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Special Feature 8/31/2020
Limón Limón

Meet Limón Limón: Future Indie duo Limón Limón seamlessly fuses the past and the future, the left and the right, the up and the down. Their captivating sound weaves together the expressive and unique feelings of live instruments with inventive lyrics, and layered vintage and digital synths. Limón Limón establishes a fresh perspective on feel good west coast music in its finest form. Source: About Limón Limón – Spotify.

My kind of Music, with Limón Limón.

It will never be THE WAY THINGS WERE BEFORE again.

After last weeks crazyness of writing 3 spotlights and editing the 4th, I am back to a normal schedule… well not quite tho, because I have also been updating the first Spotlights, with Marc Leclercq, A-P Connection, Jason Gallo-Gaffner, La Felix and Funk LeBlanc. They now all look the same, a bit fancier and with easier access to the artists music. I have also reviewed my homepage, where the artists will be permanently present, with the same links available. Progress 😉 As with all things these days, I am going for the ‘new normal’ – whatever that would be – click the pics!

Normal Now (Lyric Video)

If you have read the Spotlight on Jason Gallo-Gaffner, the name Limón Limón will ring a bell. After publishing that article I started to really listen to everything they had to offer. And their music is really addictive. Their sound is so unique and it does actually feel they fuse past and future together. As I mentioned in Jason’s Spotlight, his voice alone reminds me a lot of music from my childhood. It just has this I dunno… very recognizable and kind of soothing sound.

Believing In Yesterday

Their tracks are bound to make you sing along, which is made easy with the really cool Lyric Video’s on Limón Limón’s YouTube channel. Lyrics that actually have a meaning – how I like that –  and music that supports dreaming to be anywhere sunny, happily sipping that Frozen Lemonade.

Frozen Lemonade (Music Video)

It’s not even that all their lyrics are of the same happy kind, but I think it’s a special gift, when you can write about something quite serious and still keep your tone light enough and the music upbeat, to captivate your listeners. Despite the sad meaning of the lyrics, heartbreak never sounded so ‘cheerful’.

Trying Not To Think About You (Lyric Video)

Their music is uplifting and made for some happy dances, making you feel like celebrating the day. In ‘My kind of Music‘ I am talking about what the right music at the right time can do for me. It is not hard to imagine that Limón Limón can cheer you up. Forgetting, if even for a short while, all your troubles. Just drop what you’re doing and give yourself a little break.


I found out Limón Limón had quite the year, since the release of ‘Trying Not To Think About You’, a little over a year ago and I only have been following them for the last couple of months. They totally caught my attention with ‘Barcelona Night’, seeing how much my family and I love all things Spain. And if you’ve been there and never tried the famous Spanish Tinto de Verano, well… Shame on you. Recently the song was remixed by Kryptogram and gained even more attention.

Barcelona Night – Kryptogram Remix

It’s hard to actually mention a favorite when all their songs have their own appeal, but I would go for ‘July In Sydney’. It’s funny because, it’s about a dream about a girl and whether or not this girl stays a mere dream or will become reality. I do believe that dreams actually can tell you something about your future. And when a couple of weeks ago, Jason threw the question out there, if anyone ever had a dream come true, I had to answer. For me it is mostly visions while I am awake, but several did come true and it’s amazing really. It’s just one of the reasons I like this song so much I guess… It makes me wonder if they’ll ever meet…

July In Sydney (Lyric Video)

During this weird corona time, when most people are still limited in their movements and holidays are not always in the cards, why not take the time to look them up? They are looking into investing more time in their YouTube channel, so that will be interesting! Here several counties are in their second lock-down and rumors have it, this is not ending anytime soon. And without being gloomy about it, it does make me wonder what the world will look like when this finally ends.

The Way Things Were Before (Lyric Video)

Seems like a lot is happening for Limón Limón and it is exciting to see that more and more people find their way to their music. I think it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with their music and the enthusiasm with which they bring it.

If you wish to have a little peek at a live performance, I suggest you look them up on Instagram- @limonlimonmusic, where they have some bits and pieces of one of their performances. It’s awesome to hear they sound just as well live as they do on Spotify 🙂 And let me not withhold their newest track, released just last week, a real hit if you ask me.

Hot Pink Tiger

Alas, no interview this time, but I didn’t want to leave this little piece of joy from you. I can’t help but feel like this article is almost tooth-achingly sweet – I blame their music 🙂 I want to give a BIG Thank You to Limón Limón! Your music has taken a prominent place in our home and I am really curious for what’s up next. I will keep following you and update any new release on my Spotlight page. And to you who are reading this, you’d better look them up, no more

Wasting Time (Lyric Video)

Find Limón Limón also on SoundCloud! – click below pic 🙂

Limón Limón on SoundCloud

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