Make that Move


Make that Move

(Or how not only my love for dancing keeps me going)

We have been moving many times. Sometimes because we wanted to, but moving here (Ireland) almost 5 years ago, was not really a choice at all. I had a nice job in a shoe store as mentioned before, but after more than 7 years I had to stop, due to stressful circumstances. I just had to choose for my health.

After about 3 months of rest, I really needed to start working again. Same went for Steve, but jobs were not easy to find, also, we were too old (hence, too expensive) for most companies to hire us. Steve had already been working here- 3 times- before. But being here alone, with me and the kids in Holland, was not really working well.

However, this time the kids were much older and this was our only option left. We were hired and moved, almost within two weeks. You can imagine all the details I am leaving out here, they might serve another blog totally, some day 😉 But I can tell you, a LOT of praying preceded that decision!

In the meanwhile, people would ask me; ‘So what is it you want to do next?’ And even after all these years, I still had no idea… My answer would be; ‘Well…someday, when I grow up, I want to be a writer’, but who ever makes a living out of that anymore? Or so I thought. In my heart though, I’ve always been a writer.

So as to not make any conversation too awkward and because it was the truth, I would add: ‘I am up for a new challenge, we will see what comes my way’.  That right there gave me several months worth of stomach ache, just so you know.


This ‘last option’ meant for us to move to Ireland for an IT job and well, very much unlike my hubby, me and technology really don’t go together all that well. There was never a sentence in history, not in this, nor in any other reality, that we were mentioned in at the same time really.

Let’s just take a moment here…We are talking about a person, who actually succeeded in having smoke coming out her hubby’s PC, while ‘working’ on it….** insert whatever emojis you think should be here – you know what, let me help.. **

The place was Lit, just saying…

But hey, we prayed about it, talked a lot with the kids of course and friends… We actually got told by the welfare workers to just go and take this chance, because there was really nothing else left to do.

This ‘strange’ thing always happens to me when in critical situations; My faith in God will give me a peace in my heart, that goes beyond understanding. I mean, my mind will throw up all kinds of stumbling blocks (if you’ve read ‘The enemy that’s me,’ this is what I was talking about). But in my heart, I will know, that I know, that I know… This is it. Which usually means: just let it happen.

Source: Common English Bible

And you know, I learned that, When life throws sh** at you, you are just getting fertilized to harvest the really important stuff!

We thought it wise to go by car, so we would be able to bring some more personal stuff with us. But, as seems to happen a lot in our live, things did not work out that way. Our car broke down in the middle of the highway, way before we reached the Ferry, which we of course missed.

We got stranded in a French village almost in the middle of nowhere (because, of course) and for a couple of days stayed in a very cozy little hotel, with the friendliest owners ever. They actually came to pick us up from the garage who towed our car, because we had no idea where we were and where to go to.

Conversation was difficult – they used their best English as I did my best French, my personal reoccurring language challenge- but we managed and of course we explained where we were going and why. Every time we passed the reception, they would ask how are car was and what we would do. Well…. Our car was dying and eventually dead. The owners just looked at us and said; ‘We cannot believe it. Every time we ask how things are going it’s just getting worse, but the only thing you do is smile and smile harder!’

This is what only God can do in my life you know… We were literally stranded, using our money for a hotel that was not expected. On top of everything, they had a bank holiday weekend, which meant, we could not even rent a car if we wanted.

At last, the owners decided we just had to go for it, and they brought us to a train station about an hour away, where we could catch the train to catch the Ferry – which we had to book and pay, again…. During the first hour of the train ride, we thought the train was moving kind of slow. Can you imagine how hard we were laughing, when we found out the train apparently had a technical problem and was riding at half speed, which meant we could just as easily be missing the Ferry AGAIN…..

But we didn’t. HAH!

Although, for my second time on a Ferry ever (the first time was when the weather was too rough for the hovercraft and we had to switch to the Ferry, on which we weren’t allowed to go on deck lol), it had to be like this… AGAIN.

Oh Joy

After arriving later than agreed, fortunately, we were able to work things out with the company and were allowed to start a week later. And after a couple of days in a provided Bed and Breakfast, we had to find our own place to live. This brought a whole new string of challenges.

Things had changed since the last time Steve was here, not in the least the rent prices, which sky rocketed. And not every body wanted to rent out to a couple either. The one place we found on such short notice – because it was either that or the park – was a garage. And yes, it was an actual garage, only instead of a car, there was a bed. It was filthy beyond words – I really believe the park was cleaner – and it was freaking COLD – in that the park wouldn’t have been a better option I guess. We lived there for a month. I’ve been allergic to cold ever since.

We slept fully clothed because we just had to. However, we had a roof over our head – sort of – we had our own ‘bathroom’ – with a toilet that was not actually attached to the ground… And let me just stop right here. We did take pictures, but that’s not really something anyone would wish to see…

Aaah well, you know, we totally survived all that. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger they say. Or leaves you depressed and bordering suicidal if you allow it. And this certainly wasn’t our first rodeo.

Work-wise it was all going….well…. it was going…My stomach ache lasted I think the first 2 months, even after I had training – and our trainer was the best!  Because I had NO idea what I was doing at first. It just never ever was my thing, sooo way beyond my comfort zone, you just cannot imagine. – remember I was the one who needed to be forced to use a smart phone…-

If you are looking for a new challenge, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR 🙂 or just be more specific than I was… might actually help.

After some time, I was able to help people out and the first time I solved something on my own…man… I felt like this;

Our family loves to movie quote each other and yes I actually posted that on Facebook.

I had some awesome colleagues and made some lifelong international friends, which made the job so much more fun too. After a year and a half I went for the Coaching position. By then we had moved 7 times, while sharing was the only affordable option (which is just plain weird after being married for over 25 years). However we finally ended up in a nice little apartment for ourselves. I have learned so much these past years, it’s ridiculous really. Just comes to show, you are never too old to learn.

I have never felt so humbled and blessed as when I won the ‘Employee of the year award’ twice in a row. The award winners were chosen by colleagues and not by the company, which makes it even more valuable to me. Both years the chosen comments on it mostly came from my girlfriends, TOTAL BLAST!! This was and will always be, one of my best reminders, that whatever challenge lies ahead of me, with God, I can do it! Stomach ache can hang itself.

I will also never forget, when our kids visited us from Holland and I was sitting at my laptop, my son’s amazement. Almost in awe, he said to his girlfriend; Look at my mom, just look at her! She is working… on a laptop!! ** insert flabbergasted emojis ** this was a scene nobody could have ever pictured, especially me!

And now this new challenge, my blog. I can’t even tell you how much fun I am having doing this. I’ve only just started and already it’s evolving into something I could not have foreseen. When I was doing my research before, I kept telling myself; I don’t have to get ‘big’  and I really don’t have to. I just want to write and have fun with it. – Although it would be awesome, I mean, come on….

I can finally write, and this is the best – write whatever I want. The response so far has been really great, from all over the world!! So a BIG Thank you, for your support! And of course I secretly hope, this will grow into something amazing. You might think me crazy, but I / we are praying about this. Not to become famous, but to become successful in our own way, seeing the reward in ourselves as well as in serving others.

If you are up for a new challenge,  I dare you to MAKE THAT MOVE!

Source: Common English Bible

And now, just for fun, let’s end with some funky moves 😉

Make That Move, by Shalamar





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