My Kind of Music (2)


My Kind of Music (2)

(or how I’m strolling down Music Memory Lane)

Where do I even start. My head is full of words I want to share, but to make sense of it all…I feel like I have been working on my blog forever, while it’s not been a year yet and it seemed a bit early to look back and start a couple of series… The amount of articles I have published already feels amazing, while I know there are bloggers out there who publish every day, multiple times. But that was never my intention to begin with, I thought one article per week would do nicely. Uhuh. Though I’ve kind of broken my own rule now.

While I was finishing the ‘When we Met’ series, I was thrown back to, again, – sorry-not-sorry – music. And not only the new music I’m listening to, but particularly my oldies. You see, one of the things exploring all this ‘new music’ is doing to me, is making me happy and you know why? This new music consists of a lot of remixes and samples of my oldies – which you can find spread over this page. If not by the samples, then at least by the noticeable influence of my oldies, this music is appealing to me, speaking to my soul. Click some pics 😉 and if you wish, you can leave a comment below!

Lee Ritenour

Lee is an American Jazz guitarist, who played with a vast number of great names during his career. He is still active and one of the first guitarists I came to admire. His music can be described as Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Fusion, Smooth-Jazz & Rock. He would later sign with GRP, where a lot of the artists we listened to would collab.

Captain Fingers was his second album, released in 1977, when I was just 9 years old. The openings (title-) song, is one to immediately give you an idea of the music I grew up with. It still rocks. There were a lot more albums bought after this one and it’s how we found out, Lee was very active not only going solo, but especially as a session musician. More on him below.

For me it’s all about the feels and I wouldn’t blame you if this article is not what you expected from me, after being quiet for a couple of weeks. But hey, it’s My Party and I Music if I Want to. Maybe I’m just getting really old and strolling down memory lane is what old peeps do right 😁 At least it’s a safe one. But seriously, digging into the music scene – or at least a tiny part of it – only confirmed what I already knew about myself, Music was my First Love and I can fully add: it’s a love that will never die.

That’s why I want to go back to My Kind of Music (1) and dig a little deeper. It was officially my second article and it gave me a very clear direction as where to go with my blog, as most of you know. To be honest, I’m not even sure  under which section this article should be placed, since it’s clearly going to be somewhere in-between my personal and musicblog. Let’s just consider it a bridge between the two.

Spyro Gyra, an American Jazz-Fusion band, combined Jazz, R&B, Funk and even Pop. Their album ‘Morning Dance’, was released in 1979 and if you want to listen to the whole album, you can on YouTube, just click. The openings (title-) song has a definite tropical touch, but the next track ‘Jubilee’, has got that funky swing. The album is definitely showing off Smooth Jazz, with ‘Starburst’ going all out. GRP was their label during the 90’s and they’re still active today. A band to never forget, if only for their striking name, which refers to a kind of green algae apparently. Alright Then.

Dave Grusin, is the co-founder of GRP Records aka, Grusin Rosen Productions. He is an American composer, producer, and pianist and Jazz, Fusion and Contemporary Jazz is his game. His career is incredible: the lists of artists he worked with, as well as all the stuff he did for movies etc, it’s ridiculous. Though you are looking at the original album cover of ‘Mountain Dance’ (released 1979), if you want to listen to the whole album, you’d have to score it online. I have linked the title song, live performed with Lee Ritenour and still epic in my opinion.

I grew up with Smooth Jazz and Rock and a mix of them, yes: Jazz-Rock or Fusion – when ‘fusion cooking’ became a thing, I got really confused, until I figured, ‘our’ music was much like the cooking: a mashup. These genres have a longstanding reputation and are loved by a lot of people for some generations, just not by anyone I hung out with as a teenager. The Eagles – one of the world’s best selling bands – are very well known and were loved by my parents. Their music can be more accurately described as Country or Soft-Rock. Then we had Chicago – world famous through ‘If You Leave Me Now’– also not hardcore Rock, but more on the Pop-Rock / Soft-Rock side, even described as Jazz-Rock here and there. And let’s not forget James Taylor, world famous singer- songwriter and guitarist, also more on the Soft – and even Folk, Rock side and especially favored by my Mom.

So I was not only ‘subjected’ to funky tunes, there was a lot of Rock in there too, just nothing too hardcore 🙂 I didn’t mind, since this was music that would be played during all our family weddings / anniversaries and I even sang some of those classics myself. We sure had fun doing that, the older generation – who mostly learned to play and sing by hearing – mixing with the young ones. I guess it’s one of the benefits of being born in a culture that is so rich in musicality, it must be in our blood. It goes without saying this kind of music was not at all appreciated by my contemporaries. Growing up between Pop, Disco and 80’s Synthwave, those artists sounded stuffy to their ears.

‘One of These Nights’, by The Eagles, originally released 1975, with three hit singles. The title song, Lyin’ Eyes and ‘Take it to the Limit’. Together with some family members, I performed (sang) the first at the wedding of one of my cousins…years ago 😂 and No, there’s no evidence, I burned it all.

‘That’s Why I’m Here’ by James Taylor, his 11th album, released in 1985. It certainly wasn’t the only one we owned, but this one I remember very well and I can still sing along with most of the songs, having it heard so many times in the past. Very meaningful lyrics and soul-touching music.

‘Toulouse Street’, by the Doobie Brothers, released 1972. Who has not heard ‘Listen to the Music’? At that same wedding, we threw this one in too… oh yeah 😎 Indonesian families and their parties…if you did not succeed in getting people on the dancefloor, you basically failed.

For us, it eventually came down to the blend of the ‘tougher’ Rock side, with the ‘smoother and funkier’ Jazz side. A band like The Doobie Brothers – another one in our collection –  combined said genres, while starting out as a real Rock band, it flowed into something more Jazzy, when they added other band members, especially singer Michael McDonald, who was into Soul Music. This brings me to one of the reasons why I kind of struggle with labels: they’re a mere guideline to what the music might actually sounds and feels like in my opinion. When someone recently tweeted that ‘if you can’t name the genre, you’re shit’… I had to really refrain myself from responding, though he might have been talking to other producers….I’m a Listener, not a creator. All I need to do Is Love Your Music, no matter the genre.

The Doobie Brothers (including Michael McDonald) Minute by Minute. (released 1978) ‘What a Fool Believes’ is just Funky Up to Date

As a music (playing and-) loving family, we were always on the lookout for new groovy sounds. Us kids picked up on collecting our own music pretty early, which meant we had A LOT of music going around. You might not know any of the artists that are mentioned on this page and to be honest, it’s only a small selection of the actual catalog of music we listened to. As mentioned in ‘My Kind of Music’, us kids would bring home the more contemporary Pop and Disco, though we would revert to Jazz-Rock and Fusion when we found something interesting: It all came down to Funk in the end.

The Debut album of The Reddings (an American 3 man band, including 2 sons of the famous Otis Redding, sharing their Funk/Soul/Disco sound), ‘The Awakening’, was most definitely one of the heaviest bass minded albums when I was young. The title track (part 1) is just Drum and Bass, which I mean quite literally and not like the genre that has been popular since the 90’s. I did not even TRY to explain this to my friends. If you love that funky bass and an incredible drum set, have a go at it. Unfortunately, they stopped after 4 albums.


(Yes, with just 1 S, though named after the constellation, which btw is my favorite one, since it looks like a W 🤐) is a Japanese Jazz-Fusion band, making highly energetic music with big smiles on their faces. I remember we had a VHS of one of their performances and it’s always so much better, when you have a visual. So, here’s the video of one of my favs, originally featured on their album ‘Cross Point’, released in 1981. They are still active and have a long list of albums as well as collabs, of which one is with Saxophonist David Sanborn, another fav, which I will get to later on.

Ultimate awesomeness was reached, when something was found that was unanimously voted ‘drive-to-Spain-music’. Or, as other people might simply call: car music. We used to spend almost every summer holiday in Spain. That meant about a 22 hour drive 🚗, which we always enjoyed – I know for you Americans, that’s nothing – and we needed good music along the way. This really became an issue when we got into our teens, but by then we had a good idea which tracks would never bore us, even if we had to listen to the same tape a couple of times. Then again, the listening would extend to the duration of the holiday and the way back.

I suppose it was kind of weird, for a girl at my age, to be interested in music that basically consisted out of tight drums accompanied by heavy slapping bass lines – in these genres the bass started to play a much more important role, while before it was always considered to stay in the background, laying down the beat (next to the drums) and melody. It was one of the things that would have to stand out in a song, to catch our attention, or maybe it was just me. I was definitely starting to focus on the bass part.  I cannot really explain why that funky bass is so important…it’s just that sound that goes straight to my funk soul… And yes, I married a bassplayer, so hey… That fascination never died down.

Rit, Vol 1, released 1981, was about Lee’s 10th album. By then I was in my teens, gotten into a lot of Disco and Pop and had developed a strong preference for up-tempo music. Not that I didn’t like ballads, there just weren’t enough really good ones in my opinion and dancing could be a bit of a thing too. This album has amazing added vocals and crazy funky tunes, like ‘Just Tell me Pretty Lies’ and ‘Mr. Briefcase’, the openings track, but even the mellower ‘Is it You’ – reworked by Funk LeBlanc, one of my new heroes, in 2019! – stuck with me all these years. Lee had only gotten more interesting in my eyes.

That same year, another legendary band was born: Shakatak. They debuted with ‘Drivin’ Hard’ and made a pretty good impression on us. Honesty compels me say though, the following albums were more to my taste and I was more than happy, they were brought into our home. As an English Jazz-Funk band, they did some groundbreaking work and were always very warm welcomed in The Netherlands, my home country. And still I wonder, why I never seem to have met any of those like-minded Shakatak lovers 🙄 More Shakatak later.

Furthermore, funky, yet sometimes screaming – read: thrilling –  guitar riffs and multiple keys / synths laying down the melodies as well as taking the lead. Not to mention some very noticeable horn sections, sax solo’s, well, crazy solo’s from all members and amazing breaks. Most of it was instrumental, but vocals weren’t out of the picture. Most of my friends were into Rock, the hardcore kind, not even Disco or Pop, that was ‘beneath’ them, so there was nothing much to share in that department. I did listen to a lot of other genres, I may have mentioned before, it was basically my oldest brother who would come home with more ‘alternative’ choices in music. I was always willing to listen and there was enough there to like. But still, I would always go back to funk.

‘Working’ with all kinds of artists is such a pleasure and I’m learning every day about their challenges, while achieving their goals. I can see some slight similarities here and there, but to actually compare myself with them, is taking it way too far. The main thing though – trying to live your dream – is what we have in common and that particular part of the struggle is the same. I do hope, that by now, more of you have started to fill your lives with chasing some of your dreams. It can be challenging, but also life changing and if there’s anything we need today, it might just be that, if only to keep those braincells from dying from lack of use 😜.

The album ‘As We Speak’, by David Sanborn, was released in 1982 and a direct hit. David is an American alto saxophonist and has been collaborating with many (session-) musicians and worked in many genres. Though this album is were his basis lies: Instrumental Jazz mixed up with some R&B and sprinkled with a little Pop. I daresay, I would still recognize his sound anytime. This album is also, where we fell in love with the bassplayer, another session musician, but working hard to get his own name established. That worked out pretty well, when the year after, his first solo album was released...

‘Suddenly’, by Marcus Miller (released 1983), is one of our personal evergreens for sure. What a way to start your solo career! Though Marcus will be known for his – sometimes over the top – solo’s, many years later, here he’s building up his reputation with solid, funky bass play. The openings track ‘Loving You’, showing that distinct Marcus Sound, but, without going too crazy – which is not always bad you know – he’s laying down his groove for years to come. He was and is and will forever be, my hubby’s Bass Hero. And Lo and Behold, that saxophonist, sounds really familiar…

In ‘My Kind of Music’, I talk about how the music I grew up with affected me. Little did I know, what that article would come to mean to me. It’s such a joy to have an escape in music. When I was young I would be in my room, listening for hours – I bet like most kids did and still do. I understand there are lots of people, to whom music doesn’t mean a thing. That is, I TRY to understand, because I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Did I need an escape really? Yeah maybe, in a way. My childhood was a pretty good one, but growing up and finding my own way… And then there was me, almost always being ‘the odd girl out’.

Whenever we did not listen to a record / cassette, or – later – a CD, the radio was playing. During that time, there wasn’t much of a choice, no such thing as streaming services, but I remember there were a couple of shows that were definitely worth listening to. I believe the best one was on Thursday evening between 8-10pm, called ‘The Soul Show’. Well…the name says it all, right? I would be glued to the radio, a cassette tape at the ready to capture every cool new song, just to be sure I wouldn’t miss anything.

‘Suprise Surprise’ (released in 1983), is the 4th album of Mezzoforte, a Jazz-Funk / Fusion, band from Iceland. They gained the most appreciation with their hit single ‘Garden Party’, but had way more to offer. Their music was just so very funky and uplifting and, not in the least, danceable. Never had any of us expected this kind of music coming from Iceland, but it just showed that the genre was more appreciated than we suspected, around the globe. Again, just not by people I knew 😑 Mezzoforte is still active and I am secretly hoping I will be able to interview them some day.

A couple of albums and years later, in 1986, they released ‘No Limits’. I’m telling you, there is nothing better than actually seeing the musicians do their thing. A concert wasn’t happening, but we got the VHS and what a joy. This album and the way they performed it, was just so much fun to watch! When you see them enjoying themselves, that’s when you know, this shit is REAL. They paired up with an amazing vocalist and there are some live video’s going round on YouTube, so you could catch them there too, which I would highly recommend you do. I just wanna Dance.

It was on one of these shows I first heard about the English band Level 42, of whom I would attend my first concert ever, somewhere in the mid 80’s. They were featured with a song that wasn’t even one of their greatest hits, but has stuck to me ever since. I became an instant fan and bought about every album they released during the 80’s. I remember during the intro, their frontman and bassist, Mark King, came down in the dark from the ceiling, hanging in some sort of rig, while playing his bass, which was ‘adorned’ with neon / luminous strings. The crowd went wild 😂 it was something special for sure at that time.

Fun Fact: somewhere halfway through the concert, for some reason I turned around and was totally perplexed when I noticed one of my class mates was literally sitting behind me… Out of about 50K people…we just looked at each other and started to laugh. We had no idea we were both fans. (it was not the only time I met friends or family members in unexpected places on this globe).

Level 42’s self titled debut (studio-) album, was released in 1981. Jazz, Funk and Pop, Level did an amazing job mixing them to their own special flavor. ‘Love Games’ will forever be a part of my playlist. Mark King is an animal on bass but all in all this (at that time) 4 man band is a little wonder of carefully arranged music, combined with very strong lyrics. Dance Babyy. Fun Fact: I’ve found another Level Lover in The Jupiter Gallery’s producer, nothing better than sharing good music.

In 1985 they release ‘World Machine’. The original albums were a little different from the ones now available on Spotify, but you’ll get the gist of it. While I mentioned earlier I always had a hard time finding really good ballads, this album contains ‘Lying Still’. Maybe not a ballad in the truest meaning of the word, but THIS I LIKE. Every once in a while this goes on repeat, like I did while on nightshift. It was playing for many, many nights. They even provided me with a close second: ‘Leaving me Now’.

1987 brought me ‘Running in the Family’ and by then Level was pretty big. I would not only buy their albums, I was also very much in the business of scoring 12″ vinyl’s from all my favs, which included Level. Greedy Much. This album contains multiple hit singles, though my fav is ‘To Be With You Again’. Years later, in 1998, they release a ‘very best of’ album – one of many – and there’s this one song in there… it ranks in the same place as Love Games and will be a forever love:Forever Now’.

So I was well on my way of creating my own nice collection of music, which included a lot of Disco and Pop. Mixed in with what my parents owned and my siblings brought home, it was pretty colorful 🌈🌈🌈 You’ll find a selection spread over the page like this:

With some of the artists I have developed a friendly relationship, though we only ‘meet’ online. But yeah, some of them have become real special to me and are an almost daily part of my life. Big parts of their music is based on music from the 80’s / 90’s, triggering all those music memories. If you love your music, I am pretty sure there are songs from the past that you still listen to, your personal evergreens, that will never lose their magic. That’s how it is for me and being surrounded – on a daily basis – by bits and pieces of my personal favs, is something I value A LOT.

Some icing on the cake, was when I was able to do a little interview with one of those long time favs. I had just re-discovered them and their music still felt so good to me, I just sent them an email with my request. I was literally screaming when I received a positive response! It was such a big deal for me, to be able to put one of my childhood music heroes in the Spotlight on Shakatak. They have been around for 40+ years now and next to the fact it really does mean I’m getting old, 🙄  it means they deserve my utmost respect. I really hope I will be able to dedicate more Spotlights to artists from ‘my time’, because most of them mentioned here are still in the business of making music.

‘Down on the Street’, released 1984 by Shakatak. Their Jazzy sound rings true in the way the piano is played and the funk is flowing through the bass. To name just two favs from this album: ‘Summer Sky’ and ‘Watching You’.

A jump in time, 1993, ‘Street Level’ is released. They have not in any way compromised their sound and kept true to their music. To name a couple of favs: ‘Without You’ and ‘Anyway You Want It’.

1/10/2021: I am hyped to publish The Spotlight on Shakatak and name it Music of My Life. You know what, if you’re interested, I have way too many favs, so here’s my playlist and I’m sure, it’s not even complete yet 😅

Most of the musicians I talk to, are still young and it makes it even more special to know, they find their inspiration in music that was created before they were born, or at least, while they were too young to even be aware of it. Some of them had of course parents who raised them with their taste, like we did, but there are those who actually found their own way, through all the multiple genres. It’s fascinating to me, to hear them talk about how the music from that time has become such an influence in their life and the way they create their own stuff out of that experience. One of the most heard opinions is –  they basically agree on the fact –  the 80’s / 90’s music was real, happy, music. I would be the last to disagree.

To hear them talk about our mutual heroes is funny too. Seeing as how  my kind of music found no appreciation among my friends: they hadn’t even heard of it. To now hear it all coming back to me, makes me feel I am finally able to share the appreciation for the genres, which had been missing when I was younger. Though Smooth Jazz still has kind of a bad rap somehow. Sharing music with like- minded souls is just so much fun! (I told you we do the same with our kids and it keeps me on my toes 😎). And it’s totally cute, when someone is trying to sell me the music I already heard before they were born. Who’s Old?? And yes, many times I feel like such a Mom.

Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour – Early A.M. Attitude a Grammy Award winning song, where the two play together once again, on the album Harlequin, released 1985. I added this song to the first ever ‘Some Groovy Medicine’ playlist (who remembers?) Now archived.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my online friends, living in Venezuela, tweeted about his broken headphones and how it had been a year since he was able to properly listen to his favorite music. It wasn’t even a sad post – the guy always has a very positive outlook on things – but yeah, my heart…I contacted him about it and we had a nice talk. Now I don’t know a lot about Venezuela, but what I know is not all of the happy kind. Music is about the only, safe, escape and to not be able to have that anymore… So we quickly made sure he got a replacement. Just a couple of days later, I was following the ‘Disco Forever‘, stream, when somebody mentioned me in the chat. Silly me, way to slow to pick up on what was said – that chat is going wild most of the times – and on top of that, way to slow to actually type something hahah Who’s Old 🙄

It took me at least 10 minutes before I realized he was there too, listening with his new headphones and so happy about it. There went my heart again… It seems such a trivial thing, a set of headphones…I mean, we’re living in a part of the world, where there shouldn’t be any reason to complain, we have about everything we need and also want. Not so much over there though. I wouldn’t really know what to do if I couldn’t listen to my music anymore. It would leave a very big gap in my life for sure even though my circumstances are far from dire.

It’s the year 1986 as The Rippingtons are welcomed in our home. I am 18 years old and about to stand on my own. it’s the year I met Steve and the fact he’s a bass player and loves the exact same music as I do is such a bonus. The Rippingtons are one of the first bands we kind of discovered together and though their debut album ‘Moonlighting’, is pretty good, even better stuff was on the way… Russ Freeman is the leader and incredible guitarist of the Smooth-Jazz / Jazz- Fusion / Jazz-Pop, band. As so many bands with such a long standing career, changes happened and several saxophonist players have been a part of the band. They started out with Brandon Fields – who is currently back with them, since they’re still active – but even Kenny G (yes, that one) made an appearance on this album. And then there was Jeff Kashiwa… One thing doesn’t change: their mascot, the Jazz cat.

In 1989, they release ‘Tourist in Paradise‘, a very memorable album for me, especially the title song – somehow they’re always the ones getting to me. But the real banger in my opinion came much later: it’s 1993, when ‘Live in L.A.’ is released and OMG I am completely sold, after having watched the VHS, a prized possession. Their performance is so electric and the fun they’re having is radiating from the stage. I strongly suggest you look up the video’s on YouTube, there are a couple, just don’t take my word for it. I am talking about a band which sounds even better live. Although Highroller was my Abso-freakin-lutely fav – I mean, that basss – I have been vibing really hard on ‘Dream of the Sirens, this last week. They also, have been working under the GRP label and for us that label was equal to the quality we were looking for in music. After all these years, I still go crazy when listening to their creativity and groove: They’re timeless.

The story reminded me of my first Spotlight artist – whom we consider a part of the family really – though the situation was not completely the same. Shortly after his article was published, he told me his headphones were broken and he was waiting to order a new pair. So it was a bit of Deja-vu and when I talked to him about the above, he was basically saying the same: Living in The Dominican Republic, he is very much aware of all the difficulties Latin America is dealing with and the way music can elevate ones spirits. It’s sad when the one thing that gives some amount of comfort, is no longer available to you.

Though most of my musical friends don’t live in South America, they are facing other struggles, and covid is certainly adding to that. If there’s one good side to be named of this whole situation, that would be the amount of time they could have, to dedicate themselves to their art. However, there are those who still have to follow online classes and / or, have a job to go to. The pressure they experience is of another kind.

Put like this, it makes a lot of sense: music is made to share and though streaming platforms have their important place, being unable to physically connect with other musicians and their fans through live performances, is taking its toll. Some of them had only just started and were still working on building an audience. News about clubs closing down and festivals postponed and eventually canceled is not helping either 🤐The live music scene seems to be slowly dying, along with all other kinds of businesses. Hence the increase in online parties / live streams, which helps with building that fanbase. Still they keep hope for the future and some have started planning cautiously, for live performances / shows, again.

Of course we all suffer from the pandemic pressure, it just effects us in different ways and area’s in our life. Looking at myself: I’m healthy, I really do have everything I need and more, I’m happy and so is my family. But even I can feel the mental pressure and it’s no fun. Music is for sure an escape to me. I am not joking, when I say, I can’t even write to my satisfaction, without the right music on. Sometimes all it takes is just one good track on repeat, other times it might be a favorite playlist. Listening to new music usually won’t work well, since my attention will be drawn to the music. Don’t know how I ever was able to do my last job whaha.

What I grew up to believe was ‘funky’ or ‘groovy’, might not always agree with how the young people would describe it. Could very well be, I’ve been wrong all these years, wouldn’t be the first time. To give my personal description: A song should be Danceable, Catchy and Happy. Preferable with great, memorable, lyrics. Smooth funky (read: thumping, slapping) basslines – which should be accompanied by tight drums – as as well as guitar riffs (read: ‘a repeated sequence of notes or chords that appears in a piece of music‘, you know what I mean) that make you want to dance – there you have it again. Synths, piano, I love them!

Just for funsies, let me check: If you look up ‘Funky’, it says something about things smelling funky hahah, but in case of Music: ‘having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that of funk‘. Alright Then. If you look up ‘Groovy’, it literally says: ‘fashionable and exciting’, in case of a haircut 😂 and ‘excellent‘, in case of Music. Well…I just think the fashionable and exciting might as well count for music. Seems like my feelings aren’t that far off from how ‘the world in general’ describes these two.

In Spotlight on Funk LeBlanc, you can read how their music played a big role in starting the Spotlight series. I had been in contact with their manager from the start, a very nice guy, who told me to freely use all their music, which I did. He told me they were not just ready for an interview yet and really wanted to focus on making music first, and thus, staying anonymous. I respected that of course, but my pursuit of their music was kind of relentless and so it happened, the Spotlight was written as a way to say ‘Thank You’, for their awesome music.

He then told me, they were working hard on a couple of releases, but had to push back on stuff, due to covid. It became pretty quiet for a couple of months, but they came back at the 27th of January, stronger than ever. If I thought I was already happy with their new music, I was ecstatic when they started following me back a week later on Instagram! It was like a belated Christmas present, having one of my absolute favs follow me, silly me 😂 I kind of screamed for real and immediately sent their manager a message, thanking them for following me and when he said: ‘Of course, you’re special to us’,…Fangirl Much whaha. Not gonna lie, my hope for an eventual interview has not died yet.

Released 1/27/2021, a collab with Tom Aspaul and together with ‘Tender 2’, available on vinyl from April 16th via Bandcamp.

Released 2/14/2021 and yet another Valentine’s Day present 💖Different from any previous released tracks, showing their creativity.

Released 2/24/2021, another collab with Tom Aspaul, where Funk LeBlanc is totally channeling his ‘Michael McDonald vibe’.

After 32 Spotlights – including a couple of previews and always a couple on the waiting list to be written and Spotlight 2 ready for take off – it’s pretty cool to be a tiny bit involved in what’s going on in their music making business –  even if it might only be in my head lol. In my opinion, it all escalated pretty quickly, but maybe I should leave that for Part 3.

To Be Continued?

Wishing y’all a very Smooth Weekend, get your Jazz on, cuddle up to your lover and Fusion away

If you haven’t enough yet, Steve has a pretty awesome Spotify playlist and the title will tell you all you need to know:





Feel Better playlist, updated every Monday 🎵

Feel Better playlist archived in original order 🎵

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  1. I like my music with a little less funk and a little more rock. I don’t think I could go into as much detail as you but, I began to like Rush because they blow me away now. Whereas 5 yrs ago, I would have laughed at listening to them. I just love spirit of the radio and yes they do a little ska in that.

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