What Dreams are Made Of


What Dreams are Made Of

(or how I keep a clear vision, despite my bad eyesight)

Dreams versus reality, visions versus daydreaming. What’s real? Am I one of those floaty, shady, dream interpreters? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Have you read one of my Spotlight features yet? Even if the music is not to your taste – which is not a new concept to me lol – it’s still me who is writing the article 😉  It has been quite a ride for me, interacting with all these (some more, some less) well known musicians. Most of them are pretty down to earth and easy to talk to and I keep in touch with most of them. When one of them, not too long ago, posed the question, if ever someone had experienced a dream coming true, I was just being me and answered.

You see the more I write, the more I have to admit: I Do Like to voice my opinion. Now this is not really an epiphany, but I do try to keep my mouth in check. I am sure you’re now wondering what I sound like, when there is no checking done…However, I also try to be honest and not to upset people intentionally. Sure, it still happens, but it’s not an effort from my side to be cruel, unless you’re asking for it of course. I won’t deny my face will do the talking then.


Anyway it’s no secret my mouth sometimes precedes my thoughts, OR – as I previously quoted – ‘Clearly I am missing an extremely important connecting vessel between my brain and my mouth’.. And the more I write, the more I am aware, that my fingers seem to sometimes suffer the same. It’s all good to have the opportunity to adjust any written text, but when you click that ‘send’ button, you’re done. It’s always nice when you have the possibility to retract a sent message… Embarrassing, but still not half as awkward as actually sending it. But sometimes, sent is sent…bye bye words, hullooo shame.

And most of us are perfectly aware of how texting can be totally misinterpreted on the other end. It’s even worse when conversing with someone who obviously is lacking in the communication department and has NO idea of how their text message will be received. All my former colleagues who are reading this, you know what kind of person I am talking about 😂


Just imagine how interacting with these artists can be tricky for me haha, seeing all contact is through texting. But when that question was thrown out there, I answered without hesitation. I personally had several special dreams, of which I am sure they had a deeper meaning. Some of them I understood right away, some of them I still wonder about.

There are a couple of reoccurring events in my dreams. Oh and btw, if you’re wondering: I Do dream in color, I also Do have the ability to wake myself from weird or potentially scary dreams and I Do dream every night, even when most of the times I know it’s a lot of nothing. The reoccurring topics are: train travels and the sea… Yep.

Let me explain. Since my father worked for the Dutch Railway Company, we were allowed to travel by train for free throughout The Netherlands. Even traveling abroad had it’s perks, but I never really used that. Next to needing the train to get to school – and yes, we could use our bikes, but what fun is there cycling through wind and rain, when you can travel for free, right? – I made good use of the train, even more so when I got a little older. It’s probably why you will see train-travel stories return in any of my articles.

Right there

When dreaming about trains however, I never seem to be able to catch them in time or when I do, their trajectory randomly ends up in someone’s backyard, or I eventually find out I am in the wrong train. Long story short: I never arrive anywhere, even when I have no clue in my dream where it is I should be going at all. Anyone other than me having this dream? Anyone?…. I guess not.

Explaining the reoccurrence of the sea, I can only go for: ever since we were young kids, our parents took us on holidays to Spain. And the beach was the main attraction, enjoying the nice temperature and the sea, heaven on earth. Spain is still like coming home to us.

Beach at its Best

On our last holiday Steve and I arrived in the middle of the night. We dropped our suitcases, had a drink on our balcony, breathing in the warm Spanish air, while agreeing: this was home. We still love the beach, it’s different now, but the sea still calls out. After our little rest, the first thing we did was descend to the beach… so calming to hear the sound of the waves in the dark.

When dreaming about the sea, I am forever in the water, which is never calm, or at the beach nearly being swept away by some big waves. Mind you, I am not a great swimmer, but it never gets really scary. It also never comes close to any reality either. And again, even when I am on a boat, I never seem to arrive anywhere, it’s just water all around.

This is Not So Bad… credits to Remy 😉

Why am I telling this lol. Well just to make a point that most of my dreams are about nothing really. I can come up with some explanation to it and not all of it rubbish either. For instance, it is said, that the sea stands for a crowd. From that point of view, some of those dreams make a lot of sense to me. As for the trains… You got me there… 🤐

But there were a couple of dreams that did had a true meaning to them. The first I remember also has a really cheeky streak to it. Most people don’t believe that God could have any sense of humor, I totally disagree. And the dream described below, is just one of the reasons why.

I grew up with a believing Mom. She found her true faith when searching for it with her Grandma – not being satisfied with their Catholic background –  whom I had the privilege to have in my life until I was 18. My Great-Grandmother was a really sweet, little, but tough, woman from Indonesia. We all were very fond of her. She had long black hair, really wished for it to turn gray, which it did not. She hadn’t had her real teeth for years anymore, but never bothered with wearing the false ones among us, which she found totally annoying. Unless there were other, ‘important’ people visiting, then she would wear the torturous things.

When she passed away, we were all sad of course, though not heartbroken: we knew she had had a good life, at least the part she lived in The Netherlands and she died a natural dead while asleep. We also had the opportunity to say goodbye before she went. So we were at peace with it, knowing, she was at a better, well the best place, now.

That night I dreamt. I was up in heaven – and yes I Do Believe there is a heaven – and I was welcomed in a big hug. I couldn’t see my face, I was looking at my back, but recognized and just knew in my dream, it was me. That was, until this person turned around and I could see her face. It was my Great-Grandmother, with a happy smile on her face. She was home.

The dream went on to another scene: I was visiting her and she was so happy, so lively. I mean, when with us, she couldn’t move that well, especially after having her hip broken. But here she was, she looked so young and radiant. When I noticed her beautiful smile I said: ‘You’re even wearing your false teeth?’  she just laughed out loud and answered: ‘But don’t you see, I don’t need them here!’ – meaning, she was made whole, including her beautiful new teeth – after that, all leftover grief disappeared and I knew this was the reason for my dream.

In a Very Good Way

Even more than these kind of dreams, I have (let’s call them) visions, in broad daylight. And there is no way I could confuse them with a mere daydream. (let’s call that experience 😉). Some of them are to teach me something, but there are also some that show me a glimpse of the – near – future. Let me tell you what I told the artist asking the question:

Years later. We were already married with kids and in need of a new place to live. Months before that, one of our friends had a dream, where we actually found our new home and she was able to describe what it looked like. By the time I received a vision of it, I had forgotten about her dream. It’s exactly why we often receive a reminder, also serving as a confirmation: This Is Real.

I went to a viewing and was fortunate to arrive as the first, even though I was already later than the appointed time. When entering the house I remembered our friend’s dream and immediately recognized it. What I saw also totally agreed with my vision. Although there were multiple viewers and we had all odds against us, the house became our new home.

I know there are a lot of people really skeptical about this. I include myself. Why? Because I believe anyone can receive purposeful, foretelling dreams or visions, but not all of them will be meant for your good mental, spiritual and physical health. The ones I ‘see’ are never to get me down or depressed, they are to cheer- and lift me up, enlighten and encourage me and the people around me.

Source: Common English Bible

It all depends on The Source.

I believe that’s what Dreams Should be Made Of.

Let’s envision a great weekend and while resting the Sweetest Dreams ❤






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