Some Cheesy Stuff


Some Cheesy Stuff

(or how cheeseball could be my middle name)

If you’re a cheeseball like me, you’re gonna love this one. It’s time for a treat!

Cheese, Cheese and more Cheese

I know, if you’re French, you might not agree with me, since you French really know your cheese, but I was always pretty content with what is sold in The Netherlands. Cheese in so many varieties and yes, also a lot of imported kinds from France and other countries. The smellier the better – I can hear people groan now – but even the ‘plain’ Dutch cheese would do just fine for me. You might not believe it, but on every holiday to Spain, my parents made sure to take a quarter of a cheese with us, something like this:

Never mind those slices, gimme that cheese

Holland is also very fond of their bread, for breakfast and lunch, or even for dinner. To be honest, I’m not that much of a bread eater, but for a nice fresh slice of bread – preferable the more luxurious kind – with some good Dutch cheese – preferable the matured ones – you can wake me up! I think I did tell you about this girl at school, with whom I exchanged lunch about every day, since she would always bring freshly baked bread, with…Cheese.

See what I mean?

I would be that person, claiming, about everything tastes better with cheese. Well, maybe not Indonesian dishes lol. Pizza? Four cheeses please! Grilled cheese sandwich anybody?? Put a drop of olive oil in a frying pan, lay down the cheese and put the bread on top… The cheese will melt in the bread and get a bit fried… Hmm.. And oh yeah, use some spices to top it off! Turn the bread so it get a bit toasted and enjoy! Potatoes? Cook them, sprinkle with some grated cheese and throw them in the oven for a couple of minutes…aah. Same for any pasta dish. And I could go on and on.

The smellier the better 😂

My Mom’s Mac-and-Cheese was the best, very simple, but when she put it in the oven to finish it off… Wow. How to make something simple taste like heaven haha. The little recipe I’m about to share is also something she made and boy was it a treat! She did not make it too often, which was her way of keeping it special. I can tell you, it always worked. They were favored by all of us. When she started to fill those large glass storage jars – the old ones – it was such a nice sight, for such a short time lol.


Coming to Ireland, meant I really had to review my love for cheese. It’s just not the same unfortunately. And for someone who basically only likes cheese to go with her bread, this was a tough one for sure. BUT, as with all things regarding change, I sort of adjusted and found some cheeses I can live with. Though I will tell you, one of the first things I eat when back in The Netherlands, is Dutch cheese.

Typical 🙄

Back to my recipe, of course I adjusted it a bit to my taste and you can do the same. My Mom would use Matured Dutch cheese, grated is the easiest. Since it took me forever to find a grater here (why is that?) I got used to using grated cheese as well as well as the cheese slices they sell here. But you can use any cheese you like: I had a couple of bags grated mozzarella almost going to waste in my fridge and thought it would be nice to make this today and share it with you all.

It’s so Gooood

I think you got the message, hardly a day goes by without some cheese, so I’m going to leave it with that. Here’s the recipe, I hope you’ll give it a try, it’s really easy and it will be done in under an hour!

What you need:

3 little cups of flour (about 150 grams)

1-2 cups of – grated- cheese (use a mix if you like!)

1 egg

1 tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon mixed spices to taste (including pinch of salt)

(you do need an oven, lol)

How To:

Mix all the ingredients and knead into a dough. Make little balls and place them on a oven rack, lined with baking papier. Place it in a preheated oven – mine is getting real hot, real fast, so I will turn it up to 160 degrees. Bake them for about 12-15 minutes, or until golden brown.


That’s it! Short and Sweet, but not really. Let me know if you tried it and if you in any way adjusted it to your personal taste, I’m always up for something new!

Source: Common English Bible

Wishing y’all a very tasty weekend, just remember: once you start, you won’t be able to stop!





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