Spotlight 2 on The Jupiter Gallery

Special Feature 3/29/2021
The Jupiter Gallery

Meet The Jupiter Gallery: A group of musicians based in Suffolk, England on planet Earth. 💜 Here to keep you dancing, even through the darkest days 💜, Source: Instagram. With their foundations being built around a blend of multiple genres including funk, rock and soul, the team are set for a journey of exploration into the realms beyond planet Earth’s boundaries and into the clutches of Jupiter. Source: About The Jupiter Gallery, Spotify.

My Kind of Music, with The Jupiter Gallery (2)

Let’s Go MAD.

First of all: Let’s all take a moment to realize THIS IS MY FIRST SPOTLIGHT 2! I am so very happy I’ve come this far in basically so little time. BUT, I wouldn’t be here, without all these amazing artists, who are willing to take some time to be a part of my blog, so Thank You All! And to All of you, Thank You For Reading! 💖💖💖 Also: You can leave a comment way below, at the end of this page, either for me, or for TJG. I will make sure, they’ll get your message!

The idea about Spotlight 2, had already been living in my head for a couple of months now and it was only a matter of time before we got here. However, I had no clue who was going to be the first, since there are a couple already lined up, So Freakin Exciting! Since it all depends on new album releases, I am going to start with The Jupiter Gallery (TJG). Their new EP, ‘How To Lose Love In America’, released 3/26/2021, but first things first 😉

I quote:We’d like you to meet Alex Lenton. Our lovely bass player and all-round groove machine’. “Hey everyone, Alex here. I’m the lanky fellow who plays bass for The Jupiter Gallery. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has listened to our music so far. It’s early days for us but the support that we’ve received has been wonderful. There’s a whole lot to look forward to from us, but in the meantime, keep streaming and dancing or doing whatever you do when you listen to our music! Anywho, I think I’ve reached my word limit now. A man of few words but many notes.” With love, Alex

Right after Spotlight on The Jupiter Gallery – ⬅️ which you can read here –  A-Siege, their producer and spokesman, asked me if I would be interested in not only listening to their new music, but also to write about it again once released. Well Heck Yeah! I cannot tell how honored I felt – and still feel – for the trust they’ve put in my opinion as well as my writing skills. One of the first things I would explain to anybody, is that I’m Not an Expert, I’m just a music lover. The reply I mostly get is, that that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Well, it’s what they need, people to love their music.

I have been in pretty close contact with A-Siege, ever since their first Spotlight last December and I can say we’re talking almost on a daily basis. In fact, due to the profile pic I used at that time, he came up with a (fitting?) nickname, which I may or may not disclose later on 🤐 It was a real joy to get to know him and we shared a lot of laughs, though unfortunately not only laughs. He’s had a pretty tough time the last couple of months, which made working on the EP extra challenging. However, just as with all experiences in life, I believe he came out stronger  – back with a vengeance – and the end result of the EP is one to be proud of for sure.

I quote: ‘The second of our jolly gang to introduce themselves is our super smooth vocalist and keys player, Sebastian Humphrey!’ “Hey, I’m Seb. I bark to the tune of The Jupiter Gallery. I cannot thank you enough for being with us on our ever changing journey, your support keeps us doing what we do. Agreeing to ‘record a few songs’ with A-Siege nearly three years ago was a good decision, it’s a thrill to see how far we have come. Anyway, keep listening and don’t deny yourself the pleasure to get down once in a while!” With love, Seb

On the 11th of March, TJG started a pretty smart campaign on Instagram and Facebook, preparing everyone for their newly to be released music, starting with the Dua Lipa cover, ‘Levitating’. Though they had mentioned the cover in the previous interview and A-Siege had sent me a snippet of the track, the date of release was unknown. But hey, if you’re planning to ‘come back’, you better Go Big or Go Home. So I kind of knew a bit how the cover would sound, but oh boy, did the end result blew me away 🤯 Some Guts, this cover! So in turn I surprised them with my  Flashlight on ‘Levitating’, by TJG.. Only fair don’t you think?

When A-Siege told me, they finished the EP, I was ecstatic. Not only because I already heard a couple of snippets – which had me excited – but also because I knew this was going to be a very personal album, on which they worked really hard. The moment A-Siege messaged me he was about to send me the album, I replied I would listen to it straight away and let him know what I thought about it first thing the next morning. It was kind of late in the evening already and I didn’t want to keep him up, waiting for me to share my opinion. He obviously did not agree, because he answered, I quote: ‘If you did listen to it all now, I’d love to hear your reaction!!’ Well Alright Then!

I quote: ‘They say three is the magic number, and third up in our “Meet the band” series is our magical vocalist Georgette Fawley’. “Hey Hey It’s Gee, I’m the gal of the group! You may have heard my yodeling in the more recent TJG songs. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for listening to TJG’s music, I hope that it gets you jiggling and singing along while you’re staying safe at home. Our producer, A-Siege, has put his heart and soul (blood and sweat) into this EP and I’m so excited for you to hear what we’ve all been working on. Can’t wait to dance with you guys when this nightmare pandemic is over. Love and hugs!” With love, Georgie

GOOSEBUMPS. That was my very first impression, which I told A-Siege. And I was not just saying that, because I know I’m biased as heck, but man… Even I was wondering if this would be a one time experience, but the next morning I listened again and even now, while writing and having it on repeat for about a gazillion times… GOOSEBUMPS, it’s just that good. Don’t worry, I’m almost done spinning my tale, we’ll get to the music in a sec. 😇 Safe to say A-Siege was pretty happy with that and when I added, this whole album sounds just so… TRUE, he answered, I quote: ‘Yeah, true, authentic, genuine. That’s exactly what this EP is. We haven’t really held anything back here haha’.

In the meanwhile, TJG had not only released ‘Levitating’ and announced the upcoming EP, they also started to introduce the band members, which you’ll find spread out over this page too. I told you, very smart campaign! Other than the introduction that was done in their first Spotlight, new followers were most likely not aware of who those members are. On top of that, a change had taken place, which left them with a new guitarist. I was very happy to see TJG was starting to gain followers by the day: Now We’re Getting Somewhere! Even my hubby started to get really excited about their music and kept telling me: ‘But they’re really good!’ Well. Yeah. They Are.

I quote: ‘Dear Gallerians, we’d like to introduce you to James Cheal, fresh through the front doors of TJG HQ as our new guitarist’. “Hey! It’s Cheal, bringing the appeal and the funky feel! It has been a pleasure working with the band and I cannot wait to show you all what we have been working on recently. The support you have given us so far has been incredible and means the world so thank you all!” With love, Cheal

I’m telling you, if you haven’t listened yet, PLEASE do me a favor and listen today. There is enough nice, good, music being released every day, but not all of that is giving me goosebumps and making me want to cry because of the lyrics and the wholesomeness of the songs. Again, I am biased as heck, so don’t just take my word for it, listen for yourself. Here we go!

The openings track is ‘M.A.D’. (My American Dream) and yes, this is where the goosebumps started. The song is a such a Bop! It has everything you would expect from a TJG song, after ‘The Middle’ part 1 and 2. Scoring high on the (Nu-) Disco ladder and a Funky Treat for sure. The intro drags you into the song, demanding immediate attention – and did I ever mention I hate those endless intro’s? Nu-Uh, not so much here, while you’re trying to catch your breath, Georgette’s amazing voice hits you right in the feels. I don’t know how she manages to sound so sensitive, fragile almost – conform the obvious cry-worthy lyrics – and at the same time, crystal clear, strong and proud. I can almost hear her smile. What a Voice!

Funky Heartbreak Exists! Drums, bass and claps are so close knitted, them three would have your head bobbing alone. But wait, the keys are amazing and though I know, he loves to stay in the background – sorry-not-sorry, this is actually A-Siege playing the whole album. Sebastian will be the one playing once they’ll be able to perform live again. Let’s be honest, it’s a win/win: Me being able to shoutout to A-Siege, because he deserves it and opposite to what he keeps saying, he Is a Real Member, and leaving Sebastian to fully concentrate on his vocals. WHOOP.

Those synths making you want to sway and jump at the same time. We all know a breakup feels like you’re going into ‘fight-or-flight-mode’…Add in those almost gently played guitar riffs which grooves are undeniable. Then, when we reach the bridge, Sebastian takes over and, Again, What a Voice. Did you catch those ‘Whoo’s’? His range is pretty awesome and he’s giving the song that raw edge, the lyrics deserve. Soulful, that’s what I said and I stick with that. And Whoohoo, there’s some more funky bass there! Also, you just gotta love the cleverly tuned percussion. In short: the energy coming from this song is Electric and Kicks Serious Butt to everyone who ever dumped us. Just Sayin.

Next up is ‘Always on my mind’. Another appealing intro and then… OH MY…that guitar riff!! That is the earworm right there, making sure this song will be ‘always on your mind’. Credit where credit’s due, which in this case goes to The Count, yess look him up will ya. If ever there was a golden riff to be created, I think it’s this one. It’s placing the song on a Rock Solid – pun intended – basis and you just know, this will alter the way you look at TJG forever.

In this track, Sebastian’s voice takes the lead but Georgette is not far behind. The two of them together are really a golden duo, vocal wise. ‘Always on my mind’ is straying from TJG’s pure Funky sound and flowing into a more sturdy Rock-kinda-feel song, due to the added screaming – read: Thrilling –  guitar solo. Though it might go a bit too far, labeling the song as such – aah..labels, who needs them anyways – there’s no denying the song ROCKS. It would be easy to underestimate the rest, but let’s not. As for the lyrics: something so emotionally strong, needs a solid, musical ground indeed, so it won’t get uprooted.

The bass seems a bit more humble, but steady as always and laying down some juicy melody. Again you can hear the more gentle funky guitar play in a supporting role – don’t worry, that will change soon. The keys are definitely reminding me of some old music loves, maybe a tad of George Duke combined with a sprinkle Casiopeia… Hmm…More than a bit jazzy here and there. I’m telling you, the amount of side roads this song is taking in my opinion, leaves me almost spinning.

That’s creativity people! The bridge is again a thing of wonder, where everybody seems to reach new heights, culminating in said guitar solo and finishing off with Sebastian, backed by Georgette: Perfect. My conclusion: this song fits right in with my old loves indeed, I’ll call it Fusion just to please myself. I mean, it’s my blog and I Music if I Want To 😂

Ending, yes unfortunately, with ‘Broken Borders’. Oh man, I had No Idea TJG would give me a musical run-around haha, going from Disco to this. Slowing down with seriously heartbreaking lyrics, carried out with so much sentiment by Sebastian, you can hear the tears, but also the anger, flowing through his voice. ‘I can’t make sense of how I love you and I hate you all the same…’ If you’ve never been there, lucky you! Though it’s been a long time ago, I can still remember that’s quite a shitty place to be. Goosebumps Galore.

In this third track, TJG is even more deviating from their Funky nature and I have a strong feeling they’re simply adding a new dimension to their arsenal. It’s remarkable, how the song seems to reflect a – dare I say – more mature TJG? Not a total surprise with a song like this. I know these are clichés, but what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger and there’s no victory without struggle – or should I say battle – first. Growing Pains and all that. But Growing they are. The beautiful chords making ‘Broken Borders’ appear like another great fusion and is giving me a Jazzy / Rock-ballad feel.

The song seems ‘minimalistic’ – No But Wait – compared to the other two, key word being ‘seems’. It takes a lot of skill to make it look like this is all done effortlessly. However, I feel the emphasis lays fully on the lyrics, the thoughts behind it and the need to express this. Next to the vocals, there’s someone else shining though: It’s the New Guy: Welcome James! –  and he’s doing a smashing job. Still starting out gently, he’s quickly making himself known by soloing along the second verse and he doesn’t stop there.  Love that distortion adding drama, as well as the effects when ‘the rain came crashing down…’ all very clean and very well executed. A great song to show off what you’re worth for sure.

All in all, this EP is a Treasure. TJG’s blood sweat and tears are shining through every song and their hearts are literally worn on their sleeves. If there’s one thing that should be obvious by now, is that I am thoroughly captivated by all three songs. Each totally different and still complementing each other, making the album wholesome. Each time a song starts I think: ‘This is my favorite’, and then the next starts and I think exactly the same…TJG evolved and has reached beyond Broken Borders, to present us with something invaluable: Showing through their music, Their Love is Always Thinking of You. This album is seriously MAD.

Well…it’s that time again. if you think it’s exciting for you, I’ll tell you it’s just as exciting for me. Though I could edit anything I like – within reason, since I will always ask the artists to do their own personal check before publishing – I would only do this in case of complete stupidity from my side. (There’s a first time for everything, right?). In other words: let’s see if all I’ve written above, is actually matching with what TJG has to say…Fingers Crossed 🤞

The Interview

Since the ‘official’ introductions have been quoted above, we thought it nice to give the newest member a little more room to talk about himself, just a little ‘catch-up’ so to speak.

James, you’re a new band member (replacing Ryan). Can you please introduce yourself and tell us: Who is James? What do you play and how does it feel to be a new member of TJG?

James: ‘I’m an electric guitarist and I play a wide variety of styles, ranging from funk and jazz to progressive/technical metal. It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Jupiter Gallery. Everyone is incredibly talented and recording this EP has been a highlight of my career so far’.

How and when did you start playing music? And who have been / are, your biggest influences?

James: ‘I started playing music when I was 15, playing the guitar had always interested me so I thought it was about time I picked one up and learned. Ever since that moment I have grown to love the guitar and music more and more, and I still continue to push myself and I try to develop my ability as a musician and artist to this day.

My influences have changed a lot over the years, it started with a lot of rock and metal artists such as, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, and Slipknot. My influences currently have certainly changed where I now study artists and composers such as Intervals (Aaron Marshall), Hans Zimmer, and Guthrie Govan’.

Did you feel you had to adjust your musical taste / views, to fit in TJG?

James: ‘Having come from a background of playing very heavy and technical styles of music I was expecting a challenging transition when I joined The Jupiter Gallery. I have had experience in playing funk/disco at University and in an old functions band of mine.

When I started writing my parts for M.A.D I then realized that there were actually a surprising amount of similarities between our very different styles. It’s been incredible writing with the band and being able to have the opportunity to create some amazing music’.

Now, to all of you 🙂

How have you been since the previous Spotlight?

A-Siege: ‘Things have been interesting to say the least! Ryan has since moved on from the band and we wish him every success for the future. As well as bringing in our new guitarist, James Cheal, our new EP was based on a tough time for me personally, but it’s nice to end that particular chapter with a project I’m proud of. The TJG guys have all been great and I couldn’t be happier than I am now working with such a talented group of people, and more importantly people who I wouldn’t hesitate to call friends’.

Seb: ‘I have personally been very well thank you, things have been ticking over nicely despite this new world we live in. It is a real shame Ryan left but we are still friends at the end of the day and that’s all that matters’.

Alex: ‘All has been well, thank you. Lockdown has meant that I’ve just been working a lot really. There’s not a great deal to report here unfortunately but thank you for asking!’

I know you’ve been working hard on this EP and the result is giving me goosebumps every time! Could you share a little background info, in regards to how the EP came together, for instance: who came up with the lyrics? Who wrote the music?

A-Siege: ‘Unfortunately, when some relationships end it can be under some heartbreaking circumstances. This was one of those relationships. The idea for the EP started one day on a walk along the sea front. While trying to clear my head, I ended up writing the chorus for Broken Borders. One writing session turned into another and before we knew it, we had three songs that explained my feelings towards the situation.

Always On My Mind features my friend The Count on lead guitar playing the main riff, as well as the rip-roaring solo which was spontaneously created in a non-music related Skype call we had. It’s true when they say inspiration can strike when you least expect it!’

Alex: ‘I think A-Siege really had some stuff that he wanted to communicate during the time of writing this EP. More so than usual, he had this absolute vision and when you’re working with someone like A-Siege, you just let the guy run and don’t interfere whatsoever’.

Seb: ‘This was mainly the brainchild of our producer A-Siege who somehow astonishingly through dark times conceptualized what would be “How To Lose Love In America”. I for one am amazed and extremely proud of how he has worked through this, he has shown such strength.

When the idea was pitched to me back in January I immediately realized the potential it had. Needless to say I wanted to work on it straight from the off. It felt like the days of ‘Break of Dawn’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘In The Movies’ plus a few other songs that have yet to be released (teehee).

The dynamic felt as strong as it did then, albeit with a bittersweet edge to it all. We were bouncing lyrics off each other, having multiple writing sessions a week through video calls, lockdown cant keep us down!’

The vocals are Incredible throughout the album, though all songs have their own specific sound: Starting with ‘M.A.D’ (MAD Indeed!), true to your musical roots, a very Funky, (Nu-) Disco track, Followed by ‘Always On My Mind’ – and Oh My… That Guitar Riff, that’s the earworm right there, & Solo – which seems to lift the song into Rock spheres, but of the Funky kind! Ending with ‘Broken Borders’, not quite the touchy feely (Rock?) ballad and with a definite Jazzy touch in my opinion.

Is there a question in there, Yes, Yes, There Is: HOW??? 😳 HOW did you guys manage to put so many elements into ‘just’ 3 songs?

James: ‘My parts were one of the last to be recorded and put into the mix. A-Siege sent over the backing tracks and I got to work. These songs were really fun for me to record because it was an opportunity to express myself in different ways in each song, from my funk rhythm playing in M.A.D. and Always On My Mind to my more melodic lead playing in Broken Borders’.

A-Siege: ‘We all have so many influences that creating a collective body of work between all of us would always have an interesting mix of sounds. Our roots are firmly in funk and nu-disco, but Broken Borders was the biggest departure from our usual style. I love the songs of D’Angelo and this influenced my approach to the writing, for sure’.

Seb: ‘M.A.D was one of the first things I worked on with A-Siege, though it wasn’t openly expressed I think the general consensus was dark but funky… Very funky! The things that stood out to me as we were working on it was the bass line or bass lines, yes it has two. It creates a kind of ‘jagged’ feel as if they’re bouncing off each other and never quite meeting in the middle (no pun intended).

Always On My Mind is the anomaly of the three as we had written and recorded a rough demo of this way back in 2018. Now I like to think everything happens for a reason and here’s that reason; it was supposed to be on “How To Lose Love In America”! The lyrical content seemed to match the themes we were exploring beautifully. It always had that harder hitting sound when we wrote it and as such might have been the reason we didn’t release it, this was a wise choice.

Broken Borders was awesome to work on, I loved singing on it. It is hard to pin point exactly what it is but I agree, it’s not your typical ballad. All I can say is that it’s down to A-Siege’s slightly left field approach to it, it’s melancholy yet cool. Plus the lyrics on this, with its storytelling like nature are probably the most raw account of what inspired this E.P.’

I keep coming back as to How Well Georgette’s and Sebastian’s voices go together, such a perfect match! (btw: Awesome job on the Dua Lipa cover!) How did you guys experience these new songs, since they sound like quite a vocal challenge here and there?

Georgie: ‘These songs were A-Siege’s babies. He wrote all of the melodies on his funky sounding keyboard and I had to do my absolute best to get across the sound he wanted. Lockdown has made it difficult for us to bounce ideas around like we usually would but it’s nice to try new methods and keep things fresh’.

Seb: ‘I really wanted to up my vocal chops for this E.P. There’s no doubt about it, go big or go home. I was singing every day, stopped eating spicy food, cutting down on drinking (a bit) that sort of thing. But in all seriousness, vocal delivery was key to expressing the emotion these lyrics demand.

In the final stages of “Always On My Mind” I went behind A-Siege’s back and re-recorded my entire vocal take because I wasn’t happy with it, I became obsessed. Best example was my approach on Broken Borders, I wanted to express a feeling of loneliness and emptiness, hence the line “now I’m just a shell of my former self”.

Come the second verse I take on a more attacking tone as if I’m speaking directly to the person in question. The middle 8 funnily enough I approach it more as a musical theatre drama. The desperate crescendo up to “my heart breaks in two” only to see it out with a solemn aftermath, that was my thinking behind it’.

Listening to the album, I keep thinking: ‘Oh, This one is my fav’, until the next song starts… Do each of you have a favorite and if so why that particular one?

James: ‘This is such a tough one for me, I almost feel like whichever song I’m listening too at the time is my favourite!’

Alex: ‘Ooh good one! I reckon Always On My Mind is my favourite. I feel like when I was recording that last chorus I was in an absolute trance’.

Georgie: ‘Always On My Mind. It’s got some really pretty and subtle harmonies in the vocals that were fun (and a bit stressful) to get perfect. And, in your words, “Oh My… That Guitar Riff”.

Seb: ‘I very much agree, I listen to this as a whole piece, its a story, so therefore I am unable to choose. But I can tell you what I most enjoyed working on, that would be Broken Borders’.

A-Siege: ‘I love all of these tracks for different reasons, but if I had to choose I would say Broken Borders as it was the track that got the entire project underway. It was interesting to see what we could do when writing something outside of our usual upbeat nu-disco sound’.

Last ones: I know you’ve just completed this EP, but how do you guys see the (near) future? Did this project open new perspectives in some way? What will be the next dream to chase? Anything else you guys would like to add / share, with your fans / the readers?

James: ‘There’s a fair few things in the mix at the moment for The Jupiter Gallery! A-Siege and I have already been working on some new music which we are really excited about! We have some really fun ideas we would love to do depending on if the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Regardless of what happens with our lockdown situation there will be plenty of content coming from us!’

Alex: ‘I think the process of writing this EP has allowed us to pursue and experiment with different sounds and ideas so I guess I’m really looking forward to being able to do that some more and seeing where we end up next!’

Georgie: ‘As long as there’s more funky tunes and slick vocal melodies in my future I’ll be a very happy lady!’

A-Siege: ‘We are already working on our next material as well as other things (which we will reveal as soon as we can). For me, I would like to see live shows in The Jupiter Gallery’s future, more songs, and continuing to get the love and support that we have done so far.

It really is one of the best feelings for me as a musician to hear that people have been moved or inspired by your work and I hope we’ll continue to inspire emotion in others through our music. As I like to say, there’s always a reason to dance. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on the journey so far. We appreciate it massively!’

Seb: ‘I simply see us establishing a face to the name. I’d like our audience to see who The Jupiter Gallery really are. We have ideas for music videos and spin off content that I think will engage people. I think this project is a clear display of maturity for the band. Plus it’s shown what else we are capable of and in turn has paved the way for more varying content like this from us.

I’d love to be able to play at a festival large or small. A simple dream but a dream nonetheless. To those who have supported us, thank you! Keep listening, get amongst it and be excellent to each other!’

Well… that was quite the interview… nothing much left for me to say, but: Thank you again The Jupiter Gallery! I felt really honored you guys trusted me with your new music and I hope this Spotlight is everything you’ve expected. You guys will be added to the 2021 Spotlight page, so you will be the first one on both pages too, but hey, you deserve it!

Follow The Jupiter Gallery on Spotify – YouTube – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter , or for more streaming platforms, simply go to JupiterGallery

To you my readers: I really do hope you’ve already been listening, because there’s no true excuse left anymore… Wishing y’all a very Loving Week, don’t worry, You’re Always On My Mind





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