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Special Feature: PREVIEW 1/31/2021

Meet Patibito, I quote: ‘Brewing crunchy Vaporwave, Vaporfunk and Future Funk from scratch, I’ve been playing music all my life – but only releasing it since recently after I discovered Vaporwave.I’m obsessed with the degraded, modified sound of music in the vapor-adjacent space, and I try my best to replicate my favourite parts of it in my own non-sampled work. I’m based in and around London, UK‘. Source; About, Patibito Press Pack.

My Kind of Music, with Patibito.


Last Tuesday (1/26/2021) I received an interesting message by today’s guest, mentioning she occasionally read my blog (thank you again!), would be releasing a new album in a few days and would love to send me a press pack: if I was interested. Heck Yeah! Though she had to first explain to me what exactly a press pack was 🙄, learning something new every day. We’re back at the UK, where Patibito resides!

At the end of last year, I already had a couple of requests from artists, if I would either write a Preview, or to write a new Spotlight – Yes, Spotlight 2, the sequel – for their upcoming album. You can imagine how excited and honored I feel by their requests! However, they’re not ready yet and I got this surprise thrown in my lap so to speak. It’s a challenge too, since we’re not going to talk Disco this time, but Vaporwave and though I have some experience now, I’m far off from being an expert, so bear with me please.

When I asked Patibito about the meaning of her name, this was the answer, I quote:Patibito isn’t my real name, and I guess it means more to me than the words it’s made from. It’s a poorly-done double transliteration of the words “Party Beat” into Japanese and back. When I started, I had intended to only make Future Funk, but I found myself somewhere in between as soon as I started making anything. I kept the name though xD

Going through the press pack, the first thing I would do is rename it and call it Impress Pack. It all looks really wonderful, from her bio to all her music and artwork up to the new album we’re talking about here. This new album is called ‘City Break‘, includes 17 tracks, and going through the titles alone, gives me a sense of which direction the feel behind the album is taking. Just keep in mind: The official release is set for 10PM GMT today, meaning any link to the music will be working as of that time!

Thinking about how I could present this to you the best way, I decided to let my imagination take me to the places the songs are directing me. Since my knowledge of musical terms is neglectable 😉 and music is a medium that makes you FEEL, I will take you on a stroll through the album and share my personal interpretation of it. The options are limitless, basically just as it’s supposed to be. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m taking you on a City Break, Let’s Go!

It’s finally weekend and though I’ve lost track of time and day, since we’re in another lockdown, it still feels like a special moment. I decided on a whim, to treat myself: packed and ready to go and leaving the quiet behind. Just a little break from everything that’s been trying to put me down, I’m So Ready for a change of scenery. Getting in my car and turning up the music, got that groovy guitar riff blearing through the sound-system, bringing back sweet memories of music long past. My mind is made up; this trip is about Me and Ima Boogie Hard!

In the right mood already, I feel like I’m finally entering that parallel universe I so often refer to, this might just be it. The song playing is giving the exact right vibes, pulling me in a state of being, where one wants to just do nothing, let my mind have a rest and enjoy a bit of freedom from all the weary stuff that’s been clouding my mind. Time to get my LAZY On and jump into another dimension.

I’ve reached my destination and I’m trying to decide whether I will go straight to check-in, or take my sweet time and just hang around a bit first. Seems I’m not the only one, queues are long and since the last thing we want to be is in a hurry, some of us just enjoy the terrace and a cool drink, because, we can, well probably anyway. There’s no rush and did you ever get that feeling when you’re at some place and they seem to be playing your personal playlist? Yeah…

When the queue seems to be dissolving I walk over and drop my bags next to the reception desk, excited to be here. The air feels light and I can’t wait to get this private party started. Happy people all around, it’s just what  I need, getting out of this state of mind I was in for too long. Breaking away and looking forward to having a good time. Oh, wait, it’s my turn to be welcomed!

Since I didn’t book anything in advance – living on the edge 😂 – the receptionist is showing me three options to choose from. The Hotel Suites are labeled by their (carpet ?) color and being someone who strongly believes in Colorful Expressions, I know they all have their own meaning and will spread their own vibe. Looking at the screen in front of me, the differences are pretty clear, starting with the Green Carpet Room, this one seems to breathe life and abundance. Green representing the general color of Life, this could be a good place to get some new inspiration.

The second Hotel Suite, is the Red Carpet Room. Most people know red refers to Love, but of course there are more emotions to which red relates, such as Joy and Strength. Two things I could never have enough from in life and since I came here to recharge, the choice is getting tougher by the minute…this feels so comforting.

The third and last Hotel Suite, is the Brown Carpet Room. Now brown is known to give us a feeling of Security and Reliability. Though it certainly is not my favorite color, the overall feel I’m getting is so positive and appealing, the decision is made. I receive the key, pick up my bags and I’m on my way. Reaching my suite I can’t be happier: music is softly playing and anticipation is filling the room. Finally, here I am.

After getting settled and having explored my surroundings, it’s time to go out. Just being in another place is enough to reset my mind, I can only recommend you do the same. It’s like listening to Funk/Disco for weeks and then suddenly switch to Vaporwave 😉 They say change is the spice of life and ain’t that the truth. It opens up my mind and it’s just like trying new food: Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to, but appreciation is only a couple of bites away. Time to take a little cruise, definitely good for me. Unwinding is the keyword here.

The city is alive and it’s a far cry from the quiet I have been living in during the past months, I love it. Watching the people around me doing their thing, it’s like I’m skipping class. Though the last time for me was many, many moons ago, I was really good at it – sorry-not-sorry, and the feeling’s still familiar. There are times I get so lost in what I am doing, but I’m not letting that fool me any longer. This will wake me up for sure.

It’s getting late and it’s time to find a place to eat. Going back to the hotel and having my dinner there seems like a good plan. The food is amazing – you all know I love good food – and the view from the terrace is even better. Having no schedule and nothing planned is so freeing, my alone time is needed to keep the people around me safe and myself sane 🤐, Slowing Down. Being a girl who loves up-tempo music, it’s often hard to find something with a lower BPM and still enjoy it. I guess it’s related to my normal speed of life. But watching the setting sun always seem to calm my racing mind. Soothing Really.

After finding a club and boogying hard on some awesome music, I’m really thirsty. But since I haven’t had a good couple of drinks in forever, I’ve changed into a lightweight for sure and I’m feeling it. Never been drunk in my life before – though nobody believes it, but who cares. You ever heard of the saying Dutch Courage? Yeah, being a Dutchie myself, I would explain it to you if I were sober enough, but gotta find my way back to the hotel first. Good thing I have this to keep me awake…

They say there’s nothing like a good long walk to clear one’s mind. Honestly? I don’t like to go for a walk without a specific goal, but the reason I’m here, is to have no goal. Nowhere to go, no-one to meet and time to spend the way I want to. And though the night air isn’t exactly clean, it’s kind of refreshing. Still, I’m walking to the beat of the music, it’s just my way of doing it, must say I’m really digging this new album!

Aah but there’s the hotel 😅. So far this trip has done exactly what I hoped: get me in another, better, mood altogether and new inspiration is already brewing in my mind. I need to write some keywords down, before these new ideas elude me again. Maybe I should go sit at the bar, have a last drink and go at it, I mean, I know myself well enough, thoughts can be fleeting indeed. By now it’s very early the next morning and I’m surprised. Kind of hoped it would be a bit more quiet to write some stuff, without too much of a distraction  – keywords only take you so far right?  It’s amazing how many people are still in the bar at 5am, must be the music, the hotel has great taste.

Ordered my last drink – I promise – and take my seat outside again, it’s way too lovely to sit inside anyway. Luckily, my writing skills haven’t left me yet, once I sit down, it all comes pouring out, still a little miracle to me. When I feel like I’ve written enough for now, the moon is still vaguely visible and I am realizing all too well, this trip is slowly but surely coming to an end. Trying to make the most of every minute, I am enjoying these last moments before dawn breaks. Who needs sleep anyways, lately I’ve been using my nighttime to listen to as much new music as possible, there are just not enough hours in a day and so many talented people out there.

Satisfaction about my writing and this trip in general – and The Music!! – has been very motivating. It’s time to pack my stuff and head back home, with a head full of new music and a heart full of inspiration. I always wonder how artists find their inspiration, since I know I need a lot of it myself for every new article. How much more they would need it to create new music? And how many hours would they even spend on just listening to either their own music or to others? It’s a mystery to me, but for now I’m out of here, following the sunrise.

On my way back home, one thing’s very clear: I like this slower pace, it’s so much better in the long run, let’s see if I can keep that up. Though in all honesty, knowing me, that’s going to be a tough nut to crack…

The City Break is over and today I can see things in a different light. Pfff, starting to sound really corny here 😂 but that’s what new music does to my brain. It’s rewarding to invest some time in newly to discover things. Right now for me, that’s mostly music. My love for it is not just directed at the familiar and it never really was, to be honest, it’s just easy to revert to my first love. Making room for City Break, has been a great experience, one which I hope you will also discover. Take this last stroll with me and give it a chance 💖

I hope you will all enjoy Patibito’s new album as much as I do, it’s been a very relaxing and inspirational ride for sure! It’s time for our little interview, but first: a BIG Thank You Patibito! I am grateful you took the opportunity to reach out to me and I really loved doing this for you. Truly hoping this will encourage people to find you and listen to your wonderful music! I will add you to my Spotlight page, where you will stay indefinitely and I will update any new song you release in the future.

The Interview

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us: Who is Patibito? How and when did you get started to make music and how would you describe your music?

‘I’m a quote-unquote Professional based around London, UK, with various projects in the online space – and right now I’m trying to do that cool vaporwave thing where you don’t let on too much about you, though I’m probably going to drop that and just do a face reveal someday soon.

I was born surrounded by music as both my parents are singers, so I grew up on early 20s show tunes and got into playing jazz piano at an early age.

I was obsessed with vaporwave and future funk as soon as I discovered them in 2016. I spent that summer playing Hit Vibes over and over again, and I loved the blend of how groovy, chill, and danceable the whole thing felt to me. I like to make music that fills a similar space – something smooth with a catchy riff, that’s got lots of vaporwave traits’.

Can you give a little background story about your new album? Is it in anyway different from the previous ones? Where do you get your inspiration from?

‘City Break is different from my other work not just because it’s full-length but also because I hugely changed my production strategy. I got obsessed with breaking soundfonts to make them play back at the wrong sample rate to make the instrumentals sound gnawed and broken, and that set a defining tone for most of the album.

I also used City Break as a platform to do more ‘proper’ vaporwave, really taking the BPM down and turning up the fuzz’.

Your Twitter bio says, you ‘make computers sing’, tell us about it 🙂

‘It’s a digital world! It makes a good tagline for a musician in the vaporspace, we rely on these chips and cards for most everything nowadays.

In a different sense, I have a very wonky sense of timing and I never sequence or quantize anything. It’s all as-played so my music has a Live feel. From that perspective, the sounds my computer makes feel more alive to me, but that’s just an opinion!’

You mention you only started releasing music after discovering Vaporwave, what makes this genre so special for you? Would you know consider releasing music in other genres or is this where your heart lies?

‘Vaporwave gave me a feeling that I hadn’t found in other genres until now. I was an emo kid, but I also had a long-time love for old jazz and funk. In my mind, the sarcasm and bleakness that Vaporwave characterized, blended with some of my favourite melodic and harmonic styles – it was a recipe I couldn’t turn down.

I also was tickled by the sensation of speeding up and slowing down audio – something I can’t explain that drew me in, so that nature of it was also very appealing.

I’ve done more mainstream musical projects before. There’s probably material on the web somewhere – but I get what I am looking for when I make stuff here in this space’.

btw, you’re mentioning your own, non-sampled work, so next to the piano, do you play any instruments and if so, which ones?

‘I play a lot of instruments quite badly! I have a couple keyboards, and I also play Guitar/Bass, plus a few other related things like Ukulele, Dulcimer, melodica, recorder – and I’m probably forgetting something’.

Do you manage everything about your music (creating/ producing and releasing) yourself and if so, what did ‘a day in the life of Patibito’ look like while working on this album?

‘At the moment I’m doing everything. I do miss the feeling of being in a group though so I’m thinking about that.

Almost everything comes from an impromptu improvising session – I very rarely arrive at my desk with an idea already in my head. I see where things go and if I like something enough, I record it’.

Listening to your music, one of the first things that came to mind, was the emotion it seems to radiate. it goes from light and happy, to fun and joyous, to a little more dark, without getting uncomfortable. What do you hope to accomplish as far as how people perceive your music?

‘I hope that people find listening to my music to be a soothing experience. I definitely don’t relish in making someone feel uncomfortable listening to my work. I envy the super creative vaporwave acts that can do something outlandish to challenge their listeners just the right amount, but I’ll always go back to a tasty vibe in my own work’.

Talking about accomplishments: What are your hopes and dreams for 2021? Any new exciting prospects / projects you are thinking about / willing to share?

‘I’m already looking forward to my next work. I want to do some live performances for the first time, and build on what I’ve learned recently to write the next album’.

Is there anything I did not ask you about, you wish to add / share, with your fans / the readers?

‘I think for now I just want to thank you for tuning in. As insular as vaporwave sometimes seems, there are a bazillion releases that haven’t had a single play. It’s a very good feeling to know that somebody has appreciated your music in any small way’.

Wow, that’s it peeps, I really hope you’ve enjoyed it, but remember: The Best is Yet to Come! Patibito releases the album at 10PM GMT today and you can follow this on her YouTube channel!

Again, Big Thank you Patibito, I wish you all the blessings and love, hoping this City Break will bring you a bigger audience and the attention your music deserves!

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Wishing y’all a great week, though a City Break might not be within our reach, I do hope you gonna Boogie Hard





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