Ready? Mind-Set-Go!


Ready? Mind-Set-Go!

(or how I turn from mindgames to mindset)

The bow is to keep my brain together

Life is all about taking risks every day. You might not believe me, but even now, sitting at home, doing virtually ‘nothing’, is risky business. Keeping my mind busy is quite the challenge and I am not talking about focusing on all the negative stuff that’s going around, because that’s taking the easy way out.

Almost every day, I am trying to estimate how many braincells I have left and it’s a chore! I keep losing count, though that might be a good sign. Trying to stay focused on ‘the day this will be over’, is worthy of some effort and making plans is certainly something to get excited about. Doesn’t matter how much I would like to get used – read: comfortable – to the situation at hand, it seems impossible. We people aren’t made to live apart, we’re made to flock. It’s not a coincidence we are compared to sheep so many times.

well, this one’s cute at least

A good friend mentioned not too long ago, I quote: ‘doing nothing is just no fun anymore’. Ain’t that the truth 😳 It is starting to feel like the city is on another planet, since I haven’t been there, or anywhere else for that matter, for over a year now. Talk about taking feeling like a hermit to a whole new level. Never thought there would come a day, when I would say my laptop saved me from going mad, but alas, it’s the truth.

Where I once felt spring and summer passed by in a blur, because I worked so much, now spring and summer might pass – again – because there might not be a real chance of enjoying it anyways. But let’s not get ahead of things, because we are in fact planning stuff. Gotta keep those cells working.

One of those things is to take time to go back and visit family – whenever it is possible again – we haven’t seen for years. I’ve been talking about stuff here previously and this might not be a fun visit to begin with, but I feel it’s something I need to do. Writing about it, only makes it more real, like a written promise or something.

signed, sealed, delivered

Somehow it feels like a spring cleanup, though it might happen way later, depending on circumstances of course. Cleanup might be needed to get ready for other, more exciting things, like switching countries. It’s all very low-key now, but things might just change in a heartbeat. Keeping dreams alive during a ‘silent’ period like this takes some work too, but there’s not much else to do anyways 🤐

Preparing to face what’s ahead of me is always a fun trip in a way, because, how does one prepare for anything, while the path towards it, as well as the outcome, are uncertain? Well the least I can do is face it with my head held high, which shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Always realize there’s nothing to lose, only to gain and let go of the rest. If nothing else, most of us have been forced to let go of a lot of things lately, resistance is futile.

I do miss having a coffee / beer, and a chat with friends or having a dance now and then. Nothing wrong with the coffee at home – especially since we got this really awesome coffee machine as a X-mas gift – and I can always do a little dance at home, but it’s just not the same. Upside of all this, there’s still enough time for that preparation. Positioning myself with the right mindset is the most important thing to focus on. You do know that it is always about our mindset don’t you?

Referring back to My Kind of Music, where I talk a bit about the 3 parts we exist of: Body, Soul and Spirit. It is not a coincidence all three parts exists of three parts too, but okay: Our Mind is part of our Soul, together with our Feelings and our Will. This should immediately clarify, we can be in control of our mind: of what we’re thinking. I know it’s most common for us people to just let our mind wander, especially when we don’t have to focus on things like work or school. But even when in rest, we can actually decide which thoughts we accept and which ones we refuse. It’s hard work, not gonna lie.

yeah, that’s about right

I mean, you all know how it is, when you’re preparing for, let’s say, your holidays: your Mind is Set on this upcoming joyful event and everything you do will lead to a successful outcome. Now this is something comprehensible and palpable. But how do I go about setting my mind to an upcoming event that’s basically a blank page in an open book 😅? Aah, talking about taking a chance, a leap of faith, or whatever you wish to call it.

Well isn’t it nice I found something quite interesting about the subject: apparently there are 7 different mindsets described in general. Let me list them for you here and I will try to go through them, using my own thoughts and opinion about all of them, since they seem to fit so well in how I look at things.

1) Everything is Possible

what dreams are made of

Well, preparing for the unknown is hardly possible, when I don’t expect anything to be possible. Still following? Since I have no real clue of what to expect, I can simply expect anything and everything. Yes, good and bad unfortunately. Of course it’s ridiculous to expect everything, because how do you even, but you know, just leave all options open. Go ahead with an ‘Open Mind’. Oh dear, there you have it, that seems to go against being in control of what you’re thinking. But just think about it – pun unintended 😏 – I could come up with any script of what might await me, but I already know none of them will come true a 100 percent. So that’s a waste of time, especially, when it’s trying to take me to the negative side of things that might happen. They might not!

I have to accept with my mind, that anything can happen, making the decision to keep an open mind. No matter how much you think you’re in control of your life, you’re not and Everything is Possible. Since I am all for a positive outlook, I will refuse to let negative thoughts take over and will have to replace them with the positive ones. Oh boy, I really think I’ve done it this time… Confused yet? As mentioned before, my choices can collide with what people around me would want for my life. They probably don’t look at things the same way and they might call me crazy for putting myself in a vulnerable position. However, there might always be someone who knows me, trusts my opinion and cheers me on.

What am I learning by setting my mind to the conviction that Everything is Possible? In short: Flexibility. I can honestly say, living by our faith has learned us flexibility. It’s so easy to become stuck, or even worse, rigid, in our ways, especially the older we get. And it’s definitely Not easy to expect new things every day. Many days will go by feeling like nothing special took place, but it is in the quiet, the most of my mental and spiritual preparation is done. The calm before the storm. Staying open  minded means there won’t be much that can shock me, or at the least, I won’t get paralyzed by it. Shit happens to everyone – oh not to you, you say, wow – and it’s our flexibility that makes it possible for us to turn things around quickly and make the most of every situation. Don’t focus on the problem, but on the solution.

Fortunately great things also happen every day – the ones we’re aiming for! – and sometimes seemingly random. Am I prepared for great things? Oh Heck yeah. Feels a lot like I am repeating myself but yeah…really great things can mess up your life’s schedule as well and I’m just guessing we’re all longing for something spectacular at this point, right? Well, I am.

2) Passion First

you get the point

Would I even be tempted if I was lacking in the passion department, I Think Not. Everyone who ever chased their passion in life, knows what I’m saying here. There will always be a point, you’ve reached the end of your capabilities and you have to let go and trust – in my case, or maybe just hope in your case 🤞 – everything will work out for the best. Passion is what drives people to chase their dreams. To leave all that’s considered normal behind and go for the ‘impossible’. Are we going in circles hahah. If there’s no fire behind my actions, they will be nothing more than a mediocre attempt to achieve something, without the conviction I will actually reach that goal. Useless, waste of time, destined to fail in some way or other.

Why even start something when you lack the passion. I know, I know, we all have to get a job and act responsible, believe me I Freakin Know. But after we’ve ran out of excuses and our passion is still alive, what do we do? I can’t imagine anything more sad, than reaching the end of my life, looking back with a lot of regret about my passion and the ways I did not attempt to have a go at it. Real passion won’t be pushed aside for long, it will always come back to you and it might be with a vengeance too. When you take your passion seriously, others might grow to do the same at one point and Rome wasn’t built in one day you know. Also, sometimes you wake up one day and realize, that thing you had to take care of, became your new passion. Well hello there!

What am I learning by setting my mind to the conviction Passion First? In short: my dreams count! Call it a passion, call it a vision, call it a calling… I believe everybody got their specific talents and the drive to act on them defines your passion, they are meant to be used. The ultimate way to use them is if they not only bring you personal satisfaction, but even more so, when people around you – or, sometimes at the other side of this planet – are benefitting from them. Talents used well, will always be multiplied, it’s just how it works. Sowing and Reaping baby.

3) We Are Connected

ah well… you get the point

Well, what to add to this one. We Are Connected, nowadays in more ways, than previous generations could imagine. Our minds should be thoroughly aware of this. My actions will always affect people around me in one way or another, even in my hermit state 😂 Just as much as other people’s actions might affect me. It can be really awesome to find people who share the same passion, actually, it might be one of the best things in life. Finding someone whom you don’t have to explain everything to, to the letter, but just gets everything you’re saying and will finish your sentence or thoughts for you. And all the differences in opinion on other parts of your life will make everything more interesting. I hope you’ve at least found one person in your life like that.

Our connection to others is simply one open door to new possibilities. Now this can be a tough one, if you’re a bit like me and keep trying to do stuff on your own. Basically nothing wrong with that, but again, there might be a point where Me-Myself-and-I just won’t do anymore and then it’s okay to reach out to others. It would definitely help if those others are like-minded, though sometimes it can help getting some tough feedback and review what I am doing. About that: Feedback People? A couple of articles back I started to add a little something for you, to leave a comment at the end of each page, you’re more than welcome to use it!

Anyways, nothing more I could add you don’t already know, but what am I learning by setting my mind to the fact We Are Connected? In short: I am Not Alone! This awareness should help me through everything that comes my way and since everything is possible, that could be a winning point for sure. If you’ve read the last article, you know I am trying to encourage the people around me, who at the moment are struggling with everything that’s happening. I can’t reach them physically, but I can let them know, they’re not totally alone and the same goes for you and me. Try to avoid getting to the point you’ve closed off all ways to connect to somebody / anybody. Sometimes we need some time with the herd, there’s safety in numbers!

4) 100% Accountable

you should definitely get the point now

Just Ouch. It’s one of the things where the right balance is often missing. In my mind at least, and that’s what I am talking about today. Setting my mind to the fact I am 100% Accountable, means I Can Not hide behind any excuse I could come up with, when the consequences of my actions become visible. Luckily, it’s not always bad, I mean, let’s hope not 🙄 But where it is very easy and even very much wanted, to receive praise for any action that has lead to success, it’s quite the opposite, when my actions have lead to some disaster or such. Things can get painfully awkward pretty fast and my inner-me might scream DENIAL in blinking neon letters.

They said I could be anything I wanted to be, but adult was not on that list. Well, heck, being 100% accountable means being an Adult for real. We’ve all had to deal with someone who did not take responsibility for their actions at some point. Though it might be fairly easy to see this flaw in others – and, let’s be honest, get really annoyed by it – what about my own accountability? 100% does Not leave room for any playing around either. In a perfect world, where rainbows shine and unicorns fly, everyone would take care of their own responsibilities and there would be no issue at all. Whahaha, Right. But I have to realize, when the door is open to Everything and I am willing to chase my passion, I will be dealing with people, all the time. Each and anyone of them can hold me accountable and if I’m smart, I’ll make sure to do my best to take responsibility all the way.

Man we’re getting serious here, but what am I learning by setting my mind to being a 100% Accountable? In short: I’ll think twice – multiply it with about a 100 – before acting. Going for a new challenge in my life, means thinking, re-thinking and thinking again. Oh, yeah, don’t forget the talking, talking some more and talking again. Trying to look at things from as much sides as I can think of. Trying to expect any scenario to be played out in 4D. Pffff. It can be exhausting, but also, very, very exciting! Keep focusing on the good stuff, it’s there!

5) Attitude of Gratitude

see, it has a happy face

Something I am pretty sure I’ve talked about before and of which you can find enough studies on the internet. Yes, people actually studied about what can happen if you set your mind to the Attitude of Gratitude. Look it up and you will see, it will not only mentally, but also physically makes you a better person 🥳 For me it comes down to having this positive outlook on life and that focus on the good things. On the other hand, I might think bad things aren’t worth my gratitude, though most often good things come forth from it, if I only allow myself to actually see it. Of course this can only be noticed afterwards, but I guess a lot of people have this experience in life. While going through a tough time might not be all that, it can result in something good and even beautiful if we’re open to it.

Preparing for a new phase in life – even if things are uncertain – will go so much easier, when I practice gratitude along the way. There’s so much to be grateful for, though it can be hard when I am having a ‘bad’ day. The easiest to me is to compare the circumstances in which I am living, to that of the major part of the world. I know, it’s a cliché, but it works for me, every time. Be happy and thankful for everything that is considered normal, you know what: Don’t consider it normal, because for a lot of people, it’s not. The Attitude of Gratitude makes my heart feel lighter and will make short work of anything that might be bothering in some way.

What am I learning from setting my mind to the Attitude of Gratitude? In short: counting my blessings. My mind simply has to focus and choose for the good in life. And if there happens to be bad stuff, well, this might only further emphasize the good things. Going in circles is basically a good thing here lol. You might read this and think: ‘But Wien, you have No Idea, what I have to deal with’. Well, that is true, but it’s not like I haven’t had any shit in my life you know, I’ve only started to scratch the surface on that one lately here. Everyone has their problems and heartaches, sadly, this IS a part of life. If it makes any sense to you: it simply means I will be even more grateful for all the good things, great or small.

6) Live to Give

and behind door 6 we find…

Aaaaah… If you’re lucky enough to have come to this realization in life, your mind is already set to Live to Give 💖 Giving is often easier than receiving for most people and while giving our love, time and devotion to our loved ones is something that comes naturally – well, it should – when it comes down to others, outside our circle, it becomes something different altogether. Giving is not just about money. I just want it said. I know money is the tool we all need to get things done in life, but giving money is not always a solution, not by a long shot. While preparing, one of the first things that will come to my mind is: I am at the verge of giving, as in, giving myself, to a cause.

It’s commonly known, people with the least possessions, are often the most generous givers. It’s because They Know. During our marriage, we have been giving a lot. Am I saying this to get some praise out of you, ah, no thnx. Giving our time, our effort, our love, our attention, our food, our clothes, our home and if we had any, yes, our money. Sowing and Reaping!!! So did we do it to simply get something in return? No and Yes. NO: we don’t expect any person to ‘return the favor’. I know this is how it’s done in the world and it’s not always a bad thing either, but that’s not how we roll. Whenever we do something for somebody else, we see it as a Gift and gifts should be given freely, without expecting anything in return.

YES: because we believe we are sowing – read: lovingly investing – in the world / people, around us, not only in a physical way, but also in a spiritual way. Which means, we believe we can see our blessing in return, from the One we believe in. You might call It karma, I call Him God.

So what am I learning from setting my mind to Live to Give? In short: I won’t turn into a selfish b****. Giving makes me feel good, it is so much fun to be able to help someone out, doesn’t matter if it is in a small way, or  by doing something big, it always feels satisfying. Am I waiting for a Thank You? Ahahahahahahah. Nope.

7) The Time Is Now

or at 10:11

Oh Dear. Well, we’re about back where I started: The Time Is Now. This is the only right mindset for us two, while preparing to make a new jump. Expecting that Everything is Possible, means also: The Time Is Now. Oh I really love how this all comes together 😎 We have been at this stage for months, sometimes years, before. But we always keep in mind, things can happen Anytime. Any day. Now. Expecting the unexpected, I shouldn’t be surprised, if in a blink of an eye, our world is turned upside-down. DUH, I’m only human, of course I’m surprised.

Procrastinating is something I really want to do when times like these arrive in our lives, but it never lasts long. The ‘mind-over-matter’ thing always kicks in and when the heart starts to get involved, I’m done for. It’s not uncommon for us to have a bag packed and ready to go, especially when we’ve been staying at one place for a couple of years already. As exciting as this might seem, it definitely takes the right mindset to follow through on it. Fortunately we always get these years in between to get some sense of being settled and being comfortable. We also know, the moment we do feel like that, is the moment we need to pay attention for what’s coming next.

What am I learning from setting my mind to accept The Time Is Now? In short: I seize the day. Saying  there’s never a dull moment, would be exaggerating, but we do live in anticipation most of the time. A sense of awareness always nudging us to be prepared and to look ahead. I have no idea when things will be set in motion for real, but depending on how you look at things, I could say, they already are. The best preparation takes place in my mind, followed by the choices I will make. The one thing that will always pass, is time, no matter what we do. Doing nothing won’t stop time from getting away from us, it only stops my personal growth and might end with my last braincells leaking from my ears. Just. No.

So yeah, exciting times ahead, let’s keep it at that. I truly hope you’ve got some exciting stuff to look forward too! Because although it might feel like it now, this will Not last forever and when it does end, I hope I am ready – or as ready as I can be – to take the next leap. A leap into a brighter tomorrow. I’ve got my Mind-Set-Go!

Source: Common English Bible

Wishing y’all a very Mind-Set-Go! weekend. Make Some New Plans

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