Flashlight on ‘Desire’, by Lexaccino.

blogpost 2/7/2021

Launching my first Flashlight: A short personal impression of newly released music. Just Feels.

‘Desire’, by Lexaccino.


‘Desire’ by Lexaccino is a track I’d play endlessly: My at-home-holiday, imagining Sun, Sea & Cool Drinks. I’m In! Well Done girl!

Released on Bandcamp today, 2/7/2021, is ‘Desire’, by the multi-talented Lexaccino, a ‘sucker for nostalgia’ in her own words. I introduced Lexaccino in the Spotlight on You, where I shared her first three released songs: ‘Love at first Dance’, ‘You’re the one I saw First’ and ‘Catch the Wave’. This is her 4th track and it’s such an enjoyable, easy-listening one!

She mentioned before, I quote: ‘It’s a little rough around the edges but I’m working to perfect my craft ;)’ which I personally think was more about her aim for perfection – admirable and relatable –  than about her music actually sounding that way, when she just started.

However, listening to ‘Desire’, she seems to have shaken off that feeling: It shows confidence and it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s one of the reasons she’s chosen the title. If the idea of an ‘at-home-holiday is a little OTT for you: ‘Desire’, has all the ingredients to lounge your (Sun-)day away. I think Lexaccino created a recipe which combines love with smooth sounds, where Vaporwave embraces my Disco soul. It’s a win/win for me.

Curious about Lexaccino? Follow her here: Bandcamp – YouTube – Instagram – Twitter

Eager to support Lexaccino? Listen to ‘Desire’ and her previous tracks:

Just Enjoy ❤ ❤ ❤






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