Little Pineapple Delight

My hair is turning whiter by the day but my eyebrows are still black…also, some new earrings messed with one ear, so wearing just one now…lemme just rock that new look anyways. “Let Me File That Under Whatever”

Little Pineapple Delight

(or how I forgot baking this is way past therapeutic)

The Ingredients

🍍 The recipe I’m about to share today, is a tweaked one: the original recipe was from my mother-in-law and she never shared it with me – tbh, I never asked – so at one point I just tried to figure it out myself. It’s close enough for me, but I need more practice baking. Bear with me here, the last time I’ve baked this was before we came to Ireland so that’s at least 6 years ago lol. And man, did I forget what a job it ‘Trick-and-Treat Yo’self‘ I already briefly mention this very delicious cookie, which I’ll be calling pineapple jam cookies. I’ll be the first to admit, on that pic they do look much better, BUT, I had to make do with less kitchen tools here (when will I learn lol) and in the end, how it tastes is the most important. Believe me, I wasn’t disappointed!

Of course the jam is sweetening the cookie, but maybe not enough for you? Add to personal taste, but 50gr. is enough for me.
What it looks like if you don’t have a proper rolling pin & cookie cutter…amateur…Electric oven at about 160 degrees Celsius

🍍 The challenge starts with finding the actual pineapple jam. It wasn’t easy in the Netherlands – at least not where I lived – but here…I mean, I didn’t even try. So you can imagine my surprise when I found it just a couple of days ago, in an Asian shop of all places! I’d already walked through that particular aisle a couple of times, when suddenly my eyes caught the jam selection and in particular, the pineapple jam! It is epically called ‘Grandma’s’. Well if that wasn’t a sign I don’t know what is. Of course I took the jar and said to my fam: ‘You know what this means right?’ Oh yeah, they got the message. The next thing I thought: ‘Well if I’m going to torture myself baking this, why not also use it for the blog?’ I know I’m ready for some sweetness, how about you?

Make the ring stick to the bottom with the egg white! I’m sure I’d found an easier way to do this before, just forgot about it LOL
it is in fact, easier to first apply the egg white and not – like I tried – afterwards, when the jam is already in there…fool…

🍍 Well if you’re up for it, you could of course make your own pineapple jam, though I have thought about it, I never took it that far, because you know, it’s already enough of a challenge to bake this little delight, hoping it will come out as tasty as I remember. As always, the recipe is a guideline, most of it is done by feel and personal taste. And since I kind of had to figure out myself what it’s made of, you can imagine the amount of guess work done here. Don’t let it hold you back though, the result is just so worth the effort! And if you don’t like pineapple – but seriously, what’s wrong with you? – you can of course change the jam flavor. I always make a couple with strawberry jam for example, though without the cinnamon.

The result is so shiny!! BUT wait till they’ve cooled down, the jam is HOTTT
Strawberry jam is just a fav, though I wouldn’t mix it with cinnamon… You pick yours!

🍍 What more can I say really? Either you’re tempted to bake them yourself or you just stick with having watched a couple of pretty unsatisfying pics, taken by moi. By now you’ve gone through the ingredients and steps. It’s really not that hard, I was just very lucky to be baking on – again – one of the hottest days of the week. And yes it does take some time. The amount of ingredients will be enough for about 30 cookies, unless you like them bigger, I wouldn’t blame you at all. I hope you try them, I promise, they will change your life forever. Where my thousand-layer-cake is my absolute fav cake, this is definitely my absolute fav cookie. They’re both kind of a pain to bake, in a way that feels like going beyond any therapeutic benefits lol. But man…they’re GOOD.


Wishing y’all a very Sweet Weekend, it seems it’ll def be weather for a lil bakeoff

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