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Special Feature 8/22/2020
Wern Records

Meet Wern Records: a new Independent Record Label based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Consisting of four young adults, whose interest lies in music, music and… some more music. Their vision is fueled by their own experiences in the music industry, since one of their founders is a music producer / songwriter himself. They know what any independent artist might stumble on and wish to reach out a helping hand for as long and as much as needed.

My kind of Music, with Wern Records.


Future House Playlist Wern

Part three of my personal Trilogy of this week’s Spotlights is a slightly different one from all previous Spotlights. When I threw my bait out there, seeing if anybody would be interested to ‘warm up in my next Spotlight’ there were no reactions, or so I thought… Little did I know, I was in for a surprise.

Groove House Playlist Wern

Waking up in the night means a quick check on my phone. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had received a message from one the founders of Wern Records, who started following me after EDES’ article was published. Thank you for that btw 😉 He also recently did a collab with SoundKid – ‘Moving On’. I love it when a story comes together, or as we would say ; everything happens for a reason.

He said he’d just released his own record label and would love if I wanted to write about it. He had read ‘Spotlight on EDES’ and apparently liked it. It’s always good to hear my articles appeal to the readers, where would I be without them.

Bass House Playlist Wern

So here we are. To be honest, it is kind of a challenge, in the way that I have no idea what a record label is about, but then again, I’m no musician either, so… After some back and forth mailing, I understood what they were asking for: all attention should be directed at the record label and not at the founders and their music. However, my blog wouldn’t be the same, without a little background information too.

So first let me properly introduce to you Wern Records:

Pontus Wernhammar – CEO, Founder

Mikael Törnros – A&R, Promo, Founder

Sigge Röstlund – A&R, Streaming & Promotion, Founder

Isak Blidefjord – Coordinator, Founder

Wern Records

It all started in high school, where they shared the same classes. Pontus started to make music, so the guys all gathered after school at his place to join in. Of course they only improved with time and then Pontus got the idea to start a record company.

EDM Playlist Wern

By that time they had their share of experience in producing and releasing music and they knew how hard this could be at times and what kind of difficulties one could meet on their way. Their wish to help others, to hopefully prevent them from meeting the same issues, fueled the plan further – aiming to produce and release good music.

If and when they will release new music themselves, it will not just be through Wern Records, which could have been considered as expected, but just proves that independence is truly honored.

I received a nice compliment – thank you again – when they told me they think what I am doing with my blog – the Spotlight’s – is a great idea: to help get at least some of those talents and their music out there and heard. I just want to say: I never thought my blog would take this turn, but it happened and is happening and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of it. I’ve always considered being able to help is one of the most rewarding things in life.

Future Pop Playlist Wern

I guess in that respect the essence of our goal is the same, although theirs reaches a lot further: They hope to make a change for musicians, help them get their songs released and give them the best possible chance to become a big hit.

When talking about if being under any contract with them wouldn’t diminish the artists independence they explained that at Wern Records, they do not sign the artist, but they sign the singles and EP’s. This means the artists are not under any contract themselves. Which in turn means, they will still be able to release their own songs on any other record label, or on their own, if they wish to do so.

Hardstyle Playlist Wern

Since they’ve just started, they’re working pretty hard to get things done. Always gives me the impression that there’s little time left for (other) fun things. Although one could consider making your hobby your work cannot be a real hardship and they sure seem to enjoy themselves. However, when they do find some time to spare, they also enjoy jet-ski rides, road-trips to new places – and who wouldn’t – and of course, to go full circle, listen to good new music.

Of course I’ve been going through the playlists mentioned here. You can find all their playlists containing multiple genres, on Spotify. I think by now it would be obvious which is my favorite, although it certainly does not mean I cannot fully appreciate other genres too. I hope you will all find something to your liking and if not, maybe your music will be filling that gap. Wern Records is for sure showing their door is open to anything.

Funk and Soul Playlist Wern

So before we go to the interview, a BIG Thank You, Wern Records! I wish you guys all the blessings, wisdom and fun while working your way through all these fantastic (new) artists. Thank you for trusting me to showcase your record label, I hope it will lead to good things for you guys! You will also be mentioned on the Spotlight page.

Let’s start with a little introduction; who is Wern Records? Do you have like a vision which you aim to realize?

‘Wern is an independent, recently started Stockholm-based record label!  We are four Music interested Young adults and one of us is a Music producer/songwriter.  Our vision is creating a opportunity for small and upcoming artists to get their Music out there’.

Where can musicians find you and get in contact with you?

‘Musicians can find us on our social media such as Instagram, Twitter etc. and on our website were you can Contact us and see recent news and releases’.



Contact Wern records

What is it specifically you are looking for / who would you like to work with?

‘We are not looking for anything specific, we are looking for good Music from new upcoming producers. People we like to work with are producers with a bit more experience, that aren’t new to the game’.

Do you have any preferences about genres or are you open to anything?

‘We are open minded regarding the genres but we are more focused on all Electronic Music’.

Deep House Playlist Wern

What can you offer people who wish to work with you, how are you different from other record labels?

‘Good service and Communication between the artist and record label and we always strive to achieve the artists’ wishes and goals with the music they have created.  Unlike other record companies, we are very open about the genre in which the artist wants to produce Music within’.

What was the first official project you have been working on and did it end up being everything you’ve wanted?

‘We are currently working hard on our first official Project so we haven’t seen if it is everything we wanted but is looking good so far’.

This has been a bit of a crazy year, but what are your goals for the near future and how big are your dreams in the long run?

‘Goals for the near future is to grow our brand and get our name out there. For the long run we want to become a established and well trusted Brand and Label that artists can come to and fulfill their dreams and goals’.

Is there anything else you would like to add, just so people know it’s you they have been looking for all this time?

‘We are welcoming any and all artists with open arms and we will help them at the best we can to get them to reach their full potential as a producer’.

Interested to end up on this list?






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