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SPECIAL SPECIAL 8/5/2020 (Updated 8/29/2020)

Funk LeBlanc is a nu-disco / nu-funk / house DJ and producer hailing from San Francisco, CA. His sound is heavily influenced by funk and disco groups from 70s and 80s. He “keeps it real” by using real synthesizers and drum machines from that era. Source: About Funk LeBlanc – Spotify.

My kind of Music, caused by Funk LeBlanc.

After asking if it was okay to share their music through my blog (‘My kind of Music (1)‘), this was the answer I got, I quote; ‘Heck yeah of course! Feel free to use all our music 🙂 Our catalog of music is all yours’. In my defense…I.Did.Try. – click the pics 😉


The Fix (Champion Edition Hyper Fighting Remix) – Spotify

A birthday (25 today 😉 ) is always a good day for me to reflect on the past year and this one has been most interesting to me, as I can imagine it has been for most of us. And today I am going to switch things up a little between my Primary article and the ‘Spotlight’ one. If you’re not able to notice the difference, maybe you should just make sure you get it right and read ’em both this time lol.

Not Too Late (To Make It Right) feat. Magoo – Spotify

November last year I left my job. It took me a couple of months to ‘get back to myself’ and it certainly gave me time to think about what would come next. It wasn’t the job itself – kind of hated that I loved it – nor the colleagues, but management was just so…

Ice Cold – Spotify

Starting this blog has been like a jump back in time for me. It’s not that I think my life is that interesting to others, but writing about it gives a weird sense of satisfaction anyway. And in retrospect, most things looks so much better.

1999 – Spotify

I guess in a way I’ve always been a talker, but in my heart I’ve always been a writer. As much as I like to talk, my mouth never seems to give my brain enough time to follow a straight line: the whole ‘think-before-you-speak’ thing is clearly not working for me all that well all the time. OR – as I once read – ‘Clearly I am missing an extremely important connecting vessel between my brain and my mouth’.. Can’t count the times when it got really Awkward!!

Plastic Yikes – YouTube

Anyways… You have noticed that after ‘My kind of Music’, my love for music was kind of taking over. Although I’ve never mastered an instrument myself, music had been ingrained in my life. And then I met Steve…

Boyfriend – YouTube

He had been a musician himself for years and our taste in music just clicked. Just so you know, we’re very close to celebrating our 30th anniversary 🙂

Real Love – Spotify
BAE – Spotify

During the first couple of months at home, I used a lot of time listening to music and just rekindling the joy I found in it. Discovering so many artists I never heard of before – obviously I had been living under a rock, workaholic much – made me eager to dive in.

Everyday of the Week – YouTube

And for me this all ‘started’ with Funk LeBlanc, mentioned in ‘My kind of Music’.

His – and let me cut in right here; I assume he is just one person, BUT, I do know he is working along with a manager (to whom I apparently have been ‘talking’) and producer. And seeing it’s more a team as far as I understand, I will settle for ‘their’ – music was the first to set the ‘Spotlight’ section in motion, with Marc Leclercq as my first actual ‘guest’.

Get To You – YouTube

Let me tell you, I am a fervent reader and the first thing that happens when reading a new book, is imagining the characters. Well, you know what I mean I guess. We all know the terrible disappointment, when a movie, originated from any book, is released and the main characters are in no way a match to your imagination…Just.No.

Don’t – YouTube

Having a job where I had to be on the phone for 4 years, gave me the same challenge; when I became more acquainted with a customer, I would already have formed a picture in my mind, of how they would look like. I just can’t help myself. Btw, same disappointment here, when in reality they looked totally different…

I Wanna Know Loveline – YouTube

Yes I am terribly curious about Funk LeBlanc and WHO he is?

Is It You – YouTube

Nevertheless, there is no interview done with them. Not because I wouldn’t wish for one, or it wasn’t mentioned, but they would ‘rather be focusing on their music, than on the business’ and I understand and respect that. Along with the apparent wish to stay anonymous for now. (although, this girl will keep the dream alive 😉 and try to be patient about it at the same time… ouch).

Me and You, Face to Face – YouTube

However, their music triggered so many music memories, amazing…

Remember the Time – YouTube

This I already told them and that’s why I just cannot let the opportunity pass to give them their own Spotlight. Guys, this one’s for you! You’ve really ignited something here.

Fire in the Sky – YouTube

Anyone who noticed my Facebook posts lately – and come on, I haven’t been that active for years, I must be annoying the heck out of you by now – might have already gotten the picture;

Totally unexpected, these guys Funk Leblanc triggered so many music memories and now, out of all their amazing- Not French- tracks, this one has become my writing muse (I’m telling you, French is my reoccurring language challenge 😂, should I be worried…) This is one of their earliest uploaded tracks, their latest, ICE COLD, was just released last Friday and will Take Them Places! (I am hoping somewhere near, to enjoy their music live 💟 Posted 7/26/2020

A Fleur De Vous – YouTube

Trying to explain how their music is positively impacting my blog, I can only say: it seems like it just gives me that little kick in the butt, to get the right inspiration, every time.

They describe their music as Funk / Nu Disco / House. And you can surely hear these influences throughout their playlists. They were already represented on mine with:

P.Y.T. – YouTube

Never Be Like You – YouTube

Jealous – YouTube

And I only got more eager to hear all they had created. So I went ahead and listened to – I think – everything they posted, time was definitely on my hands anyway. To be honest, I started to feel like a little bit of a stalker, because I am not one to stay quiet when given the opportunity to comment…sorry-not-sorry…

Lovestruck – Spotify

Working my way kind of backwards, I was really happy to find some of their earlier mixes, which contains loads of tracks I used to play / listen to, when I was a kid. Icing.On.The.Cake.

After receiving the first (really nice!) answer to a comment I made on one of their tracks ‘The Fix’, I realized they actually read these things. ** insert surprised emojis here **

The Fix – Spotify

Like I said before, it seems these independent artists are more involved with their fans, which is great. They actually do ask for comments on new tracks and likely take them to heart.

One of the previous artists mentioned that being independent is as much a blessing as it is a curse, because:  ‘Although you get to control every aspect of the track, you also have to be good at all of them’…

Trouble – YouTube

They also seem very involved with each other, next to collaborating, it is really great to see that they all support each other. It just shows their sincere love for their music and the recognition and acknowledgement of the struggles they all live through one way or the other.

Whenever one of them releases a new track, they all get excited, it’s an awesome support system, and totally amazing to see their shared joy and total lack of animosity. Any business can learn a trick or two from these guys. There’s that word again, INTEGRITY…keep chewing..just sayin…

One of a Kind – Spotify

As you all know, I aim to publish every Thursday. When the Spotlight section was added (pretty quickly I daresay), it meant I will have to get 2 articles ready for the same day, which is my own choice for now. Luckily, I can change everything to my liking at any given moment. However I do wish to be consistent, easier for me and for you guys to know when to expect new content.

Just So Right – Spotify

One of the first things I do after waking up, is turning on my music. It’s not that I am really prepared every time… I just sit down and start typing, starting with some loose ends and always ending up with something totally different. Isn’t life awesome like that hahaha. Never ask me on Monday, what I will be writing about next…I am sure I do not have the answer for you. It just comes in

Waves – Spotify

Since I sort of ‘blame’ Funk LeBlanc for giving me so much inspiration, I thought it no more than deserved to (hopefully) return the favor.

BIG Thank You to Funk LeBlanc, for adding all this wonderful music to my life and being such an inspiration – together with all your colleagues. I know you guys wish to keep your head on straight and focus only on your music. I believe there is greatness awaiting you and I will be cheering on along the way whenever I can, stalking included (is that you on the thumbnail???), sorry-not-sorry. I will also add you to my Spotlight page, where I will update any new release.

Need Beijo 100% – YouTube

Let me just finish by saying, what I already told you guys, but I think the world needs to hear, even if they think me certifiable; You make me feel like a proud mama –  😉 Hope we’re still cool after you’ve read all this….

Hold On, We’re Going Home – YouTube

Not enough yet? Find all Funk LeBlanc’s tracks on SoundCloud!

Funk LeBlanc on SoundCloud

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