HELP! The Unheard Cry

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HELP! The Unheard Cry

(or how my ears are overruled by my heart)

🌸 So I’ve talked about support and about SELF-ish care, but what about an actual cry for help, even if there’s no sound heard? Don’t worry, I’m not hearing voices – well at least not in the way you’re probably thinking. But I do hear cries of help, coming from the hearts of multiple young people. Somehow, the last couple of articles seem to all be a part of a series. You can consume them in random order, the main ingredient remains LOVE.

Unfortunate Reality

🌸 Sometimes it seems my ‘online’ life is way more exciting – not always in a good way! – than my real life, but let me assure you, I’m very much aware of its paradox. However there’s no going around the fact, some real things are happening online if I make the effort to read between the lines. (Un-) fortunately for me, I seem to have a hang for that. It’s not always a feat I’m happy with or particularly proud of, but it kind of brings me ‘all over the globe’, to places I can only hope to visit some time in the future for real.

🌸 I know it’s not the first time I’m mentioning this, but since I’m pretty sure y’all have not read all of the articles yet – and if you did, thank you very nice! – some things need repeating. That’s one of the happy things about this being my blog you know. But seriously, this is also something our hearts have been moved to work with for years. You might call it a sixth sense and it sometimes does feel like that to me too, but we believe it’s something supernatural working through us and to be specific, God’s Spirit speaking to our spirit. It’s more than a feeling, more than a sense, it’s KNOWING with our minds and hearts.

🌸 This is what I meant last week when I said, quoting myself: ‘I will ‘see’ something, others don’t’. Am I always right? Hah. I wish. But I did learn to follow that feeling, that hunch, that, however-you-wish-to-call-it, to not have to accept I’m actually saying I feel lead by God’s Spirit. I don’t really care how you’d describe it, but I do know some of you have the same sense when it comes to people in need. Let’s be honest, it’s no rocket science to figure stuff like that out, it basically has a lot to do with – again – if you’re willing to make the effort to invest in others, especially if you believe they’re worth it. But wait… every soul is worth it…but not every soul is accepting.

🌸 This week I’m going to tell you a bit about another young man I met online because of his music production skills. My first impression was one of him being a very social, funny guy, who was very much into his music. He was very engaging and most people reacted positively on his encouraging attitude. There was no sign at all of any possible problems bothering him, he was never complaining about anything really. One of the first things he asked me about was the blog and he was very nice about it too. We basically chatted in the general group on discord, but then he messaged me privately and we started to talk about our music tastes and what he was into.

🌸 He sent me a private link to the music he was working on and of course I listened to it. Because the day he sent me the link was our anniversary, it took me some time to give him the feedback he asked for. Well, he didn’t, but I heard the question anyway. So we kept talking music for a bit and then I asked if he actually did release anything on Spotify. His answer, disguised with a joke, was enough for me to have alarm bells ringing. I couldn’t not ask and eventually got the story out. I won’t get into too much detail, but it broke my heart and had me crying at my laptop. There are things in life I will never understand as a parent and one of them is making your kids move out by force.


🌸 Unless we’re talking bloody murder or an addiction beyond saving, I just can’t understand how you can get rid of your kid all the while knowing they have no place to go and not enough money to survive: a lousy paid job is not getting them anywhere fast. I’m not saying the kid is innocent per se, but to be honest, as a parent we can just take responsibility and see if there’s anything we could have done better. How’s kicking your kid out in circumstances like that even going to help them? Maybe try to find some help first…but hey, who am I to talk right? The only thing I know, is leaving them on the street to fend for themselves is usually not automatically getting them on a better path.

🌸 This guy was not asking for any help from me. Understandable, because who could he trust anyways? Even now, a couple of weeks later, I know it’s hard for him to word anything close to sounding like a request for help. Reading between the lines is a must, if I want to get him the (structural) help he needs. Because obviously, from the other side of the world, there’s only so much I can do. Luckily I could join forces with some online friends and we all are doing our best to get him settled and safe. And let’s not forget, fed. Asking for help won’t come naturally to most, but when you’ve gotten so low, it might feel like it’s hopeless to even try. Trust in humanity is gone by then and most are convinced they have only themselves to blame and are destined to live like this for the rest of their lives.

🌸 Asking for help doesn’t come naturally to most. Yes I said that already. But be honest, how easy is it for you to ask for help? I know there are people who seem to have no issue with asking for help with work, school or even what kind of clothes to wear. But if you’ve ever been in deep trouble, how did that feel? Fighting the overwhelming emotions of guilt, failure and shame, how easy was it to reach out to somebody? I know how it feels, I know it very well. Because after you’ve ‘fallen’ in the eyes of man, after you’ve been scrutinized and judged, it’s not very appealing to put your trust in anybody. Doesn’t matter if what happened was your fault or not, you’ve been ‘weighed and found wanting’. Done for. So you struggle alone, though you really don’t have to.

🌸 Then there are those that might actually offer you help, but only under their – strict – conditions. Okay, okay, not all conditions are bad, some might actually be in place to protect us, but those are not the ones I’m talking about. I’m talking about unreasonable, unrealistic conditions, do you get what I’m saying? If you do ‘feel’ someone needs help even if they’ve not reached out to you, because your emphatic that way – or are you? – how do you go about it? Or Do You Even? The Unheard Cry for HELP can be the loudest one if we would only listen. Body language – though not applicable here – can certainly add to convince you somebody is in desperate need of an outstretched hand, or should I say, an open ear? No, better yet: An Open Heart.

🌸 It’s within my Soul (Feelings, Mind and Will) and my Spirit (Intuition, Conscience and Faith), I see/feel when something’s wrong. Sometimes deeply wrong. Put the two of them together, my Soul and my Spirit and I can easily say, I Feel It In My Heart. The worst part is, when my body gets involved and it pours out into…tears. And I was in tears when hearing my friend telling his story. I’m sure I don’t even know half of it and to be honest, I don’t really need to. The way he communicated to me made it pretty clear he had quite a rough time of it and needed help. Stat. We really don’t have to accept all that life throws at us. Sometimes we just need to duck, evade or simply run in the opposite direction.

Share the Burden

🌸 It’s not up to me to judge whether his situation was his own fault, it’s not up to me to put the blame on anybody, It’s Not Up To Me to Judge. Is it that easy? Nope. It’s not. But if I take time to think about it I will always come to this same conclusion. I will never know the whole story so I will never be able to act as a proper judge. I simply don’t have the wisdom to do so. Even more so, I’m not called to be one. The cry for help was never worded, yet I heard it loud and clear. Does it happen all the time? No, because I wouldn’t survive playing Atlas, taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. Just guessing I would need a tiny bit more workout sessions for that.

🌸 When my heart is ready to hear that cry for help, I should also be ready to respond: it’s not a monologue, it’s a conversation. If you’re one wanting to do all the talking, you’re definitely not ready to hear something so profound yet silent. On the other hand, if you’re one to keep your mouth shut at all costs, your response might be just as non-existent. What’s the middle ground for me then? Hah. Good question. Talking about a conversation – a good one! – there are at least two participants. Unless you talk to yourself of course, though those conversations are sometimes the best, especially when your answers are taking you by surprise. The most important ingredient for a good conversation would be my ability to listen. O dear, am I back where I started?

🌸 Once the cry has been heard and responded to, my quest begins. Action speaks louder than words and ain’t that the truth! How empty would my words be, if not followed by action! After my friend agreed he did need help, we decided a fundraiser might be a good idea. However, he already tried this before and ended up deleting it, since people did not seem to take him serious. Oeff. Now if we had been in the position to gift the whole amount ourselves, we probably would have done so. It’s not uncommon for us, because, if you can, why wouldn’t you? Unfortunately this wasn’t the case at the moment and since I felt the idea of a fundraiser certainly had merit, I took it upon myself to start something similar. And booked no success whatsoever.

🌸 My faith, my God, will never leave me hanging though and when I DID hear His voice, telling me: ‘leave it with Me’, I knew things would turn out for the better. Next thing that happened was I unexpectedly and unintentionally, connected with one of my friend friends. They saw my post – which lead to nothing much – and responded to me asking, I quote: ‘My friend needs help’. It took a hot second for me to discover they didn’t know who I was talking about and for them to realize Just Who I was talking about. Bingo! They actually are in the same group of music producers, and what a coincidence! Yeah…No. Seriously, it only happens so many times in your life, you meet people who are absolute treasures, luckily God made me a map to find them. Without their help, we wouldn’t have gotten this far.

I Heard You

🌸 Long story short – ahahahaha – this friend lives an hour away from where our friend in need stayed, and decided to pick him up to take him back with him, to apparently, the place our mutual friend was born in. He encouraged me to set up a proper fundraiser and the whole time we kept encouraging each other to make sure our mutual friend would get the help he needed. Are we there yet? No, but we’re certainly off to a good start! Our friend has a roof over his head for now and got his old job back. Still, to cover the gap until he is back on his feet again, the GoFundMe is in effect and don’t you pretend to not know where today’s story will end! Exactly. With me encouraging you, to click on the link below and if you can, show my friend some love. If only for the fact they advertise saying it’s all so easy but still took me about 3 hours to figure it out lol.

🌸 The effects of time zones are hilarious, when my friends are ready to get active, I’m about to dive into bed, and figuring out the GoFundMe took me most of the night. The link went live at around 3:30am 8/26/21 and can I just say how freakin proud I was?! Yes, thank you very nice hahah. I basically haven’t had much sleep ever since the morning I got the report that brought me to tears – hence a day delay again! – but hey, what else is new really. Was it worth it? YESS, ABSOLUTELY. Again, we’re not there yet, but we have high hopes of a happy ending. Time + encouragement + love and yeah in this case + some money, aka SUPPORT, will make us achieve our goal. If you ever hear HELP! The Unheard Cry, your heart is ready. It’s up to you if you will be that first responder or not.

Y’all Know This

Wishing y’all a very Peaceful Weekend, hope you’ll be hearing something soon

2 thoughts on “HELP! The Unheard Cry

  1. As Wieneke’s husband I like to add something to this. It doesn’t need to be money when you are not able to support that way, it can also be a small token of appreciation of any kind, a smiley or whatever can light up a person’s day. Some flowers or a card with a text. We’ve all been there sometimes: you needed a hug or some L❤️ve. Don’t hesitate to do so, it can light up that person and bring joy to their lives. Also from my side THANK YOU for everything. ❤️🎶

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