Spotlight on Jason Gallo-Gaffner

Special Feature 7/23/2020 (Updated 8/25/2020)
Jason Gallo-Gaffner

Jason Gallo-Gaffner is a nu-disco/pop/dance artist from Los Angeles who has garnered attention with his collaborations and individual releases. In just the few last years he’s worked with Feki, John Dahlbäck, NoMBe,  Sam Padrul, Farleon, Mark Maxwell, Jimny, Tyler Touché, Funk LeBlanc, Bolivard, Vantage, Casino Gold, Mattanoll, La Felix, Clyde Hill & Robotaki. He is an in demand songwriter for major label artists and has appeared on numerous top 40 songs as a writer or as a session guitar/bass player. He also makes up 1/2 of future indie duo Limón Limón. Source: About Jason Gaffner– Spotify.

My kind of Music, with Jason GalloGaffner.


As mentioned in the previous Spotlight, here’s the separate feature on Jason Gallo-Gaffner! But first a quick reminder how I ‘found’ Jason in my playlist, just click the pics 😉

Just The Way It Goes

A-P Connection, ft. Jason Gallo-Gaffner

Why Do I Do

Sam Padrul, ft. Jaso Gallo-Gaffner – Funk LeBlanc Remix

Believing In Yesterday

Limón Limón – Believing In Yesterday – La Felix Remix

It took me some time but eventually found out, next to all Jason’s (previous) solo work, he is also one half of Limón Limón. The songs featured by Jason, that got my attention in the first place, were the more funky (remixed-) ones, but with Limón Limón, a different sound filled my ears. Overall, Jason’s talents can be heard in different genres, you cannot quite pin him down to just one.


Now when telling about the music I grew up with, I emphasized Jazz-Rock and Funk, which were prominently present. But there were other influences too, the ones I most remember are The Eagles and Chicago.

You have to understand, that within the (Dutch-) Indonesian culture I grew up in, the guitar is a most valued instrument and singing just naturally comes along with it. These classics were played over and over again.

When listening to Jason’s voice, he’s reminding me of something from that time and I actually listened to some Chicago songs, to find out if that’s where the recognition came from. Well… In a way yes, but not because his voice particularly sounds the same, I think for me it’s more an overall feel I get, when listening. Hard to explain really, but his voice gives me a nostalgic feel and is just very pleasant to my ears. Which basically means, I could listen to him all day.

Night and Day

I read that Jason’s voice is compared to Adam Levine’s and to be honest, I do get that but still, I think I would recognize the difference quite easily.

Anyways, when a song called ‘Barcelona Night’ was released by Limón Limón, the start of June this year, my interest was surely piqued! Spain has been our ‘No.1 holiday’ forever and some years ago, we were able to take time to discover Barcelona for a couple of days. That city is way to big too discover in its entirety but yeah…everything Spain has our attention. It feels like coming home every time we arrive.

Barcelona Night – Limón Limón

I think Limón Limón makes happy, summery music, with strong melodies and lyrics you just have to listen to and I quote;

 ‘We wanted to create music that is fun, positive, good vibe music while also making it high quality, unique and engaging’.

Source; Instagram @jasongallogaffner – 08/25/2019 (after the release of their first song, ‘Trying Not To Think About You’ – see my Homepage!).

I went through Jason’s playlists (updated mine of course) and can only say, he is absolutely right! Their music is uplifting and sometimes even really sweet;  ‘July in Sydney’ is just too cute.

July In Sydney – Limón Limón

By the way, on YouTube you can find very cool Lyric Video’s! Really love those, makes it all so much easier 🙂

This time I gotten a little bolder (just a tad…) and asked Jason straight out if he wouldn’t mind answering a couple of questions to share with you all. Luckily he was very helpful, Thank You Jason! The results you can read below. You can imagine I broke out in a sweat when Jason mentioned ‘I’ve always been a great writer’ No. Pressure. At. All.  ** insert shaking, sweating emojis **

Again, BIG Thank you to Jason Gallo-Gaffner! I loved the way you answered, so totally genuine. I wish you and Limón Limón all the blessings and inspiration and will keep following you and update any new release on my Spotlight page.

Find Jason on Youtube / Instagram or Facebook!

You sing, write and play different instruments. How did this all start and do you prefer one over the other?

‘I started with piano as a young kid, then saxophone in band then guitar as a preteen and then just kept playing guitar in bands and in studio sessions. Then picked up bass guitar and decided to start singing because it was always hard to find a singer‘.

As far as writing I’ve always been a great writer and I’ve won multiple literary competitions when I was growing up, for more traditional writing. I got a scholarship to college for writing: Notably creative writing. So translating that into songwriting was pretty seamless’.

 If anyone wishes to find more info about you, what do you suggest?

You can just give my website, which is in my IG bio’

You are one half of Limón Limón, who is the other half and how long have you been working together?

Limón Limón

Rand is the other half of Limón Limón. We started working together a few years ago, doing some writing and production. And then we just liked working with each other and wanted to keep it going. This project came pretty organically’.

How would you describe your music?

I would say our music is “indie future”, so it has an indie vibe but there are a lot of other elements that we like’.

NOTE; What is indie music? Independent music (often referred to as indie music or indie) is music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, a process that may include an autonomous, do-it-yourself approach to recording and publishing. SOURCE; Wikipedia

Do you have any goals you still hope to achieve this year, despite the whole corona situation?

‘We had to cancel all of our shows due to the corona-virus. But we have been focusing on finishing a lot of recorded music and collaborating with new people. So we have lots of new music on the way’.

To avoid overheating in the meantime, I suggest the following;

Frozen Lemonade

Find Jason also on SoundCloud! All his music in one place – click below pic 🙂

Jason on SoundCloud





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