music.

About the people that had influenced me, I could mention so so many names, such as FIBRE, desired, ev.exi, BarbWalters, Tokyo wanderer, tendencies, but I think the one that has done the most for helping me and inspiring me was Unibe@t, he made me realize that I need to do what I like and to not care what other people say about my way of being or producing, and the most important thing, to be unique’.

Can you tell us about at least one highlight and why was this so special for you? What do you hope to achieve with your music, as in, what are your goals?

‘I remember a year ago, I got followed by ev.exi and then by unibe@t in the same day, I could never forget that day, it was awesome to see how the producers that you love and you are getting inspired by, actually feel your stuff. I expect to get a million plays on my songs someday, that would be sick, but honestly the thing I care about the most is just doing music I like and still vibing with this awesome genre’.

Very recently one of your songs, ‘ Shadows’, was released on an album by Neon Japan records. Can you give a little bit of a background story as how this came to be? I believe some of your friends are also present on that same album?

‘I started chopping that sample like a year ago, I got inspired by a desired tune with it at that time. Did some chopping, but didn’t get a clear idea, then I retook it a year ago, made a fat bass with it and used some weird kicks, in my opinion, it’s a banger. I like it, and also the time I’ve spent producing it, it’s worth it for the result I got. I really wanted to also help my NJR bros and so I just said if they could put them on the volume 1 album and they said yeah, it resulted in one of the favorite songs in the compilation according to the members, but not as good as the Pure Pure banger there lol’.

Right after that, you released an album together with Cherry Condos, called ‘Burning Jealousy’. Can you tell us a bit about how the album came together? How did the collab happen and how does it feel to have a whole album out there?

‘It is funny that the whole thing started because we got paired on an event in the R/Future Funk discord server, I really didn’t know about cherry before that, he just typed me a few days before asking me for a drumpack I think. Then we did our Collab song “My Love” and I really liked how we worked together, something comfortable and funny to do. So I just asked him if he wanted to do a split album, and now here we are hahaha.

I really enjoyed doing this and people really like it, which is nice. I’ve never got a physical release of my music, and now I’m so thankful Alan from Coraspect Records accepted the album as a part of its catalogue, I just need to thank all of you who helped me during this journey’.

In fact, al your releases on Spotify alone, are from this year. Is there more coming? What can we expect in the – near – future from Fvert? More collabs, or more solo projects?

‘I am not a Spotify fan, if I’m honest I don’t like it, always loved sharing my tunes on SoundCloud, but I really wanted people to enjoy my music wherever they want, so I just made a Spotify account, and will be working more on it. I’m actually working on some music, some few more collabs and more stuff, since I’m taking a bit more time with my production style I can’t release songs so quickly, anyways something big is coming for the next year, and yeah, some more collabs with my bros :)’.

What would your first advice be to anyone who starts producing music? What has been the most valuable piece of advice you yourself got, regarding producing music?

‘Be patient, sometimes you can’t find a good sample or even get a good result on your projects, you just need to don’t stress yourself and if you need some breaks, just take them. When you are forced to do something you won’t ever get a good result, so just take the music as a hobby and some way to have fun.

And also, if you have any questions or you want to know how to do something that another producer does, just ask them, they can really help you and answer so many questions. In my case, it worked and so well, just be nice to them and try your best and be understanding :). The most valuable tip I got regardless producing music was about how to write a bass, FIBRE and ev.exi had helped me a lot with it, and I really need to thank you dudes’.

Is there anything else you would like to add/share, with the readers? Anything I did not ask about maybe?

‘I’ll just say that I am so grateful for the support I’ve been having during this years, you are such awesome people. Hope you’ll keep enjoying my jams and grooving even more with every new release.

I need to specially thank all my close internet friends; Your Tea, Lolicombat, Pure Pure, the mf Shanpu, Nes, Cherry Condos, Goodbye, Oceanus… This list is too Big to name it in here hahaha, also, the whole NJR collective, Nightfall, the r/Future Funk discord server, Coraspect Records, The New Cyanblue, and specially mommy Wien for making this possible <3′.

Again, Big thanks to Fvert! So cool to have young people talk about their music and dreams! And to you my readers: Yes, I go by many names, you just have to keep up people! Please give Fvert’s music a listen, you can do that right here:

Follow Fvert on: SoundCloudBandcampSpotifyInstagram Twitter

Wishing y’all a Happy Funky Weekend! The Future is Now!

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