Spotlight on Discoholics Anonymous

Special feature 2/26/2023

Spotlight on Discoholics Anonymous

My name is Wien and I’m a Discoholic

What a day to resume the Spotlights! Because, yes! I Am a Discoholic. Totally entranced by the brand that is Discoholic. Though they are a group, their spokesman is ‘the bartender’, always willingly serving us to quench our never ending Disco thirst. I’ve already introduced them in my Spotlight on Discoholic as well as in the Flashlight on Movie Love. In this spotlight episode, I’ll give you a very, tiny, itty, bitty, small impression of their latest album, ‘Discoholics Anonymous‘, and a little bit more of the Discoholics Anonymous meetings. These take place every Saturday evening, 8PM EST on Twitch. And you know what? This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary! To Celebrate I hope to surprise Discoholic, fingers crossed! Buckle up, it’s a Wilde Ride for sure!

5 years after the release of Discoholic’s first album, ‘Illusion‘, they made an astonishing comeback, with an album that had been announced for about just as long. It’s a good thing this bartender shakes up a nice Cocktail every week (F*** THE COCKTAIL), because we could have died from thirst by now. Anyways, good things come to those who wait and in Discoholic’s eyes, this wasn’t even a comeback at all, I quote: “Disco never died—it was only on vacation.” And so it was, on the 2nd of September 2022, “Discoholics Anonymous” was -finally!- released. It’s been 5 months, what’s your excuse for not listening to it yet?

An album with a couple of already well known songs, for those who claimed to be true discoholics, but also including rather ingenious new tracks. Glorious disco, interpreted and performed in a refreshing new way only Discoholic can, with a wink to days gone by. This is smartly combined with some R&B juice, as well as some Jazzy influences. The overall vibe the album is radiating, is one of uninhibited fun and joy. Shake your booty to the fantastic rhythm throughout the album and sing along with The Most Hilarious lyrics to have ever entered my ears. And baby, don’t worry, if you get hooked -and you will- help is jus a phone call away…

In the meanwhile, the Discoholics Anonymous (DA) meetings, had passed their first anniversary, the 26th of February, 2022. That evening we got to surprise Scooter (more on him later) with a little video, including a couple of discoholics saying thanks. All in their own special (read: disturbed) way. I will do my best to try and give y’all a general idea about how those DA meetings fill my Saturday nights, all in hopes you won’t turn away from disco forever, but rather get excited to join this, I quote: “JAMMING to AUDIENCE-SUBMITTED JAMS on the hyperinteractive chaotic mess that is WDSK 97.9 FM!”

This was not how it started though. Having been part of the DA meetings from the very start, I can say they evolved pretty quickly from production, to art, to -quite the uplifting!-TED talk, gaming and finally settling on WDSK 97.9 FM, “the funkiest in disco and news”. You can forget about the news part though, that ship has sunk. Discoholic, already having an allround online presence established, found an enormously attractive way, to not only Entertain – and thus lure more gullible followers- as well as to share music with each other: the heart of the stream. Although… maybe the heart is formed by the characters that have taken over…

Forgive me for not going into too many details, because y’all would be here reading until the next Discoholic album would release – they promised it wouldn’t take another 5 years, but who trusts that disco ball headed man anyways. In a matter of a couple of weeks, the WDSK streams evolved even further and though the meetings have always been hosted by Scooter (who claims Discoholic is his boss or something?), more characters were added in the mix. The first was Bumbo, the WDSK news reporter. Where Scooter seemingly has no sense of fashion whatsoever and likes the audience to gamble with their earned discoin to lose his pants, Bumbo was always neatly dressed, tie and all. It is still unclear what has become of Bumbo, though he was detected on Discoholic’s “7:00 AM Going on Midnight” single. Bumbo’s eloquence lives on in our hearts forever.

Bumbo was quickly followed by Three, the loveliest lilac-gradient-haired creature you’ll ever meet. She is thoroughly up to date regarding the latest trends in fashion as well as girl gossip. She’s also pretty open about previous boyfriends and won’t shy from busting their virtual balls on stream, due to their shitty behavior towards her. She’s without a doubt, the Queen of the stream.

Cube, the most awkward-geeky-gaming nerd and as we later found out, Three’s not so beloved brother. Not too long ago, the audience’s supposed aversion towards Cube, resulted in Cube staging his own murder. Safe to say, the audience attitude towards Cube has not improved much, though there are some that have shown some pity. This jury is still out and may or may not be waiting for her next kill.

Up next is our -Yeehaw- Cowboy, Gerban Ardboa, loved for his literally never (ever) ending stories and the mourning of his (apparently?) late wife Caroline and dear horse. He’s an avid sleeper and often needs the shocking wake-up call of the taser. Gerban doesn’t sleep on country songs though, whenever a discoholic is brave enough to request a song of that caliber, Gerban will show his -outta- line dance moves. He is also very hands-on with his guns shooting left but never right. You gotta love him!

Next – or consider this random order, since way too much has happened these past 2 years and I’m old you know – disco god entered the scene. Really, I don’t even want to go there, since his fake Bri’ish stuck up attitude is always annoying the F*ck out of me. But for this article sake, lemme try. First and foremost: He can’t dance, even if his eternal life depended on it and he’s definitely No Angel. His head is too small, so that might explain his lack of emphatic interaction with the audience. I suspect him from deliberately agitating and inciting the audience, just so he can show off his godlike powers. Right, 40 years of infertility for me, lmao.

Well if there’s a god, there must be a satan. And so we got disco satan. With his ginormous head and way too cute little horns, his fanbase has definitely outgrown disco god’s. He is on the brink of releasing his own music for the first time, if I remember correctly, it’s something called Noise?? Anyways I would describe it as such, since my eardrums are fully engaged whenever he turns up to share his latest wip. Can’t fault the dude for being proud of his productions though and it is kinda fun to see him burning with excitement.

I think I forgot to mention Scootbot. Maybe that’s because he did not leave a big impression on me? Out of the picture out of my mind…uh thoughts. There is however the latest addition to Scooter’s team: Discomodic. Yes he’s a mod but also a Discoholic member?! Scooter previously organised a little something, where if the audience tipped enough money, he would show up on stream in a bunny suit. Well that happened. Unfortunately. Now, there is another goal to achieve, where Scooter AND Discomodic both will appear in maid suits. Maidoholics, they’re called. If you want to witness that live, I suggest you start following soon, because they’re only a smidge away from having to dress up!

I guess I have now introduced you to all the players in the field, but how to describe this ball game is something else.. Let me start with the simple version of the current stream ‘program’. It starts with a homemade video, ever so slightly tainted by Star Wars (there’s some Movie Love right there), where each and every twitch subscriber is thanked by name. Whether you love Discoholic’s music or not, their talents are forever blowing my mind and this opening is just one little part of it. If we’re lucky, there’s a DJ set to properly set the tone. This happens quite often, so you wouldn’t want to miss that I guess.

All the while, from the very first second – I kid you NOT – we can enter our song requests and if we’re lucky, the highly overheated, ready to explode- songlistbot, will add our requests to the queue, where they will wait to be played/shared with everyone. And then…it’s game on. If you thought we were merely listening to each others song requests, think again. Anything and everything can and will happen – hence, the ‘hyperinteractive’ part. Sleep is for the dead.

Nothing better than sharing music, and these streams are a source for many in finding new music to enjoy. However. The. SHENANIGANS!! Scoot might seem in control, but we all know he’s not. With the channel points (aka: discoin) we save, we can redeem silly and murderous things like ‘random song’, ‘pants off’, ‘nothing’ and ‘KILL’. Just to name a few. As with anything Discoholic, innovation is key, even with redeeming our discoin. New redeems are added on a regular basis, or temporarily adjusted to fit a special holiday or occasion. These surprises keep the audience engaged at all times. Everyone wants to try something new, especially if that means we can annoy Scoot. Chaos Ensues, Mission Accomplished.

In between, Scoot reserves time for the ‘Discommercials’. If you are a twitch subscriber and joined the Discoholic discord server, you can link the two so you have the opportunity to request some funny commercials for the stream. The actual shit that’s invading my eyes sometimes, I can’t even. However, a bathroom break and snack update is much appreciated by yours truly, gotta stay awake! At this point you’re probably wondering why I even bother joining, well, you and me both pal.

Then there’s the Discoholics Anonymous (US!) Hotline of course. The line is open between 9-11 PM EST for now, but anyone can call in to receive some serious help with their Disco related addiction. Or just talk to the void, whatever floats your boat. Be careful though, pressing the wrong number when asked, may cause your call to be hung up! Same goes with the involvement of the audience: piss one off and they will redeem ‘hang up’. Full transparency; DA is a piss-and-diss game, don’t try to find sense in it.

Another little reoccurring element is the poll. Important questions may rise during a stream (Pepsi or Coke?) and opinions matter to Scooter. It is also possible to request a poll yourself, in case you need your fellow discoholics to figure out life’s mysteries. Count on them to be ready to serve you with some witty remarks to further your confusion. Or maybe that’s just me idk. In case of real emergencies, they will however, form a united front and keep Disco alive and well. Until they kill him. Revive him again…etc. All night.

And Oh Boy The Banger Board!! During the stream of 5/29/21, Scooter decided a scoreboard would be nice to keep track of the songs he considered real bangers. The Bangers Scoreboard was born, and yes lemme brag, my name was on there first. Later the name was adjusted to Banger Board and the competition is real. It’s the reason why everyone wants their songs in the queue A_SAP, because they’re most likely to play if they’re listed within the first 50. Most. Likely. Shenanigans Might Interfere and consume precious time.

No matter what happens, DA streams will never be predictable and though sometimes the chaos might feel like it’s beyond repair, Scooter will not let us down. Or we kill him, again. I mean, every character has been killed multiple times and unfortunately they keep coming back, so yeah.

There’s so much going on during DA meetings, I can only end with the suggestion that would have made this whole article obsolete: Go Watch It Yourself! Go and Experience Discoholics Anonymous. It’s simply too much to describe, but not too much to enjoy. If you’re still hesitant, here are some random people who received profound help

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate Discoholic with the 2 year anniversary of the stream! What an accomplishment! I wish you strength to keep it up lol.

And oh yeah, enjoy their new album 🤓

Follow Everything Discoholic Here:

Call the Hotline: +1 202 642 5412

My Secret Santa gift in the Discoholic’s discord server, by the amazingly talented staticsoup ! (DO NOT USE WITHOUT APPROVAL!!)


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