Are We There Yet?

Told ya I’d change my hair #greyhairdontcare

Are We There Yet?

(or how I wish it could stay spring forever)

🌞 Do you ever wonder at what point you are in life? Or are you someone that just goes through life without ever questioning where you’re going? We might all have been like that, when we were really young, but my guess is you’ll reach some point where you will wonder where life is taking you.

🌞 There’s is a time for everything: the good, bad and – unfortunately – the ugly, in our lives. We all want to be in the good part, but there’s no real distinction, if there’s no bad part right? And sometimes it’s even worse than bad, it’s downright ugly. I’ll keep comparing it to that life line: as long as there are peaks, it means there are also valleys, if there are highs, it means there are also lows. If not, it means we’re flatlining. Let’s just not.

Source: All verses, Common English Bible – pics by me

🌞 Life’s seasons are described in the Bible and they’re not all nice or good, quite the opposite really because again, if there’s ‘this’ side, it means there’s another too, if there was only one side, how would I know if it was good or bad? I wouldn’t know the difference but would just accept them all as the same, might be safe but excuse me, also Boooring. But seriously, life is not as simple as that, if only.

Since you’re reading this it’s my estimated guess you’re somewhere in between the first 2 stages. And yes, sometimes what we’ve planted has to come out because it’s time for something new!

🌞 Fact is, next to the great and wonderful things, there is a lot of ugliness in the Bible, which non-believers have no trouble with accepting as truth funny enough. Even ‘better’, they use it as an excuse to blame God for all the trouble in their life and all bad things in the world in general. If there is one thing that keeps baffling me, it’s the fact that the people who scream the loudest about everything that’s wrong, while blaming God, are also the ones claiming they don’t believe in His existence and have no real knowledge of who He is and what He’s all about. Well Alright Then, how does that even work?

There it is: a time for killing. Do we really believe God would want us to? Still WE DO. Fortunately, after a breakdown, there’s always a buildup. ALWAYS. Valleys >>> Peaks

🌞 FREE WILL, PEOPLE. Oh well yeah, here we go again, you can roll your eyes all you want, but if there’s one thing we would die fighting for, it is our right to express our free will, our ‘basic freedom’. And yes, if you’re lucky enough to live in a country where there’s something like ‘freedom of speech’ you might be blessed beyond compare, without even actually being aware of it. Tell me if I’m wrong?! As much as I dislike acting like I’m preaching, I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right now. It’s just something that keeps coming back to bug me every once in a while, so why not get it off my chest huh?

I’m sure most of us have been through these particular seasons. Maybe all in one day at times, it’s almost like the weather here and that’s no joke

🌞 FREE WILL has been given to us, to make us different from being stone cold robots, though I agree with you: one could wonder about some people who seem to be stuck in that routine anyhow. Free will gives me the opportunity to say “NO! I don’t want to / I don’t agree / I don’t believe…”. Free will is what instigates people to make choices that might not only be damaging to their own lives, but to others as well. Even worse: they might be prospering from intentionally hurting others. Don’t think I don’t understand why people are wondering why God is allowing so much cruelty in the world, I mean, the Bible was already full of it. Even if people claim to not believe in Him, they need a scapegoat, especially when there seems nobody specific to put the blame on.

Throwing stones when we think we’re blameless are we? Or gathering just in case, though not as pretty as these. Wouldn’t it be nice if we’d be aware of the help we can offer instead? Anyways, we can all be happy about the fact we’re getting back to the point we’re able to embrace each other again

🌞 Although there is no easy explanation, let me just say that due to our free will, there’s only so much God will prevent from happening. You see, the consequences of human choices are for humans to deal with. I mean, if we humans make a mess of things, why is it we expect God – in Whom we don’t even believe?!? – to clean it up? Again, how does that even work?? Then there are people who proclaim the reverse: ‘they would believe if the world wasn’t in such a mess’. Right. I agree it just next-level sucks when we are suffering because of some ridiculous decision made by somebody other than ourselves – which would be bad enough already. The only thing left for me to do then is hoping it will be for the best in the end, which is not easy when smack dab in the middle of any trial, but yeah, it could work out.

Letting go might be the only way to be getting something back instead of losing it forever. It hurts when it’s about something hard won, but I believe we’ll never be left emptyhanded in the end

🌞 Let me stress again: in my opinion there is a BIG difference between Relation aka, following God/being a believer and (following) Religion. Relation is about actively getting to know God, what He is saying and what He wants for my life and knowing it is all done out of LOVE. Religion in general is more about following, mostly man-made, rules and traditions, cast in some religious form. In itself not a bad thing, until they go against the true things I believe God meant for our lives to be filled with. When following those rules and traditions gets more important than actually believing that God Is Love, I’ve missed the most important point and most likely become judgmental and an overall sour puss. Excuse my French.

Our words can slice & dice. True, some people might need some bluntness to get the point, but when we hurt someone, will we be using words to repair also?

🌞 However, this does NOT mean God is a fairy godmother, who will grant us our every wish nor will He turn our carriage back into a pumpkin when midnight strikes in our life. In other words: He is not ‘an easy way out’, nor will He ‘leave us hanging’ when we’re on that road together. Let me add, just to make sure you understand: It also does NOT mean I am a saint. Seriously people. I am just trying to put to practice, what I believe God has given me as tools to make the most of my life. It’s a unending Work in Progress, where personal growth has the lead.

I do hope you spend more time loving than hating, but I know reality does not always agree with me. War is still very present in this world, but it should not keep us from aiming for PEACE

🌞 Anyways, where am I going with all this today? Back to life’s seasons, or life’s seasoning if you will. Some flavors are delicious, while others might kill your appetite right there and then, and the Bible is pretty blunt about it too. If you’re a little bit further in life – and that doesn’t only have to be age wise, mind you – you’ve probably experienced several seasons already, some even multiple times perhaps. As it is in real life, seasons change. Coming from a country that really has 4 seasons going on, the cycle of life (spring/summer), death (fall/winter) and rebirth (spring again!) is evident in nature. I can only wonder if nature’s cycle is a reflection of my personal life or if it is the other way around…

🌞 So where you at? Are you on an all-time high at the moment, or has your latest season got you down? Just know you won’t be staying there forever, because everything passes, it’s what time is meant to be doing. Of course I am wishing you all the best parts, with sunshine, blooming fields, rainbows – impossible in case of a blue sky, but ok – and unicorns, but it’s just not an everyday reality for most of us. It is why I will end where I started: don’t forget the life line! Are we there yet? Nope, but the ‘beep of life’ means we’re still going!

Don’t give up, try to do good, enjoy what has been given to you. Peace to y’all

Wishing y’all a very Happy Weekend. Seasons come, seasons go, now you know, now you know

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