Spotlight on Lexton

Special Feature 5/14/2021

Meet Lexton: A house music producer & artist from the UK, who found music production in 2017, after being inspired by artists and producers like Avicii, Martin Garrix and Madeon. Recognized by his catchy melodies and tracks bursting with energy, his music is sure to make an impact on the listener. Lexton made his debut December 2020 with his first track “You make Me Feel”. Lots of new music is expected in 2021 with elements of house and funk music throughout. Source: About Lexton, Spotify.

My Kind of Music, with Lexton.

It’s all About How YOU MAKE ME FEEL.

It all started when 2021 was still fresh. To be honest, I cannot precisely remember how it all came together, but I will share the story as far as I recall it.  The 2nd of January I got in contact with my guest of the day, Lexton. I had listened to his debut single ‘You Make Me Feel’, released 12/10/2020, and posted it in my IG story. I told him I really liked the track and would add it to the next update of my Some Groovy Medicine Spotify playlist. Though my go-to music will forever be funk/disco, I do love me some House/EDM in the right dose, as well as other genres 😎

We started talking about his music and it became clear he was already working hard to be able to release more new music this year. I basically immediately told him I would be interested in doing a Spotlight, whenever he felt he would be ready, because hey, gotta take the opportunity when it presents itself right?

Lexton then sent me some of the music he was working on and so I had a little preview, which I always feel honored about. It was just confirmation for me, that I did the right thing, asking him for that future interview. I was excited about what he’d sent me, and I told him I would be looking forward to new stuff. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves 😅. Btw, always nice to get a look in ‘the kitchen’: wanna see how Lexton cooked up his debut single? Find it on his Instagram page!

Lexton’s debut single ‘You Make Me Feel’, is one happy house track! He is not exaggerating at all, when he mentions his melodies are catchy, because you only have to listen to the song once and it will get stuck in your head, in the best way. It feels like summer – which was pretty nice in cold January – and reminded me of hot beaches and nights out dancing in the club. Believe me when I say, that was a loooong time ago for me lol. The melody of the track is basically the earworm, working its way into your mind. The tempo makes you want to literally jump for joy and the only negative thing I can really say about it…it’s over all too soon. ‘You Make Me Feel’, has some classic house elements for sure, but because of the funky varnish it’s a shot straight to my disco-spoiled, heart. It’s ALL about How You Make Me Feel.

A couple of days after we ‘met’, Lexton asked me if I would know any artists who would be interested in collaborating on ‘the same funky synth music’ as he was working on. Well, I did gave him a couple of – previous Spotlight – suggestions to listen to and decide for himself if he’d thought they would musically fit. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was already in contact with a couple of them and working on some stuff. He also sent me another preview and was looking for a vocalist to finish the track. I discovered it can be a bit of a trial to find the right vocalists sometimes, but it is all part of the challenge that’s called producing music, I guess.

Lexton asked me if I by any chance played any instruments / sing, or write lyrics. Ahah, well, I love to do both, but there’s nothing professional about it. Somehow any lyrics I write always end up being a bit on the serious side. It’s more like an outlet for things that are going through my mind. We also discovered we have been enjoying holidays in the same place in Spain for several years, though during different time era’s 😉. It’s always nice to find you have things in common.

Fast forward to March, where Lexton informed me, it would be a good time to get prepared for the Spotlight, since he was going to release a new song coming May. Now things were getting real for me! He mentioned he was getting a couple of collabs out as well as – hopefully – some music on his own. One of the other collabs would be with a previous Spotlight, so keep your ears peeled for that one! But the one we’re going to talk about now is ‘Never Really Liked You’, released 5/7/2021. It’s a collab with Zomando, under the label of none other than…Wern Records! If you’ve followed the Spotlights, you know they are one of them! It’s nice when a plan comes together, though I didn’t plan this, it just happens.

‘Never Really Liked You’, is a Tropical House track. I would almost say, semi-happy, because the lyrics obviously are talking about a relationship that has fallen apart: ‘Oh boy I never really liked you, I’ve been saying all this shit to spite you‘ 🤐 But don’t let that discourage you, the song has all the ingredients of a well prepared dish and is clearly making a finger to whoever thought to mess with love. Great vocals, as well as lyrics, carried by a definite, though slightly mellowed – Tropical House beat. It reached 3K+ streams in a week and I think that’s pretty good!

I believe Lexton is off to a great start, and I am definitely looking forward to more of his music this year. For now, I can only let him take over to hear what he’s got to say about his music and expectations / dreams toward it. BIG Thank You, Lexton! It was nice meeting you and to see your enthusiasm. I wish you all the blessings for all the new things that are coming your way and hope you will grow more and more successful along the way. I will add you to the Spotlight page asap, where I will do my best to update any new release. Here you go!

The Interview

Let’s start with the obvious: Can you please introduce yourself and tell us, who is Lexton? When and how did you start making music? Do play any instruments yourself, or sing?

‘Hi I’m Lexton, a 23 year old music producer from the UK. I started producing music around 3-4 years ago but only more serious the past year.

I was put off the first few times trying to make anything in FL Studio due to the software which I struggled to understand how to use it, but over time I found myself going back to it time and time again! Nowadays I’m using Logic Pro and I’m finding it much more suited to my workflow.

I’ve played piano since I was 8 years old but unfortunately I don’t sing, though I wish I could as it’d save a lot of time and money searching for singers to work with!

The name Lexton was created from a mix of both my first and second name. It came about during lockdown as I decided to create a name after spending so much time trying to think of one to release my music under. I was unsure on the name in the beginning but I think I’m starting to warm to it’.

Who have been / are, your biggest influences? Where do you get your inspiration from? How would you describe your music?

‘My biggest influence and reason why I’m producing today is Avicii. Like many producers, his amazing melodies and incredible songwriting are what inspired me to start producing music. It’s fair to say his music had a huge influence on me and many others. Other inspirations are Madeon, who I’m a huge fan of, and also Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso… the list could go on.

I find inspiration to be mostly fleeting but sometimes even just sitting down for and working on something for a few minutes can quickly turn into hours. It can depend on many things. What mood you’re in, whether you’ve had a life experience or sometimes even a melody or idea will pop into my head which I’ll record in my voice notes app on my iPhone which I’ll later get down on my DAW. That’s a tip I picked up from YouTube videos from Martin Garrix and also Charlie Puth, as they both utilise the voice notes app to record small ideas before you forget them.

My style of music will always have a big focus on melodies and be bursting with energy. At the minute I’m currently exploring different genres to see what I like to make best but I’d say there’s elements of house and even funk in some projects I’m currently working on’.

Or listen to Lexton’s Monthly Mix and hear what he’s been listening to the past month! It’s just one of his playlists.

Is there a genre you feel most comfortable in and if yes, why is that? Or do you like to experiment with other genres too? Which ones would that be?

‘Currently I’d say I’m most comfortable with melodic house music like my release “You Make Me Feel”, however my latest track “Never Really Liked You” with Zomando is more towards Tropical House, which is another genre I like to produce. I’ve been experimenting with elements of funk in a few tracks lately, which I’m sure you’d be happy to hear! Mixing the house music with funk/disco creates a very danceable mix. I’ve always been a big fan of Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder so I think there’s some influence there and also love the sound of vintage synths like the Juno-106, so you may hear something incorporating that soon!’

How does your creative process work, do you have certain steps you follow, or do you ‘go-with-the-flow’? What do you consider the most fun part of producing and what is the hardest part for you?

‘I usually start with a template that I’ve altered over time which gets me producing an idea pretty quickly. I try to make an effort to sit down and produce each day but this can lead to burnout if I don’t actually feel like producing. Sometimes I start with the verse and other times the chorus, but firstly I’ll try making a nice chord progression to base the track around.

The most fun part for me is experimenting with different synths and sounds and coming up with an idea I really like. There’s something very satisfying about creating something and that’s the best part for me. I’d say the hardest part for me is mixing and mastering. It’s something I’ve always thought of as an afterthought as I just like producing the music. However, I know it’s an essential part of the process for those that produce electronic music and it’s something that I’m working on!’

After your debut single ‘You Make Me Feel’ last year, your next single is a collab with Zomando. Can you tell us a bit about how that came together? Maybe give a little background info about both songs?

‘“Never Really Liked You” with Zomando came about from an idea I had sitting on my hard drive for a while. I loved the melody but it was just one of those tracks that was left unfinished. I actually spoke to PW Music, who runs Wern Records, and he recommended Zomando to collaborate with on the track. Zomando has a tonne of releases with Wern which I’m a big fan of, so I reached out and he loved the idea so we got to work on finishing the track together.

“You Make Me Feel” was made at a time where I was struggling to produce much that I liked. I think at times I put a lot of pressure on myself that every idea should be great and that’s really not the case. I went into that session with no expectation and pretty much got the whole idea down in a few hours. I then found a vocal sample from Splice that I made into some vocal chops and I found them pretty catchy and the track was pretty much good to go!’

Can you share at least one highlight from your producing experience until now? What would be the ultimate dream come true for Lexton?

‘As my project has only just begun the past year, I don’t feel like I have too many highlights but it’d have to be just starting to release music, which I’m hoping to do so on a more regular basis going forward. It’s also been great to speak to likeminded people in the community and collaborate on tracks.

The ultimate dream would be to release music to a professional standard and one day play it out live. I’m sure I can make it happen if I keep working hard at producing and one day pick up some DJ skills’.

I noticed you’re pretty busy with ‘educating’ yourself further in regards to producing and stuff, how is that going?

‘It’s going pretty good thanks! I mostly watch Youtube tutorials and that’s mainly how I’ve learnt how to produce in FL Studio and Logic. As for making the music, learning piano from a young age has helped hugely!

Sometimes I feel it’s easy to get caught up with watching tutorials and it’s much better to just experiment with different sounds and plugins and watch tutorials another time when you’re lacking inspiration as they might spark something’.

What’s next in store for your fans? Anything new coming up soon you can share a bit about? Anything else you wish to add / share, with your fans / the readers?

‘For now I’m working on a lot of new music and focusing on improving my mixing skills. A couple are collaborations with some great artists which we’re hoping to get finished up soon and released, and there’s a few that I’m working on my own too, so I’m excited to get them all out over the coming months. Other than that, thanks to anyone who has supported or streamed my music. It’s great to see how many people have listened so far but I’ll be working hard to improve and release more in the future!’

Again, Big Thanks to Lexton! And you readers, if you wish to like more, go and find Lexton! He really deserves a larger audience!

Follow Lexton on: Spotify SoundCloud Instagram Twitter

Wishing y’all a great weekend! Enjoy some new music will ya!

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