start 6/16/2020 – last update 4/14/2022


So uhm, hey!

Hi, my name is Wieneke, wien_sap online and simply Wien for friends. I got married in 1990 and we have raised two kids. The last couple of years we were lucky to add some ‘extra’ kids to the mix. My family is everything to me. One of the things we most value, is being true to ourselves. It’s a freedom which can be hard to achieve and maybe even harder to maintain. I am hoping to inspire and encourage, filling the ‘gap’ between living our best life and staying true to our convictions.

What I am about

I suffer from a smart mouth and Fashion OCD (down to my shoelaces) and am a firm believer, my outfit needs at least 3 colors. Although during these weird times my sweats are pretty boring. I love dancing to ‘My Kind of Music (1)‘, so much so, I wrote My Kind of Music (2) and part 3 might be coming soon. A couple of my absolute fav artists: click the pics 😉

Cool Million

Spotlight on Cool Million SUMTHIN’ LIKE THIS, Makes Me Coming BACK FOR MORE.


Spotlight on Discoholic Disco got me STUCK IN A TRANCE. Flashlight on ‘Movie Love’ released 6/25/2021

Funk LeBlanc


My days are filled with listening to music, writing and listening to some more music. I have divided the Spotlights in 2 pages and you can scroll down all the artists here: Spotlight and 2020 Spotlight, or simply find them in the main menu. You will find the complete list with all the artists from last year and this year, including all the links to their music profiles as well as to their social media.

I have also added the Flashlight section, a new challenge, where I give my personal take on newly released songs I think are interesting. No expertise, Just Feels. You could say, a mini Spotlight. For now it’s a little experiment, so let’s see if it’s something I can maintain 😅

If you’ve not read the Spotlights yet, I would say, shame on you, but also, even if the music is not to your taste, it’s still me that’s writing the article 😉 I describe and interview independent artists, their music and some fun facts. I aim to personalize the interviews and hope to help out, if even a little, with some positive publicity. Apart from that, it’s crazy fun to do!! At least try one of my playlists it may actually put a smile on your face today.

FEEL BETTER! Missed out? Catch: GM Archive >>>

Archive of the weekly updated SGM playlist

Other than my love for music, I create my own crazy knitting projects and I kind of Laugh Out Loud. To spice things up, I make life’s choices founded on Faith I found when I was 18 years young. All this I endeavor without claiming any professionalism or being perfect (quite the opposite), but to be wholly and solely used to express myself as….myself.

When I was young, my ways of expressing myself (my clothes / appearance and self confidence), apparently made it hard for people around me to accept me, seeing I was not conforming to the ‘normal standard’. Peer pressure was and still is, mostly wasted on me. I’ve learned to deal with it; ignorance is bliss in this case.

Source: Common English Bible

How hard is it to be yourself and express yourself accordingly? As we would mockingly say at home; ‘maybe we should be a little less ourselves sometimes‘ (if we want people to like and accept us all the time).

But no…. Let’s just not.

And to be clear, we certainly don’t have to be ugly about it… I am not encouraging anyone to intentionally upset and / or hurt people! We can be free to be ourselves, express ourselves, and be kind about it. Also, being able to laugh at myself, makes things a lot easier. Leave a comment below if you like!






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